New Civilization Visions

Issue 2, 21 July 1995

This is another collection of visions of how life can be in a new, better world.

Keep them coming!

- Flemming

Jonathan A. Smith <>, Washington.

I envision a time when:

1. People will live in small compact neighborhood arcologies and the forest and countryside will be right outside everyone's door. Where we take care of the ecosystems that support us.

2. Where all over the world the rich are not so much richer than the poor and the poor no longer have to live a shorter life (a they do now) because of their poverty. Where humanity has adopted some form of decentralized market socialism so that there will be little profit to made by harming others.

3. Where everyone has access to life long education and many people choose to make scholarship, artistic, design, or craft pursuits a major goal in life, valuing experience over the accumulation of wealth.

4. Where universities are open democratic associations of scholars and students, and exist as much on the world's telecommunications networks as in physical places.

5. Where everyone has meaningful work creating human value and necessary work has been reduced to a minimum of ten or fifteen hours a week.

6. Where people spend their free time playing and doing things that are beautiful, sensual, and expressive to them. Where the religions that want to restrict human expression and sensuality are unable to impose their values on others.

7. Where much of the complexity of contemporary life, the "shadow work" is eliminated greatly reduced. Where people no longer have to spend major chunks of free time commuting, paying bills, keep books, maintaining the car, watching commercials and billboards, removing packaging and throwing it away.

"Life without dead time!"

Cindi Leigh Creaton <>, Texas.

Now people can focus more on the source of their being and purpose for their life. We can become connected to the source of our being and the universe. A closer connection will inspire us to behave in the most positive and unplifting manner. We could transcend our self-centered nature. I hope that this process is cranking up to counterbalance the greed and neglect that exists among humanity. We need internal change for a peaceful, abundant life. The cultural changes for better will not precede this internal change. I have no exact plan for my change, it is happening with every action or inaction. We can help each other.

Bob Gebelein <>, New Hampshire.

I have no vision of a new civilization, but only a view of how we can get there. Since my discovery of "the emotional age of puberty" in 1967, I have known that the vast majority of people have not reached their adult mental potential as human beings. If a majority of people were to reach "the emotional age of puberty," we would have a new civilization. Right now I am the only person I know of that is aware of this important transition point in human emotional/mental/psychological development.

It begins with psychotherapy, but the name "psychotherapy" comes from the "medical model," which is inappropriate. The idea is that we all had philosophical problems thrown at us as children that we were unable to handle as children. We need to re-hash these problems and work out better solutions with our adult minds. This will be a normal part of education in the new civilization.

For now, we can start where I did, with "psychotherapy" as defined in THE BASIC WRITINGS OF SIGMUND FREUD, THE BASIC WRITINGS OF C.G. JUNG, ON BECOMING A PERSON, by Carl Rogers, BREAKTHROUGH DREAMING, by Gayle Delaney, and THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED, by M. Scott Peck. Every single person earning $30,000 a year should try to do psychotherapy. Pick your therapist carefully -- get references from knowledgeable people -- some therapists will really make you crazy because of problems of their own. They might not take you if they diagnose you as having no "mental disorders." Explain that you want to experience the growth process, to develop your human potential beyond "normal." Do at least 80 hours of "psychotherapy." If you experience a positive gain, try to continue on your own, using journaling and self-analysis of dreams.

As more people reach "the emotional age of puberty," other people will be inspired by it and be motivated to emulate them. Psychological development will become part of the normal school curriculum. Advantages of emotional maturity: #1 better sex life -- also higher self-esteem, better use of mental functions creativity intuition insight will etc., leading to higher competence in work function and greater admiration by other people, respect -- more.

As "the emotional age of puberty" is recognized by academia, tests of emotional development will be devised based on things people can't fake, like the ability to differentiate. (Right now it is easy to fake behavior on a "high spiritual level," just by acting out people's ideals.) Tests will weed out immature people. People who are not yet emotionally mature will not be allowed to hold political office, will not be allowed to be police officers, and, most important of all, will not be allowed to raise children. Emotionally-immature women being pregnant will have to choose between abortion and having the baby adopted instantly (bonded) at birth. The natural mother will know the adoptive mother and be allowed to see her child, but will not have a RIGHT to visit -- i.e. will be allowed to visit at the discretion of the adoptive mother. This will prevent the passing on of the most prevalent childhood traumatic experience -- outgrowing the parent psychologically.

Flemming Funch <>, Los Angeles, California.

There will be little need for complicated, drawn-out court cases or arbitrations between people. Most people will become proficient in reading the intentions of others and will know when somebody speaks in earnest and when they are lying.

Covering up facts, misleading others with statistics, promising things you don't plan to keep, arguing one's case by technicalities - the majority of the population will be able to see through that and feel what people really mean.

There will be no use for politicians and lawyers skilled in deception. Even the casual observer will recognize that words and gestures are but a small element in the whole scene, and if they don't match what is actually going on, they aren't worth a thing.

Most conflicts will be easily resolved by the parties clarifying with each other what they are really trying to accomplish. It will become common to look deeper and find what people's intentions really are, rather than just react and judge based on superficial manifestations and pre-packaged negative value judgements.

Since deceit and insincerity are detectable by almost anybody, they will gradually fall out of use as any viable way of operating.

Gerhard Fuchs <>, Vienna, Austria.

1. Inside changes are only one step away:

The idea, I have about life, has changed: I feel protected and helped , feel the great pleasure of my mere existence, feel that the best for myself is the best for the community. I allow myself to know without proof, to step into everchanging mists of my personality. I am open again for miracles and magic, which are the natural way of dealing with all everyday problems. I am so happy, because I need no longer to be frightened or insecure, I do not feel of no use any more or cut off (I never needed to be, but it took me some time to stop it): I join again the song of flowers and animals, telling of easy value-fullfillment, with wonderful blossoms and fruits as the result of an acceptance of my challenges and transformations. My growth is both dramatic and easy and a source of happiness.

( I am living already in the future world, I don't bother about things around me waiting to be brought into museums of stone age and similar.)

2. Several changes will take some time:

Wars, police and prisons belong to the old fear-system. People will not be restricted to activities that are not good for them: better understanding of individual potentials will help to use creativity and personal resources in a much more effectve way.

The communication system (wireless and cheap as thought itself) will use dreams and clairvoyance to be in touch with the future. What we make out of this day, our partnership, our community or our world is discussed on many different levels : family, small groups of many interests, up to world affairs. The understanding of every person will include an idea of his or her previous and further lives and of the sense of peoples lives, so it will be much easier to help.

Low noise and clean energy in transportation and production systems. The way we eat will no longer be fed by the idea, that if man does not kill and eat nature, he will be destroyed by her. We will not be so hungry in the future. Pleasure of human life will lead to a pleasurable life of animals too.

I like to read visions and write this one.

"For the first time in history it is now possible to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. Only ten years ago the 'more with less' technology reached the point where this could be done. All humanity now has the option of becoming enduringly successful."

- Buckminster Fuller, 1980

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