New Civilization Visions

Issue 9, 28 April 1996

It has been a little while, but here are some more visions. Sorry it took a while to get your contributions out.

And, please, keep sending in more visions of a better world.

- Flemming

Andrea Bryant <, Ohio

After reading the visions posted by the other members of the New Civilization, I was inspired to send in my own.

I suppose my vision is less in the future than in the present; I feel that the best way to 1)conserve the resources we have left and 2)find ways to live without damaging the world's ecosystems is to follow the lead of the Encino team and buy land.

Possession is said to be 9/10 of the law in the old civilization, and we can use that to our advantage in building the new. If we can gain legal rights in the old game, we will have the power to begin the new one.

Some might say that this is still playing the old game, but when one faces facts, they will find that the old game is alive and well and bigger than any of us. If we can play and win, we can use our winnings to set up a better system. All that this requires is commitment, ethics, and altruism.

So buy land if you can get it. It can be a scrubby patch of desert or a few acres outside of a big city. As long as you own it, no one can stop you from living in it the way you believe you should live. Until we can all be together physically and work with each other, the most important part of the New Civilization is self-sufficiency. Learn to take care of yourself, to feed and clothe and house yourself. The new civilization will emerge through proper use of and personal independence from the old.

DeeperWell <>

>From the clues I have gatherd so far I think we could very well see these things : (Post Earth-Changes)

Plant and animal life will become so abundant so as not to campare to today. The realignment of the planet's vibration will cultivate MANY NEW things to grow.

People will rely on each other much more for support. Athough Mother Earth will provide most of our needs, much education will be required to help every one harmonize as best as possible with the "new vibrations". I believe communities will develop as a knit group, yet everyone will be concerned with the welfare of everyone else, and this will allow for flexibilty (as well as ridding us of the one-bad-apple syndrome...) and help eliminate the group having to compromise for the one.

Thoughts of greed and hoarding will have no support. Everyone will be "swept up" in the wave of joy and love that sweeps the planet as She breathes her sigh of relief. This is not to say that other thought patterns will not prevail (such as wine, women, and song...) but many of the oppressive, negative thought patterns that put one person against another wil have no need, much less reinforcement. The true meaning of "Loving Life" will be exposed, rather than smudged my materialtic goals.

Our "technology" will harness "resonant amplifiers" that channel the natural flux of our reality into "electricity" as well as travel ANYWHERE.

Helping each other is (and will be) the Key. Should you feel concerned about how to prepare yourself for the coming changes - the best thing you can do is look at what God-given talents you posses; what you ENJOY MOST in life.

Then take this gift as far as you can. "Sharpen" your skill(s) you that you can help others with what they can't do. (beware of what they WON'T do..)

Having the faith that are doing the right thing at the right time is all you need.

Merry Meet and Merry Greet!
Smile your Face and Happy your Feet!


Grant Young <>, Canada

The following are some of the principles that are requisite to an advancing and sustainable civilization of a unified and peaceful humanity. These principles are found in the writings of Baha'u'llah (Glory of God), founder of the Baha'i Faith:

"The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens."

"The well-being of mankind, its peace and security are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established."

The vision of world peace brought by Baha'u'llah is being worked out in communities all over the world now. For more information, contact the Baha'i community near you.

In peace,

Grant Young

David Dadoune <>, Canada

My visions are as follows.

1= World economy that all interconnected to gather.
2= World Super State formation.
3=World government of World Citizen will be formed officially.
4= World Army backed by World Court to make sure the laws will be executed.
5= Job Security for all.
6= Free Medical,Education, for all.
7= Respect of all human rights laws.
8= No more Anarchy.
9= Single Currency,Universal Language like Esperanto for facilitate the Communication and Commerce.
10= New World order will go slowly too effect.
11= Global religion will arise to help all mankind.
12= Universal peace,Universal brotherhood, Universal New World order Law .

Above are the vision for the Global Peace.

David Dadoune

Zachery Funch <>, Los Angeles

Let's make a smart computer. You would have a recorder in your pocket all the time that would record everything you've learned in your life. And then there would be a slot on your screen and you could put the disk in there, and the disk would appear, you bring it into your mail and then it would answer all your mail, because it already knows what you would answer.

Eric Steven Sommer <>, Canada

The Stewards Planetary House (SPH).

This is a new inquiry-based way of life, social movement, and planetary institution which we refer to as `the other way to live'. The purpose of the SPH is to organize the planetary underclass - beginning with ourselves - as the `Stewards' or caretakers of the world.

Stewards work together to build the SPH as their `networked planetary intelligence' - a planet-wide `house of the underclass' which is:

a) planetarily-networked,
b) informationally-integrated,
c) locally land-based, and
d) available to, and at the service of, unemployed people, working poor people, members of the `non-traditional' highly-educated underclass, and all others throughout the planet who may be won over to Stewardship or caring for the earth.

The SPH can be succinctly described as `the organized planetary intelligence of the underclass Stewards'. The strategy of its development must be flexible, depending on local conditions, but in general involves the tight integration of the following features:

A) Stewards assist in the socio-political organization of poor or underclass people - including themselves - into local `Steward's Houses'. These local houses, like the Planetary Stewards House, are not physical structures. They are rather social units similar to `non-kinship, extended families' (European noble houses such as `The House of Windsor' are partial parellels) of people who seek to become able to work together to promote one another's being together with that of the planet and its land through the SPH. These Stewards Houses begin with the simple act of underclass people `coming together'. But they also involve development over time - through a process of inquiry - of fundamental obligations for addressing one another's fundamental needs, together with those of the planet, including: insuring that each member has the basic necessities of life; caring for the young, the sick, and the elderly; supporting each members optimum human development; and engaging in Stewardship of the land and of the planet as a whole.

B) Stewards engage in political action in support of all legitimate poor people's rights. These rights include subsistence or survival rights to adequate food, shelter, clothing, transportation, as well as sufficient access to information and social institutions to allow normal participation in cultural life. Depending on the local context and conditions, the defence of the underclass may include: defence of the right to unemployment or welfair payments; defence of the right to educational, childcare, medical, and other essential services'; and defence of the right to use and care for the land.

C) Stewards work for the acquisition of local land in each area as geographic `bases' for the Planetary Stewards House. These land areas support local Stewards houses by enabling them to:

1) Physically concentrate their members or to converge into the same geographic area(s);
2) Practice `Stewardship management' or care of the land;
3) Practice self-provision of food,shelter, and other means of subsistence;
4) Practice the `total human develoment' of House members as Earth Stewards.

D) Stewards participate in, and assist in building, a flexible inquiry-based program of `Total Human Development' for all Stewards. This program involves the total physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of human beings. It is an inquiry-based endevour, whose essential goal is that of discovering - and enacting - methods which optimally enhance the functioning of individual Stewards, while simultaniously amplifying their ability to interact or work together to care for - and to promote - one another's being, together with that of the planet.

E) Stewards use - and help to build - the informational networking together of the entire Stewards's Planetary House. This planet-wide information technology network - together with the acquisition of local land `bases' - is intended to support the Stewardship strategy of `converge locally; connect globally'. It is meant to support the Stewardship practice of `batwttpbing'. `Batwttpbing' is the acronym shorthand for the inquiry-based process whereby Stewards strive to discover and enact patterns whereby they may `become increasingly able to work together to promote one another's being, together with that of the planet'. In the case of informational networking, and in other respects as well, `batwttpbing' supports:

1) Members of each local house striving to `become increasingly able to hear and see and know one another - and to interact or work together to promote one another's being, together with that of the planet';

2) Members of all local houses striving to `become increasingly able to hear and see and know one another - and to interact or work together to promote one another's being, together with that of the planet';

3) Members of the Stewards Planetary House as a whole striving to `become increasingly able to interact or work with other members of the planetary underclass - and with all other people on the planet - as well as with the total information, resources, and potentialities of the planet.

4) The informational networking of the Stewards Planetary House also supports the optimal development and delivery of the Stewards Program for total human development to all Stewards, underclas people, and other interested parties.

F) Stewards work together through the SPH to build a new kind of `networked wholistic service economy' - an economy which replaces the traditional socialist `labour theory of value' , and the western `utility theory of value', with the collaborative endevour to discover, create, and deliver `being values' to one another. Stewards work together through this planetary service economy to meet one another's material, self-esteem, and higher-level spiritual and creative needs, while simultaniously caring for the world and its beings.. This new economic approach is described in a phamphlet which is available free to interested people: `The Steward's Theory of Wholistic Economics: The Discovery, Creation, and Delivery of `Being Values' .

G) Stewards who participate in the SPH use - and also help to develop - an inquiry-based `Stewards Code' - a code of conduct and communication designed to enable Stewards to inquiringly work together to discover - and to enact - patterns of interaction which can best promote one another's being together with that of the planet. This code will be described in a phamphlet now in preperation which will be available free to interested people: `The Steward's Code of Love, Intelligence, And Communion.'

The SPH aims to enable any group of poor people, anywhere on the planet, to link-up with the SPH - and to work together through their own local `Steward's House'. The ultimate purpose of the SPH is to form the organized, planetary intelligence of Underclass Stewardship.

Documents Available:

My associates and/or I have authored the following documents. They describe various aspects of our world view or projects. They are available to interested people without cost.

`The Stewards Manifesto: Putting Our Lives and Our Planet Back Together Again'. (Subtitled: `Organizing the Planetary Underclass As The Stewards of The World: Spiritual Politics for the 21st. Century'. ) by Eric Sommer. 75 pages.

`The Mind of The Steward: Inquiry-Based Philosophy for a New World'. by Eric Sommer. 175 pages.

`The Steward's Theory of Wholistic Economics: The Discovery, Creation, and Delivery of `Being Values' by Eric Sommer. 25 pages.

`The Seven Paths of Liberation: Foundation of Future Progress'. by Eric Sommer. 25 pages.

`The Center For Total Human Development: A Proposal'. by Eric Sommer. 12 pages.

`The World As Interaction'. by Dr. Stuart Piddocke. 1200 pages.

`Of Human Synergy' by Dr. Stuart PIddocke. 2200 pages.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to join with us in the Stewards Planetary House, please contact me at

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