New Civilization Visions

Issue 3, 2 August 1995

Some more exciting visions. Let's all experience bright futures!

- Flemming

I envision a world where lines of demarcation between races, classes, and societies will no longer exist. A place under the sun where the meaning of harmony and synergism is understood. A place in the Universe where each individual is an equal part of the whole, with everything and everyone knowing their connections with everything else, and everyone else. A place where Peace is the center of life and harmony is the music of togetherness.

Inharmonious dis-ease is replaced with harmonious ease through mutual acceptance of life and its variety of experiences. Dogmas are either spayed or neutered through understanding. A place where each living soul lives its existence to the fullest of its potential. A place where life is understood as being the true teacher of wisdom.

Ned Hamson <>, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ned's short vision:

1. Most people accept this challenge: This is the time, we are the people, let's work together now! They accept by listening to the inner voice that asks "if not now , when? If not you, who?" and responding by doing that which their heart and mind knows must be done.

2. People pursue their personal quest with the knowledge that they and all other living systems are embeded within the larger living system. (my definition of living system is rather broad)

3. More and more people live with the knowledge that things, people and ideas only have the power that one gives to them.

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Steven Moyer <>

I have a vision of an alternate economic system I call the "Spiritual Economy" which can be read about and used (in embryonic form) from my site at

Frank Davis <>, Indiana.

What do I envision as the goal?

A time when NO ONE at any point will try to use force on another (either mental or physical) to bring about a point of agreement. Where people feel free to utter upon any aspect of life exactly how they feel, or to ask any question. All of this without fear of any retribution from having spoken one's peace. A universe where people would rejoice in someone acheiving a higher state of being, not be fearful of another being dangerous.

Daniel Blecha <>

I have a vision of the world as being similar to the "Star Trek" mode , where people work at what is of interest with really no regards or need to worry about food , shelter , etc.

Instead they do what is really the true goal of man - to use ones full potential and to continue to grow and expand mankind's horizons and knowledge.

BUT ALAS I have a great sadness of the failings of mankind, with its very short sighted and selfish mode, where life is more like a "MAD MAX" type world, where it is simply an everyday struggle of power without humanity. An animalistic approach to life is evident - survival of the fittest... Today I every day see where signs of reasoning ability are almost nonexistent.

People, or at least too darn many, do not think of the consequences of anything they do and they also have relinquished all actual control of their lives because of their lack of any vision beyond "now" . Tomorrow does not even enter their minds. TV , radio, and peers basically tell them what to do, how to live and even how and when to spend their money. They think they have control because they are making the decision to "buy that burger", no one else can tell them what to do!!! But in actuality again the media is doing just that!!! They either cannot or do not stop and reason that Maybe the cost is too high or the food is not nutricious or that maybe they simply cannot afford it!!! They do not say hey I am not going to do that even though I may get the urge". Or maybe realize that if they would Invest that $$$ or possibly better spend it, they will be making their "tomorrow" much better and maybe others "tomorrow" better also!!! Society today operates Too Much Like our government, where reality is hidden or covered up. Our potential greats are lost in "me" and "today" . No one seems to keep expanding after "school is out". Even most professionals and scholars and successful people do not grow in a well rounded manner . Sure they may become "experts" in their own fields but they do not or cannot see the true Whole Picture and how everything and everyone is affected by anything and everything.

I have been so very lucky (I do work hard at it though) to be so greatly involved in such an unbelievable array of contrasts and experiences to luckily see so much of the inter realtionships of all of "life". I just wish I had the resources to almost force all to "sit down" and slowly learn the Whole process of our world . Then I believe mankind could begin to truly begin the adventure which our creator had hoped we would . In a much higher capacity than we had ever imagined.

I welcome any thoughts or comments , and also any help in these regards!!!

Patrick Alessandra <>, Houston, Texas.

Some thoughts on the what and how of a new civilization and ideal society:

Considering the variety of religions and their respective approaches to human relationships with nature and God, there is a constant theme through all of those which believe that humanity can evolve an ideal society in which people are free (economically, politically and religiously) and that is the principle of (at least) human immortality via the existence of a soul or spirit. If we accept this (and I do) and then assume that such immortality can be demonstrated in our own conscious experience then we can discover the ubiquitious rules which consistently and from aniquity have been associated with such. It seems that an ideal society would, with the people free, have all relationships (between humans and nature, humans and God, humans and humans) based upon these rules. These rules could have many terms such as "good character", "purity", "goodwill", etc. For myself I believe they are well-expressed in these phrases which are found in one form or another in all major world religions and in the most ancient (such as theosophy): "1 - Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul; 2 - Love your neighbor as you love yourself; and 3 - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

I believe that if we establish freedom (economic, political and religious - which exists in totality in no nation today) and governments which only protect freedom (which none do today) then a society based on these rules will evolve.

"The truth shall set you free."

Patrick Alessandra Jr.
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Bruce Baumrucker <>, Concord, California

Dear Flemming and New Civ Net of 1995,

I'm writing to you from the year 2020 to stimulate your imagination and inspire you to keep expanding your 1995 space-time envelope of perceived limits. Peter Drucker was right, we have emerged from our transformation of the 90's into a new stable-dynamic society that is global. Here's some of what it is like:

Many of the 90's forms and structures still exist, however, what goes on in them is quite different.

IN EDUCATION - we still have school buildings but there's been an irreversible crossover with society. School children of all ages are doing frontier work in all the sciences and arts, including more conscious participation in their own development and releasing chosen potentials. And society has moved into the classrooms as everyone is learning new skills and knowledge for their work and fun. Any age person is equally at home teaching others, sharing discoveries and trying out new ideas and patterns of making sense of their experiences.

POLITICS - is another institution which, at a glance, seems the same, but on closer look one discovers things are working differently. Political leaders still exist, but they aren't in charge of 'making the country work'. They do those things they do best, and better ways have been found to manage our social and economic, education, health, etc, systems.

LIVING, URBAN AND RURAL - People still live in houses and apartments, mobile homes, tents, etc, but they're structured differently, use different materials and provide more growth enhancing internal capabilities then they did in 1995.

THE INTERNET OF '95 has become the collective consciousness of the race in 2020. Bucky Fuller's definition of Universe as "All Humans' all time experiences" describes our expanding universe.

SPORTS endeavors include most of the old individual and team activities, along with many new ones. There are new opportunities to excel worldwide. And there's a world audiance for these many new sporting events. Such things as Rock climbing, mountain skiing, hang gliding, wind surfing, sailing, underwater adventure sports and many others, have been combined in different ways for an ever expanding challenge to human ingenuity, skill and endurance.

TELEVISION has become 3D with the application of a thin computer screen which records the TV image in holography and it is released to 3D by a regular light from behind it.

MANUFACTURING has been augmented by the products of Micro Biologic Farming, and the new field of E-Materials Forming. This is where a reverse CAT SCAN projects an image into a tank of gas or liquid. The intersecting lasers form hot spots and change the nature of the suspended particles (usually silicon based) to form solid models in full dimension. Thus an object, such as an engine, can be made as one piece of 'silicon-steel', or some other alloy of silicon. And the 'blueprint' is in electronic form. The presence of multiple earth stationary satellites has opened up the information exchange beyond anything we had imagined before, and thus these E-Blueprints can be sent anywhere at the speed of light - point-of-sale manufacturing is upon us.

MICRO BIOLOGIC FARMING , mentioned above, has changed our relation to nature as much as the computer changed our relation to information handling. Just as we viewed the smallest unit of information (a bit) as a starting point and built an industry on that, we did something similar in Agribusiness. We viewed micro-organisms as the starting place and built a new industry for producing food and natural substances. For example, once we realized that it was micro-organisms in the cow and the termite that turned cellulose into sugar, we had a new avenue to pursue. We created an eco-environment for those micro-organisms and then fed them ground-up leaves and sawdust - and out came sugar. This could be used for feed, food and fuel. Applying this same approach to wine making got us a "5000 gallon Grape", which when fermented (another designed micro-organism process) produced alcohol. Since alcohol burns relatively clean, we had a mass-producable fuel source. Of course, before this would be acceptable to the oil industry, their money making machine had to be redirected to utilizing the structural potentials of oil and all its derivatives - in such a way that it still produced good profits, although not what they had known. Once the potential of Micro Biologic Farming was seen by the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and the many companies that stood to gain great wealth, it was unstoppable, even by the oil industry and they eventually started working in this field also.

THERE ARE SO MANY FRONTIERS TODAY, it's hard to condense them into this paper, however, in general, one can see that in 1995, humanity was poised and ready to burst into constructive and productive applications of its accumulating experiences. We were coming of age. Knowledge began to be integrated into new insights, moment by moment, and the role of appreciation, inspiration and miracles was changing people's outlook and lives. Health was beginning to shift from a 'defensive science' to a 'healing science'.

THE NEW SCIENCES OF THE '90'S - were integrated into a powerful new way of looking at the world: Universe is seen as friendly, and Bucky's invitation to 'Look to what Nature is doing, and operate in accordance with that' is now the norm rather than the exception. Bucky's Energetic-Synergetic Geometry created a new surge of intellectual pursuit, and Simulation Modeling, Chaos Theory, Living Systems Approach, and other sciences were combined and formed the basis of how we use Global awareness and monitoring to manage our relation to environment, to each other, and to our deeper selves. We now maintain an ongoing Inventory of World Resources, Human Trends and Needs, and use a computer version of Bucky's Geoscope to play out our living World Game.

HUMAN VALUES HAVE BEEN CHANGING ALSO - The once dominant approach of "Achievement at all costs" and "Suck people dry and throw them away like soft drink bottles" - these approaches have fallen into disfavor. Certainly people still achieve great things, but now they tend to do it together, all owning part of the action and playing their personal role in the process. People not only matter, they are seen by more leaders as the true wealth.

Some bumper stickers you might like from 2020:




----Well, Flemming, thanks for this opportunity, I hope this gives you some idea of how things are here in 2020.

Best regards, Bruce Baumrucker 7-29-'20

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