New Civilization Visions

Issue 7, 4 January 1996

These are more submissions I've received of visions for a better world.

It might be in order to point out that there can be great variety in visions. What is valuable is to a large degree the process of bringing out visions, to examine what we want, what we believe, what we see.

We don't have to agree. The future isn't particularly one thing that we all have to vote unanimously for. But in exploring our diverse visions we might very well discover that we share certain values.

- Flemming

Luis Barnola <>, Canada.

Well, if we speak about a New Civilization we should start from the very beginning which is every one of us. This is a change which doesn't come from the outside, we have to work hard to find it because it's a big challenge to change all the aspects of our human nature. It includes work with both the spiritual and the physical realm. Even though it seems a very difficult task, it should start as an individual process which doesn't mean that we are selfish in doing so, on the contrary, we should open our heart and mind to be connected and be also in action. Every one of us have something to say and something to do. We also should stop all the lies that conforms the vision we have of the normal world and not be part of them. As I said, it's a big challenge which requires at first not to be attached to anything. As a consequence we can get connected with everything.

To make a New World, to make a pleasant place in where to live and harmonize, in where we can share in a more just way instead of compete against each other as we have been educated for; we should work hard, non-stop, and being awake.

It is consciousness in action.

Human Being Carroll <>, Minnesota.

1) Translate the world of gender (Wo|Man) and His-story into a Human language. As wo|men We are not equal. A rich wo|man is not equal to a poor wo|man in economics, politics or society.

1-a) Challenge the Constitution of the United States of America as being gender biased and submit a proposal for re-vision, where both genders (wo|man) are equally represented in the words, and upgrade this level of description to define a Constitution that is based on being Human. Pursue this through legal means, in that the current Constitution is Unconstitional, and based in the Private Language of Gender (Wo|Man). Upgrade this language to a Public Language of Human Being. Thus creating a basis for equality among all peoples (and redefining race, gender, religion, creed as private) and a true, re-created Public Representation.

1-b) Securing this fact, and re-writing and re-solving the bias inherited from his-story, pursue a World Constitution based on this Human Constitution, in which the United Nations can use as a foundation for building a World Culture and based in equality and peaceful pursuit of common Human goals, and allowing a Future World.

1-c) Pursue the translation of the private language of wo|man into the Public Human language. Obtain, by law, the ability of the reader to translate gender-documents of his-story into an unbiased gender-neutral his|her-story, with the ability to translate these private documents of wo|man into a Public Human context. Students would be able to learn in the context of being Human, publically, and to read and write from this vantage and identity, while the private language of wo|men is preserved through the translation.

2) Create a Public-- social, economic and political-- Culture based on being Human. Build a society for Human Beings. Allow Human psychology and identity to be preserved, and to grow. Dethrone the primary identity of gender as consciousness, and as being the perceptor of group reality. Replace this limited sense of the individual being (wo|man) as an individual Human Being.

2-a) Allow paradoxical logic to analyze the World's Events. Allow either|or logic to be one of many partial logics, and to include the logic of neither|nor and both|and to be used and utilized _together_ in describing an event of Human reality. Allow objective|subjective wholistic descriptions of world events and close the gap in Public understanding between art and science.

2-b) Allow the Copyright Law to be altered to allow for translation of private logics into Public Logics, based upon previous bias due to gender-psychological identity of the reader|writer, allowing a shift in perspective and making a Public context of these previous Human works made available to all, for translation of their meaning.

3) Reveal the one World Culture, allowing for an individual to sense their self in the world built by human beings, in their similarity and differences. Ultimately, to recognize one-self as a World Citizen, and that We (the People), Human Beings, are all working together for our common good.

3-a) Recognize the common World Aesthetic in the Architecture of the United Nations, and use this perceptive connection to the local environment to also allow connections to the world environment and to "place" the individual in this one world, as a human being.

4) Utilize technology to benefit the whole of the World Culture. First to understand the 'context' of technology in the World, through study and research, then to put it to use in a wholistic context, for the good of all peoples. With the Architecture of Electricity, allow for a better integration and understanding of the undescribed and wholistic force our World blindly utilizes in private endeavors, and re-direct this force for the Common World.

4-a) Utilize computer networks into new and old building designs so as to allow for a 'designed' evolution of the technology, and allowing for Human input into its direction, not market forces alone, but Publically financed local information non-profits in which neighborhoods can be defined in a Bulletin Board System and allow for local barter systems to develop, trade and local culture.

4-b) Connect these local Publics to the City and State Publics through Local Area Networks and Wide Area Computer Networks, based on a Human Cultural Model of economic, politics and society.

4-c) Link these State nodes to National and International modes via the Internet. Allow for this Computer Culture, with its Public Access, to bring Democratic Representation to the United Nations, via electronic networks. Utilize this input|output model to steer the United Nations to Public Work through a true system of Public (Human) Representation.

The Architecture of Human Language
The Architecture of Electricity
The Architecture of the United Nations
HIOX Paradoxical Logic
Human Psychology

Human Being
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Minneapolis, MN 55404

Woosang Lee <>, Seoul, Korea.

I'm at Korea Buddhist Institute.

President Hansik Song is trying to make a vision of new civilization. Without war, environmental polution etc.

I want to introduce Song's thought sometimes.

David Horne <>, Indiana.

No more abortions, all people are Christians.

Scott Robinson <>, California.

My vision of civilization is one where there is no neurotic striving for perfection, and opposing factions give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Swami Gyankirti <>, Kenya.

There will be a definite moving away from the archaic orders of worship in many churches, as the church leadership tries to accomodate the cries of the congregation for something deeper, more meaningful, and more fulfiling.

Spiritual concepts will become much easier to grasp as the cumulative effect of the efforts of those who have ventured into so called "new age" things since the sixties begin to bear fruits, and a critical mass filtering across the planet takes place, waking people up with certain type sensibilities.

On another level there will be much more access to non-corporeal beings and entities who, as more people establish and mainitain contact with a non-physical reality will become more available to guide and empower human-kind.

This will only lead to an even larger movement towards greater inner awareness, and an improved understanding of the creative force - this energy field that we live in, as well as greater mobility between dimensions, and an increased ability to manifest reality or create something out of nothing (so to speak).

Hearing and seeing things that are not of the 'normal' plane of existence will become much more common.

Values will continue to change from the more selfish "me myself and I" systems of patriarchical private ownership of property to a more evolved homogenous and communal extended family with long-reaching and multifaceted podae. The Intentional Community will become more attractive, and necessary.

The greatest shift will be that towards alternative lifestyles.


Swami Gyankirti

Zachery Funch <>, 9 years old, Los Angeles.

In the future there would be no poor people, because everybody would have a machine that could put out money. The machine would be able to tell if the person was poor or not. The houses are going to have built-in machines on the outside that would give money to poor people.

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