New Civilization Visions

Issue 13, 27 October 1996

Here are more visions that have been submitted. The specifics might be more or less meaningful to you, you might agree or disagree, you might hate them or love them. What matters here is not particularly getting together on one vision, but rather it is the act of visioning. Take a look at what is going on in your future and share it with the rest of us, and hopefully, through this process we will all have more markers to steer by.

- Flemming

Bryan McMahon <>, South Africa

THE REAL ROAD AHEAD; A vision of the new civilization

Table of contents;


The Group as society; Communication creates and enhances the group. Philosophically, ideologically, "as we are." As a power structure device, one of us as many as all of us. The Net Group(s) (The I-Meta Group :-)) The fabric of society, the weaving of possibilities

1. Government Civil society has always given the power to individuals or small clusters by casting our allegiance to people or groups. That is a basic foundation for a corrupt or inefficient method of directing society. The chief, king and parliament/congress all had the power we give them. We voted for the man not the idea. This is the big shift and we will vote for the idea or "system" in the next "government." Idea swarms, or "Memes". Broadcasters/politicians will be more like street corner rabble rousers trying to ignite idea swarms. Entertainment & government will mingle as Ideas become the opponents rather than individuals or groups. Virtual community councils will be ongoing anytime, anywhere.

2. Economy Groupies. Every person will represent one to several income generating mechanisms (A self employed juggler of opportunities and abilities) Almost all products/services will be distributed via MLM thus greatly increasing community interaction. Each individual may also have a manufacturing job or any # of aspects of the traditional economy but rather in small groups of worker/not-necessarily-localy owned businesses. Local neighborhood "churches" for "bank's" and the citizens for entrepreneurs and marketers and supporters. MLM fundraising through out all groups. The individual's en-mass through electric networks decide what energy/capital to put where and it will move like economic democracy swarms. The idea is to disperse the $ more evenly by making economic society more like little round cells all massed than a pyramid or hourglass funneling of money. With the bubbles, new economics will move in more of wavepools (because of the lack of computer identity & the power of the bottom line, any one with talent /smarts will be potential rich people MLM style utilities/products/services etc. etc. etc...

3. Marriage & Family Group marriage is the norm. The 3, 4, 5, 6 parent family becomes a sensible idea as baby boomers learn about population and the attention, care and resources required to raise a top notch, 50% brainpower, healthy and capable human. Also as sexual mores break down and evolve people will release themselves of irrelevant or harmful constraints from cultural tradition. The result will be children that are much more cared for and nurtured. This new society will require a more highly developed person as well as a stabilizing of world population, and group marriage is the best way for this to come to fruition.

4. Entertainment The concept behind the game known as Dungeons and Dragons (a self evolving real time game) evolves into and merges with Hollywood & Virtual Reality on the Web. Like living Doom worlds for the Terminator kids. You are your own movie with a cast of every one else! It really is virtual reality entertainment, as if this wasn't enough.

Jon Chan <>, West Malaysia


What can possibly travel faster than light? The answer is darkness. Darkness itself is a source of energy.

Energy can be generated from total darkness. With darkness energy, we won't be afraid of shortage of energy in the future.

The quantum theory has a loophole and that is where the secret of the darkness energy is. The theory is simple, darkness is some kind of light. To create darkness energy, the basic is to reverse the solar effect.

Darkness energy will end our energy crisis and save the enviroment.

Phillip Jones <>, Newark, Ohio

Well a new civilization already exists and it is called the World Wide Web. But I want to revolutionize this "civilization" by giving it a new structure. I want to make the WEB a 3-D world like no other! I want to be able to walk down the streets of the web and see the sites. I want to walk through the hall of the clubs and chat parlors and actulally bump into my friends. I want EVERY web page to be Located in a Virtual City. This all seems difficult but it really is quite simple. All that is need is the help from a group of people willing to volunteer their services. For more information or to signup goto and visit the REVOLUTIONIZE THE WEB section.

Roger Carmichael <>, Sunspot, New Mexico

It is an unwritten law in engineering that you don't define problems without *also* including statements about root causes and solutions.

Ancient Indian lore has it that "A problem and its solution will not be found to have been separate issues"- meaning the answer is often found in the problem itself, which can be defined as "an undesireable result"

Once you realize that *The Problem* in modern life is the 3 solar-cyclic recurrance of global upheavals in socio-economic systems, only *Then* can we begin to understand the forces that drive our species over the cliff of mass genocide as a "final solution" whereas we can come up with better solutions once we understand the basic causes behind *The Problem*

The root cause is the Solar Mortality theory that drives the human race to grow in wavelets of 22-23 year generations, and the fact that with our aged living longer (past 66.6yrs) we have the problem of *Both* the aged and newborns alive and consuming when the 4th generation arrives.

The "final solution" in modern history has always been genocidal warfare. (Correct me if I'm wrong but this has been occuring in regular fashion every 3 generations since modern population began an upswing in 1796.) 1861-1867, then 1929-1936, and now 1996-2005 2nd Great Depresson- Signal of the start of economic upheaval is a change in the currency- US has had a currency change only 3 times: 1861, 1929 and 1996 Q.E.D.

Essentially "final solutions" have always been the "end game" like in Rwanda, where gov't policy decided there are simply too many people and ordered the military to begin to shoot civilians- Genocide.

A better "Final Solution" is to start with the front-end game. A basic human right should become *The Issue* for 21st Century- Reproduction Rights on a small planet at least need to be discussed. A citizen of Earth has only the right to reproduce himself ONCE ONLY. Means 2 kids per family, one boy, one girl. Otherwise return to above "Final Solution" and hope its someone else who meets up w/Genocide.

Since no one in politics is able to discuss this "family values" issue it will require a revolution in communication like PC & Internet to do.

Consequences of this realization is a reversal in rolls of "good guys" and "bad guys". Those who promote multi-birth familys are bad. Those who refuse to have kids are good. Means the Gays and Lesbians are NOT THE PROBLEM, its the religious right "do-gooders" who are, for it is the multi-birth family that eventually leads to MASS GENOCIDE

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I dun' think so- any high school kid can sit down w/a pencil & paper and calculate the number of people alive if you have 10kids each generation- where you began with 2 you get 300+ Only an idiot w/o a brane would say this is not a problem in a finite world with limited resources and limits on its life support capacity.

So the real reason we have crime and pollution is TOO MANY "changos". Sure, environmental policy helps, but when a 2 yr old can flip a light switch that triggers a nuclear power plant to come on line to increase capacity, or a major "brown-out" occurs, then we got a problem.

As long as the mores of the 20th Century remain unchanged from the traditional "family values", then we will continue to have problems, and continue to have recurring global socio-economic upheavals.

Turns out the Hitlers, Stalins and Saddams of history were only minow league players. The real culprits are those who promote multi-family values and exponential growth that inevitably leads to MASS Genocide.

Sorry about that- would that it were not true, but methinks NOT!

Paul P. Tifford <aq650@rgfn.epcc.Edu>, El Paso, Texas


1. Our earthly life, with its relative beginnings and endings, its many changes and sometimes challenges,is but a segment,a very small part,of our larger experience in eternity, the field of endless time.

2. Just as we relate to youth, adulthood and aging in life, so we move thru stages of growth which occur outside the boundaries of time and physical circumstances in our continuing journey to final awakening and restoration in God.

3. In our quiet moments, in meditation, we come to realize what is really true for us and all others with whom we share a common destiny.

4. We come to know then that we are spiritual beings playing diverse surface roles, while, in truth, grounded in an Infinite God which is not constrained by the appearances which come and go on the surface of manifest life.

5. We come to see that our awakening to higher understanding is but a remembering of what has always been,is now,and forever will be.

6. We are grounded in infinite Consciousness and our seeming individual lives are but extensions of God's life.

7. Holy remembrance of our godliness will purify the mind, unveil intelligence, awaken intuition, cause the emotional nature to be serene, strengthen the body's immune system, awaken spiritual forces, contribute to improved relationships, provide insight into life's processes and ultimately reveal the meaning of life and the ways of God.

8. When we look at planetary circumstances, we may at times forget the more cosmic dimensions of life:that our sun is but one of billions in the galaxy, our galaxy one of billions in space and that our three-dimensionsal world is but our limited perception of a multi-dimensional universal manifestation expressing in cosmic mind.

9. When overly involved with personal daily matters we can lose sight of the fact that we are citizens of eternity.

10. We are God's personalized expression in spacetime, our mind a portion of God's mind. Everything and everyone is an expression of one Being,Life, Power and Substance we refer to as God.

Flemming Funch <>, Los Angeles, California

I expect that open contact with civilizations from other planets will be established within a very few years. Probably we as a race need to evolve a little more first so that we will be able to meet other sentient races on equal terms, without treating them a superior gods from space, and without having to be afraid of them. That evolution can happen very quickly and is probably related to the rapid advancement in global awareness and connectedness happening right now. It is also related to the understanding of our own powers of mind, coming to realize that we're not as insignificant and helpless and isolated as we might have thought. Also realizing that we aren't quite as special as our planetary egos might have indicated.

Contact with alien cultures will carry with it a major transformation of our established ideas about what is reality, what is time and space, what is the universe, what is our role in it.

If we manage to put our own house in order within the same time frame, we will most likely be eligible for admission to a galactic federation of many star systems and we will start participating in cross-cultural interactions on a much wider scale than we have ever imagined possible.

Send in more visions to Keep them coming.

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