New Civilization Visions

Issue 6, 25 November 1995

It has been a while, but here is another collection of your visions for a better world.

- Flemming

Lawry de Bivort <>, Maryland

Descriptive quickies for a desirable society....

Global interconnection of individuals and organizations (via electronics)

Elimination of national boundaries as obstacles to interaction among people and organizations

Top priority of society is to assure the well-being, potential and capabilities of kids, gloablly

Adults honor kids, as partners in the crafting of the future

To be taught in schools: leadership, systems analysis, semantics/linguistics, global access/interconnectivity, entrepreneurship, invention and creativity

General understanding of our species and world as an evolving, malleable platform for possibilities

Tiny retreat oases round the world where thinkers and doers can meet and sharpen each others activities

Small living communities where people choose to live: central facilities and hand-made homes sprinkled through the woods, or on a hillside. Hi-tech communications and planning tools

Long-distance learning with virtual-reality type quality of transmission.

Better venues for the energies of people now engaged in valueless activity

Colonies in space: free-floating colonies to handle over-population of the planet and, even more important, to provide resource-rich environments for experimentation and clustered diversity, all reporting back their results to successive waves of space colonists.

A hydrogen/oxygen based energy economy. (With CO2 attentuation).

Automatic plug-in compatibility of all computer-based technology.

That's all for now. Alas, I confess that my last item may be impossible to achieve.

Eduardo Fuente <>, Mexico

I believe that more than speculating about specific technological advances, there is a fundamental aspect that has to be adressed. I don't mean to be rude, to those who propose wondeful things like flying computers and so on; they will be part of life, but I believe there is an underlying question that will be the "launchpad" for all of this: a basic change in the way humans perceive each other and themselves.

Someone mentioned the importance of feeling wanted and respected for whatever it is one does. I would take it even further to ascertain that there is an essential need to know that we are all in essence part of a whole, an important part because of the gift implicit in the construction of our brain and the miracle of evolution that allowed us to have opposable thumbs and all the other physical characteristics that make humans unique.

In terms of biological evolution, it is very likely that the human species is a dead end... we have nowhere to go, specially since there is no "force" to move us along a path of natural selection. However, every day it is becoming more apparent that we have an undeveloped potential in our brain and a "soul" that we don't know much about. It is in this that humans can evolve, and the only way to do this is wait patiently for the structures that the human race has created to fall under their own weight and a new answer is required.

I am very happy to have found this forum for discussion, as an organized group of people can start testing models and constructing viable communities that could be the seeds of the new civilization when everything else falls apart.

Wayne Hartman <>, Monterey, California

From my Beyond Imagination home page written within the past two years:

I dream of a world united in love, peace, and harmony; where people are equal and receive what they need physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually; where people are employed in a manner that engages their natural abilities and talents fully for the good of both the individual and society; where people are happy and free; where people are helpful to one another and consider each other as brethren; where industry operates in harmony with nature, righting damages caused due to excesses in the past; where governments are efficient and honest, and truly represent the needs and rights of the people.

Such is the world that I choose to live in. Will you do your part? Will you expend your energies in such a manner as necessary to co-create such a world? Only through the cooperation of many will such a world come into being, Let us join together and MAKE IT SO!

George S. Rizk <>, Florida

Sex is a very important component of our life in the west. This is due 1: Natural instinct and needs. 2: Constant societal pressure.

The sexual fulfillment has become a major task for adulthood because of cultural and religous restrictions. For example, a couple are subjected to many influences during their day such as at the end of the day one is in the mood for sex and the other may be not. At this point if the one who want some can get it some place else without any hard feelings and dramatic consequences, the world would be a better place.

How would people deal with this aspect of their life without basic changes to tradition, religion, culture, ..etc

I envision a world where sex is simply a need for our body, just like food. If some one like to eat, this person should be able to get food without any sense of shame, betrial, dirtiness, sinfullness, and all other restrictive notions.

This can be provided for by the society just like libraries, hospital..etc

If that happens, most sexual TV commercials could become mute?

Rick Knight <>, Scotts Valley, California

The new civilization will have discovered a form of energy beyond light: thought. With that discovery, the fear of death, the emphasis on materialism and the preoccupation with terrestriality will fade. What have we been fighting for up to now if not what we have decided to be "survival" of our species. Once we learn that we are more than our bodies, that we are an etherial ocean of energy that localizes in these bodies, we can then really begin the work of advancing our culture.

As we approach this new civilization, the emphasis will become merely that a person IS not what they do. Contribution will become more natural because people will see purpose in what they do for others connects to themselves. "Jobs" will be whatever work needs to be done to better the community. The market economy will share the stage with and eventually be eclipsed by an economy based not on "what's in it for me" but "how does it benefit the community or the planet?"

We will ultimately discover (as our energies are concentrated on peaceful and more lofty endeavors) how to leave and return to our bodies. We will regard a physical manifestation of a human or animal body the same as we regard a suit of clothes or costume today. For our experiencial edification, we will become a wave, a thuderstorm, a hummingbird, a sequoia, All at will! The earth will be acknowledged for the sentient creature it is and we will have acknowledged ourselves and each creature as a contributing organism that assists the planet in thriving. Right now, humanity is a renegade virus but the DNA restructuring is occurring and our cancerous endeavors will ultimately give way to the beginning of the world the way prophets and philosphers have always idealised it to be.

One warning: our humanity is like a stumbling alcoholic on the verge of skid row. We may have to hit rock bottom before we're willing to pick ourselves up and step our way back to health and contribution. Many people may die and a sobering shock wave of genocide for our species may have to confront us head on before we turn from our preoccupation with materialism and terrestrial superiority. Just as an unchecked cancer ultimately defeats its host and in so doing, kills itself, we have yet to come to the brink of our survival as a species and turn towards our consciousness-phase evolution.

Peace and thanks for the opportunity to be expressed!

Flemming Funch <>, Los Angeles, California

I envision a planet that will again be covered to a large extent by unspoiled nature.

As humans we will come to terms with our role as part of nature, rather than as the masters of nature. We will stop trying to cover the whole surface of the planet with suburbia.

City planning will change over into designing pockets of human civilization within nature, rather than setting aside pockets of nature within human cities.

The needs that human civilization has for nature's processes will be taken care in more concentrated forms. Agriculture will predominantly take place in multi-layered hydroponic farms, rather than spread over large areas of land.

Many of the large barren areas of the planet that have been devastated by human civilization will be re-generated into more natural states. Deserts will be irrigated and re-planted, rainforrests will be re-created in tropic areas.

Underdeveloped parts of human civilization will be brought up to par with the rest of the world, mainly through the establishment of energy and communications infrastructures. Thus the increasing overpopulation in these areas and their need for ravaging nature for their basic survival will be halted.

Humans on a large scale will re-discover the joys of nature. To drink from sparkling mountain streams, to smell the moss in old growth forrests, to swim among flourishing corals, to watch eagles make their nests. We will watch nature with respect, marvel in the miracle of it all, and the privilege we have in being part of it.

How would YOU like a new civilization to be? Send me a note at The more clearly we can visualize and articulate what we want, the more real it is becoming.

- Flemming

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