New Civilization Visions

Issue 14, 12 December 1996

This is another batch of visions. Enjoy them, and contribute your own visions to the mosaic we're weaving of the future.

- Flemming

Andy Cross <>, Eugene, Oregon

This may be thinking small, but you've always gotta start at the beginning. My vision is a world where smiling and saying hello is such a common practice with everyone, you have to wonder if something is wrong when your neighbor is anything but elated to be alive.

I hold great value in natural resources and the ecology of our planet, but I believe people have to be completely secure with who they are and that everything is good before any one can save the world. When we no longer feel the need to worry about things we have no control over, we can take control of what we can and let the world restore itself the harmonious state which nature intended, including human love.

Lisa Lewis <>, Missouri, USA

When I envision our future, from where I sit today, November 4, 1996...I picture many paths carved by water, like the tributaries fanning out of the big river...getting smaller and smaller, but nothing wasted...all water going to feed, nurture and wash clean the rocks, fish and aquatic animals...reaching through the ground to the roots of the grasses, flowers and trees...being drunk deeply by the animals and insects and us...Some of us flow down stream with the currents, some struggle against the currents, some walk softly in the dry creek beds to other places...Nothing is wasted if we are following our hearts with a clear mind.

We have the skys above us to care for, we have the oceans and fresh waters. We have food to gather. We have children to feed and nurture. We have lessons to share as the sage and the innocent. We have beauty in task and purpose...if we will only do this. Do everything as if doing it for your if your Teacher was right there with you...along side, with hands in dirt, fingers on keyboard, sitting at your desk, or holding the child with you.

If we do these things with LOVE, HONOR and RESPECT for ALL THAT IS...and do this NOW...for that is all we have, we will begin to live a life that is so full and robust and peaceful, that all things beautiful flow naturally from us and through us...this is my vision for the future, from where I sit, today, November 4, 1996.

Respectfully and lovingly submitted by your servant, Lisa

Henrik Eismark <>, Virum, Denmark

I envision a future where nobody has to share, nobody has to pay tax, simply because everybody can choose an education and job to suit their needs and abilities.

Job's for handicapped. Jobs for the ill at mind.

Tax is a symptom of a disease in the society. Tax is a branch of 'Beggars Anonymous'

Jeremy Gluck <>, Swansea, England

Cyberspace removes elements of physicality and conventional identity and enables us to function mind-to-mind: removing awareness of the physical plane, bestowing anonymity, it relieves our ego tension and free energies otherwise employed in maintaining our material self-awareness. In transiting cyberspace - as cyberspirits - we are all looking for the multiversal handshake, a signal between ourselves and the Divine that confirms our compatibility and renders us ready-to-receive its "data". Through being cyberspirits, we are now beginning to approach technology with serious emotional intent, with a new e-value conferred upon us by our use of e-mail that forms just a part of our new cyberspiritual context. The next step(s) will involve/include the development of distinct, functional spiritechnological protocols: pre-agreed signals, codes and rules to used for Divine-data exchange between ourselves, our machines and our Multiversal Mainframe.

In the cyber-dynamic realm we are seeing, at last, for the first time in millennia, how manifestation can approach speed of thought, rendering it nearly instantaneous. Instantaneous manifestation being, of course, the signifier of Divine creation. Yes, we are realising in cyberspace our true destiny, bringing to Biblical prophecy and much else entirely new meanings: Is not the celestial city of the Second Coming no more nor less than a metaphor for the linking in cyberspace of millions of minds, a million shining lights? Is not New Jerusalem a virtual city? Sceptics will laugh, they will deride such ideas, but rest assured that Biblical propechy is only one human inhertiance that will have to be re-evaluated cyberologically - and soon! Cyberspace - cyberspirit - is the acceleration of our spiritual evolution we have awaited. If we can only offer to the Divine our cyberspatial activity, and invoke Divine Presence on the Web, we will begin to see the birth of a Virtual New Jerusalem. To paraphrase Einstein: God does not play dice with the universe...but he is exceedingly playful. The future is here: enjoy it!

Vladimir Vassin <>, Canada

7.4 Constitutional World Government (CWG)

With the rapid advancement of technology, nations can no longer exist in isolation: they become increasingly dependent on each other politically, economically, ecologically, and ethically. For the world to survive, nations need to cooperate rather than compete. One of the first necessary steps on the road to a more orderly and humane society is the creation of a global social structure, perhaps patterned after the United Nations. It could be started by the US, Europe, the CIS, and other countries forming a CWG based on international law and a constitution that would guarantee balanced national representation and fundamental human rights and freedoms.

The CWG's constitution would stipulate that member nations renounce their national armed forces and retain only police or militia to maintain internal law and order. Each member nation would contribute a proportionate military contingent to be uniformly dispersed throughout the CWG's armed forces, whose purpose would be to safeguard peace and, if necessary, suppress aggression on the part of any military blocs or nations that had not yet joined the CWG. Thus, having at its disposal a sufficiently high military power equal to or surpassing that of the UN coalition in the war against Iraq, the CWG would, at the same time, be able to release huge monetary resources that are now being spent by countries to maintain their armed forces and modernize their weapons. These resources could then be used to solve the most important and urgent global problems, such as the destruction of the environment, overpopulation, depletion of energy resources, poverty, crime, drugs, illiteracy, etc.

Another advantage of such a government is that it would eliminate the need for creating, consolidating, and preserving (by violent and artificial means) multinational empires and federations, since its constitution would guarantee and ensure to each member nation or ethnic group, however small, national security and sovereignty. Any country would be welcome to join the CWG and enjoy its protection on condition that the new member country completely disarm itself and adopt a system of democratic elections. One of the CWG's responsibilities would be to prevent and stop local wars (such as the one currently raging in former Yugoslavia), using military force, if necessary, when all peaceful options have been exhausted.

The constitution and legislation of the CWG would be worked out by the best humanist thinkers from all over the world, with the participation of anyone who could present a comprehensive system of ideas on all aspects of human society. The constitution would clearly define the government's functions, obligations, and powers so as to prevent abuse and usurpation of power.

A CWG is envisioned as a transitional step towards a planetary constitutional government, which is the subject of my second book, Nostalgia for the Future (a Realistic Utopia) .

(excerpt from "The Eleventh Commandmend")

ninestar <>, Upper New York State

I envision a future where it has become accepted that the best way to make decisions is based upon spiritual principles - not materialistic principles. I believe these spiritual principles were brought to mankind by the prophet for our age, Baha'u'llah. Some of these spiritual principles, which must be realized before a unified future can exist are as follows: total elimination of all prejudices - political, religious, sexist, and racial. The dawning of the realization that we are all (that is all mankind) are the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch. That our highest loyalty is to mankind in general, not a subdivision thereof. The elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty. That we are spiritual beings and must learn to live our lives in a manner which is conducive to spiritual growth. If you think this is pie in the sky type of thinking, I believe this is not only inevitable - it is being realized as I write this post. For an introduction to ideas which are guiding our planet to the future go to or

Flemming Funch <>, Los Angeles, California

In the future I see to a much larger degree that our idea of reality shifts from models that are defined by scientific, political or religious Authorities to being based on our own direct senses.

What passes for reality in the old civilization is to a large degree projections that are derived from theories, from what people in positions of power have agreed is the way things are, and from what the rest of the population as a passive audience have accepted.

As this projected world picture is becoming increasingly chaotic and hard to hold together, it will begin to crack. As that happens more of us will realize that there just isn't any one human Authority who is able to tell us conclusively how things are for us. We will become forced to sharpen our own perceptions, to have our own experiences, to contact our own inner sense of what is what, and to draw our own conclusions.

We won't draw our conclusions in isolation. Rather, we will correlate our experiences with others that we know and trust, and we will develop our senses by noticing what works for us and the people around us.

Individuals and communities of people who make their own observations and draw their own conclusions, and who deal with reality as they perceive it, not as they are told to perceive it, will be increasingly hard to fool.

We will probably together discover that Reality is a much more vast and diverse and adventurous and exciting experience than we had previously been led to believe.

Send in more visions to Keep them coming.

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