New Civilization Visions

Issue 12, 1 September 1996

Whenever I send out a compilation of these visions that have been submitted, a bunch of people write and say how much they appreciate them. But also, I usually receive one or two "complaints" about them. That is, that they are omitting something important, that they are unrealistic, that they are not what the person wants, or whatever. So, let me re-emphasize that I just publish what people send me. There is no assumption that this is complete or coherent, that it is right, that it needs to be taken as any kind of a program that you are required to follow. These are simply different people's visions. If you don't see your own vision represented, write up your own submission. None of these represent any authoritative agenda of what a new civilization must be. I don't personally agree with all of them, and you don't have to agree with my own submissions either.

- Flemming

My Dream 2000

by Robert Muller

I Dream... That on 1 January 2000 The whole world will stand still In prayer, awe and gratitude For our beautiful, heavenly Earth And for the miracle of human life.

I Dream... That young and old, rich and poor, Black and white, Peoples from North and South, From all beliefs and cultures Will join hands, minds and hearts In an unprecendented, universal Bimillennium Celebration of Life.

I Dream... That the year 2000 Will be declared World Year of Thanksgiving By the United Nations.

I Dream... That during the year 2000 Innumerable celebrations and events Will take place all over the globe To gauge the long hard road covered by humanity To study our mistakes And to plan the feats Still to be accomplished For the full flowering of the human race In peace, justice and happiness.

I Dream... That the few remaining years To the Bimillennium Be devoted by all humans, nations and institutions To unparalleled thinking, action, Inspiration, elevation, Determination and love To solve our remaining problems And to achieve A peaceful, united human family on Earth.

I Dream... That the third millennium Will be declared And made Humanity's First Millennium of Peace.

This poem is also available in Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese and German.

For copies email: or send for a copy to: Gaughen Global Public Relations 7456 Evergreen Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Fraize <>, Indiana, USA

Private corporations need to send micro-factories into space with the space shuttle which can produce hollow plastic bubbles made of a very strong plastic foam. These lightweight, durable orbs could then be used as semi burried homes either on Earth, the moon, or Mars. Partially bury these spheres, which can be made any diameter, cut door holes, window holes, etc. Then construct your floors and rooms inside out of interlocking plastic lumber. This gives an environment-proof inexpesive option for housing, or quick colonization habitats in space. When colonization begins, only several "mini-factories" would be needed in orbit around the planet to provide quick expansions on the colony below. These factories could also be adjusted to produce tube shapes for connection coridors.

Piers Clement <>, Holland


Millennium: "a period of a thousand years; a period of happiness and benign government."

... Here is a list of changes that might take place by the Millennium (2010)... Some are already happening, some seem remote from what we have at present. But sometimes in history things can happen remarkably quickly.

Business and employment

Multinationals will still exist but not as main employers, more as formal structures. Companies will be small and flexible, to pop up and disappear as required to fulfil current needs. Lifetime careers with one or a few companies will disappear in favour of short-term contracts. Emphasis in employee selection on initiative and social skills will leave a large part of the population permanently unemployed but they will not be socially or financially disadvantaged.

Religion and ideology

Decline of organized religions and ideological movements, especially those which attempt to suppress individual truth-seeking. Religion will become a more personal matter. Ceremonies based on religion will be replaced by community ceremonies or disappear altogether.

Family and personal relationships

A surprising return to traditional family morals but with a new openness. Reversal of the present trend of tolerance for sexual deviations and single parent families. Emphasis on the stability of marriage as an institution offering mutual support and optimum upbringing of children. Small families will win social approval worldwide.

Food and drugs

The diet of most people will be based on grains, fruits, legumes and (limited) dairy produce, meat (if at all) reserved for festive occasions. Alcohol will have vanished from the social scene and smoking will only be done by addicts in private. Drug usage will be seen as a public health problem with compulsory medication as one of the solutions.


Medical care becomes affordable due to new insights into the psychological causes of physical illness. Healing methods such as hypnotism, acupuncture and group psychotherapy replace chemical and physical intrusion. Euthanasia becomes the rule rather than the exception in the case of terminal illness and severely limiting handicaps.

Economy and distribution

Local economies will flourish using computer-controlled barter-type systems (e.g. LETS). National and multinational food distribution will still exist but there will be more emphasis on locally grown (organic) produce and shortening of supply lines.


Recreation will be restricted to activities not using scarce resources. Airline holidays will be a thing of the past. Private road and public air transport will be severely restricted.


Total loss of public belief in advertising as a source of valid product information leads to a decline in commercial media and a return to public service broadcasting with an emphasis on education, enlightenment and top quality entertainment.

Communication and archiving

Communication and archiving involving scarce resources (paper, photo, film) will be replaced by use of electronic and laser technology. Access to a computer network will be as normal as at present the possession of a telephone or television.

Armed forces

Military conscription will be recognized as a human rights violation. Armed forces only needed as a super police force against terrorism and organized crime. No more confrontation between "great powers". Patriotism to a country replaced by respect for values involving the whole of humanity.

Paul P. Tifford <aq650@rgfn.epcc.Edu>, El Paso, Texas

My vision for the future is that you come to understand that:

All Nature is but Art unknown to thee All Chance, Direction that you do not see All Discord, Harmony not understood All partial Evil, Universal Good.

And also realize: I am God You are God All is God God is All and Everything is Beautiful!

As god,I offer you Health,Happiness,Peace,Love and Bliss!

Flemming Funch <>, Los Angeles, California

I envision a time when children are no longer predominantly considered the property of their parents, condemned to 18 years of slavery. Rather they will be seen as people who just happen to have bodies that aren't developed yet, and who haven't learned all the ropes yet.

Children have a right to self-determinism as much as anybody else. However, they might not have learned yet how to be responsible, how to act without hurting themselves and others, and they might not have any big overview of what makes sense to do in the long run. But, if given a chance, they are developing these qualities. They don't suddenly get them when they are 18 or 21, they develop them more and more along the way.

>From nature's hand children move into adolescence around the age of 13 or so. That is, they develop sexually and they start looking for ways of asserting their own determinism and responsibilities. If they continue to be treated as dumb little children without rights and responsibility, they are quite likely to grow into being anti-social, neurotic, sexually repressed adults. If, on the other hand, they are allowed to phase gradually into adulthood and allowed to play meaningful roles in society, they are likely to develop in a more healthy way.

Calling a 16 year old a "child" is, I think, a misnomer. Many of the laws and norms intended to protect children act rather destructively against the development of adolescents and have the opposite effect from what was intended. I would redefine "child" as being somebody between 0 and 12 years old.

I see children being involved in democratically influencing the circumstances they are part of. As always I think the ability to decide on something needs to go hand in hand with responsibility and the ability to act in the area. So, I'm not talking about children being able to dictate what they will *receive* from their parents or from society, but rather that they can influence what role they will play.

I see the development of Mutual Adoption Clubs where children have a choice of more adults to relate to than just their natural parents. That is, if children don't feel safe or supported in their homes, they should have the option of temporarily or permanently going to another home. It might just be for a few hours of attention or it might be a more permanent choice of an environment that the child finds more caring and supportive.

Roger Carmichael <>, Sunspot, New Mexico

In the 21st Century, leaders finally recognize the need to change the mores of society from one of unbridled growth rate and unlimited, encouraged birthrates to one of cautious optomizem about the future because we have finally realized the root causes of *All* of our basic socio-economic and pollution problems.

Bill of Rights is modified to declare that a citizen of the world we call Earth has the basic right to reproduce him/her self ONCE and ONLY once, one boy, one girl, and that "to do" more is criminally reprehensible or there must be a "commodity market" set up for Gays, Lesbians and others to sell-off their repro rights to those who wish to foster large familys- ie, if you have more than 2 kids per family, you have to "PAY" for the privilege by transfer of rights. Those who chose to ignore this law are incarcerated so they will not further endanger society by haveing so many kids that we are all dragged down into the horrors of mass genocide, just because someone can't keep their dicks in their pants, to put it literally. Guess that includes *Both* partys in a 2 party sys.

Sorry about that, but it's the ONLY SOLUTION I see- other than the recurring FINAL SOLUTION we always seem to wind up with, from Germany then to Rwanda now.

One may ask how can you compare Adolph to someone like the Pope? They are same You'll never see subtitles to speeches that Adolph was giving. Adolph spoke of TRUTHS- Like he promised he'd march the Allies right back into the same railroad car where they signed the Armistice and he'd resign it. TRUTH That the WWI war retributions to the Allies caused your grandparents to commit suicide when their life savings had been depleted, and he'd stop it. TRUTH

The allies learned something about war- you don't knock down a defeated enemy. You give him a helping hand to get up so the generation of troops that did the actual fighting in the trenches, who know of mass slaughter, don't have a leg to stand on when its their turn to come into power like in Japan and Germany.

Pogo the possum said it best- "We have met the enemy and he is US!" As long as humankind keeps that in mind- that we are our own worst enemy, then and only then does the human race have a chance of survivial. Otherwise, I fear we are doomed to join the other species in the next great mass extinction the precipice upon which we are now poised. Believe it or not.

If we don't recognize the failings of our present more's our "family values", physical circumstances can only lead to the next Great War, and it'll be a BLAST- the big one. We won't survive nuclear winter, nothing will.

Hate to be cynical, but a grade school kid can read the handwriting of history. I know, I did. Why does not anyone see the overall, much larger picture. Edu.? I dunno'- saw my first dead G.I.s when I was only 11yrs old, shot full of holes ambushed by "armed peasants" in the Phillipine Islands in 1951, Sphinx & Burns were like uncles to me & my brothers. My dad said- "That's what happens if you don't do good in school- you grow up, get drafted and go off to foreign wars." WAS he ever right- we all 3 became engineers so we'd design weapons not use 'em

There can be no Utopia as long as we refuse to recognize reality, only chaos when things run their course in a finite closed system such as our world Earth. Until mankind can learn to use his "branes" we are doomed to repeat cycle of history, boom to bust, growth to genocide, Again and Again every 3 solar cycles Sorry about that- Cynic uber alles

Mari Frank <>, USA

The new vision for me begins with the inner world. Each of us must go within and discover our oneness with ourselves and all atoms of the universe. We each have to take responsibility to understand who we are at a cellular level which will teach us that that connection with ourselves is the same as our connection with everything and everyone else.

When we cultivate the "truth" for ourselves and connect with the essence of the energy of the universe we connect with the inner higher selves of those around us. We attract like minds and support each other's growth and purpose. When we understand that each of us is a part of the whole destined to share our unique purposes, we will join together in wholeness-love- connection or whatever else you wish to call it.

We will see beyond our own ego, beyond color differences, beyond gender, beyond preferences to embrace the marvelous mosaic that we comprise.

It takes introspection and a connection with the spiritual energy of the universe. We must find our own light and expand it and keep focusing on that inner powerful energy that attracts its mirrors.

When there are enough of us who share this energy gently yet powerfully with those who are open and receptive, we will join together as one to support the expansion of this universal mind.

When we focus on this omnipotent power that eminates from our every atom and every atom in the universe, it will activate and transform our inner and outer world to be the pure essence of oneness, connection, intimacy and love.

When you read the "Celestine Prophecy", the "Tenth Insight" (by James Redfield) or the near death experience books (Raymond Moody M.D.) or Brian Weiss M.D. - "Many Lives, Many Masters," Only Love Is Real" (about experiences in past lives), you see a pattern of awakening to who we really are. The outer experience is only for lessons. We are evolving to the stage where we must turn on the light to our forgotten memories of what we are meant to do and where we have really come from.

The vision I see is blissful energy. As I become more alligned with the loving energy inside and around , I have no need to judge. Accepting that where we are is where we are meant to be- When we hold to a vision of enlightenment and support each other's vision it manifests.

Just joining into cyberspace is exciting - perhaps all like-minded souls will attract each other in synergistic timing. As Bernie Siegel says" Coincidence is God's way of remaining annonymous."

In a concerted effort to touch our loving energies with others of this knowing we can send beaming light to attract others who are ready to be awakened. This is exciting- as we transform the world in joyful incites.

The fears we have must be overcome by the fatih and conviction that spirit will lead us and all will be well.

I welcome your energy in my life. For those who wish to attack, I embrace your fears and send you calming, loving, energy to deflect any negativity so that your heart will be warmed and energized with your own knowing and remembering of who you are- a perfect child of God learning lessons in the truth of your being.

Sending all who read this loving, spiritual energy to resonate in your soul.

Keep your visions coming. Send them to

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