Issue 15, 30 January 1997

So, another few submitted visions, a continuation of our shared vision.

Notice that shared vision doesn't have to mean that we have the same vision. Rather, it can be that we share our visions with each other, that we together engage in the activity of visioning. - Flemming

** Gerardus , Edmonton, Canada **
I envision a world in which every human being has awakened to the knowledge that we are the Creative Force in Human Form. When this awareness becomes realized within all of us - Love is the result! Everyone will know then that all of us are One Family - One Being and have One Purpose. To share our abundance freely and love the Self We Are in Human Form...

** Mark Sulkowski , Upper New York State **
I'd like to see a 21st century, information age, space age, laissez faire, free market economy. No egalitarian calls for leveling the most productive. No attempts to enslave the successful. No whining. No envy.

I'd like to see people who take responsibility for their own lives. Charity where absolutely necessary, but only then.

I'd like to see a lot more atheism, reason, science, and a love of technology.

I'd like to see a political system whose purpose is to promote individual liberty.

I'd like to see people pursue their own personal happiness in principled ways, and find it good.

I'd like to see people reject any dichotomy between mind and body, and follow through on the philosophical implications. Sex and wealth are good things. This isn't "materialism". Life involves the pursuit of values that are BOTH physical and spiritual in one way or another.

I'd like to see much more research done on cryonics.

** Cynthia **
My vision goes like this; I'm walkin' along, basket in hand, down the path to our local water way green house. It gets more beautiful every time I see it, as though it has a life of it's own. Just for the walk, I survey its length, from where we built the little in-take stream off the river bank, into the shallow marsh, where the first water cleansing takes place. Then into the fish ponds, where the fish naturally fertilize the waters, before the waters go into the tasty tank, where just a bit more liquid organic fertilizer is added to make it the perfect power drink for the gardens awaiting it. The gardens just take a bit of the water and pass the rest to the second shallow marsh area, where the final cleansing takes place before the water goes into the duck weed pond. Duck weed is my favorite so I'll start here at the net that keeps the duck weed from flowing into the river. Before I fill my basket though, I'll sit here on this rock and watch the pure water seep out of the net, down the the little rock steps and back in to the river. It sparkles in the sun, I sit for a while obsorbed in the sight of it. Before I get up to collect this evenings meal, I say my thanks to these waters of life and I am awed at the fact that our communities need to eat is what now cleans the water ways.

From the corner of my eye I see someone wave. It is one of the honored ones who work in the greenhouse and do the meditation energy exchanges with the plants. I acknowledge the greeting and I am greatful for such people, as I know our food is better for us due to their vigilant efforts and disapline to keep the positive energy flow consistant.

I think to myself that it is a good thing that finaly let go of the material pursuits and got back down to earth.

My NOW Vision is a prayer that the right people, with the right knowledge and power to "DO", will see this vision as a seed to cultivate, and "DO" so right away, as the waters are the blood of the earth, and it's time for detox.

Thank You All For Being

** Paul Augustine **
Unity,every member would be a Budgeted member which would create more security and there would be less problems that only poverty has. Each member of society would have their own home and land. Our citizens united banking system would distribute each citizens budget and manage the nations resources and be budgeted members as well. Most of society then would be able to find a fulfilling position within a planned economy as a working participant. Much work would be maintaining the nation or taking care of the forests. Very little crime. We could take better care of ourselves with lots of health care, we could use alternate methods for heat, fuel.

** Brooks Bradle , Alvarado, Texas **
My vision is more an analysis, than a prophecy....that is, what I believe will happen; not what I know will transpire. I believe most thoughtful persons meet in some degree of agreement that evolution of consciousness is currently manifesting among all elements of sentient life. The real conflicts among the more clairvoyant elements of society seem to relate to the "timing" of key events associated with the course of humankind's evolution of consciousness. My personal feelings are that the Celestial Schedules for humanity's quantative experience are most certainly tracking the original intent of the First Cause responsible for the entire Drama. Each of us is entitled to paint whatever, PICTURE OF HOPE, we choose to describe for our Valhalla, but the actual occurrence will, most likely, be a dynamic mosaic resulting from the interactions of ALL of the individual thoughts and actions generated by the sum total of Earth's inhabitants. Since the thought is, essentially, the precursor to the manifestation, the actual civilization now coming into view.....WILL BE, exactly what the human race allows it to be. Although, humanity, in its spiritual infancy, will make many mistakes and perform many transgressions to the grief and suffering of other sentient forms, I do sincerely believe we are still on the upward path. If, for the sake of discussion, we regard temporal TIME as a construct within the boundaries of Evolution's arena, then Time is no longer a control element, but a marker of serial events....after they have transpired. If this be true, patience is the virtue which will most assist our clear vision of the future, because it will deliver us from the demands of WHEN the wonderland of our dreams becomes a reality to our consciousness. My hope for the immediate future is that by each of us increasing our efforts to live toward the BEST WE CAN IMAGINE, we will hasten, at least in serial time, that age when we deliver our civilization from its present manifestation, to one befitting a more spiritually evolved community; where BEAUTY and HARMONY, not words--are the rulers.

** Dean Klompas , Burnaby **
If there is desire can there be peace of mind body and soul? Can energies help to heal the pains created by the stressors of modern day society when that is what you want them to do. Are actions adulterated when intentions are implied? Is it possable to love and be happy when that is all you want? I believe that transcedance of the I and me world where wants and desires hold majestic worth can lead to peace and in turn peace will lead to the transformation of desire into nothing more than harmounous co-existance.

** Flemming Funch , Los Angeles, California **
I envision that *time* will lose most of its stressful influence on us. Instead of running around, trying to keep up with schedules and deadlines and appointments, paying bills on time, putting money in our parking meters, etc, we'll revert to working on our own inner clocks.

Many people in the current world experience a speeding up, a sense that there is less and less time, forcing us to run faster to "get things done". I think that will continue to a point, but then go through a threshold. That is, we can't keep running faster indefinitely. At some point we'll have to say "To hell with keeping up with everything, what do _I_ really feel I need to do?" We'll switch from an external reference on what we're "supposed to do" to an internal reference of "What do I sense that I am here to do?"

But, as opposed to older societies where you didn't need to keep track of time because you were isolated in small groups and there wasn't much to do, the new way will be that we're widely interconnected. But we won't operate based on fitting a lot of things into a certain period of time allotted. We will interact and cooperate based on the timing we sense in the moment, not based on artificial norms for timing.

As part of that, I see all time-based mechanisms in society going away. Regular bills, mortgage payments, jobs we have to do in the same hours every day, business hours, scheduled programming. We won't be paid for spending time, and we won't pay for spending time. We'd concentrate on what we create and what we experience, rather than on how much time we have to trade.

This all relates to that the only time that is REALLY important, the only time where we can really make a difference, is RIGHT NOW. Not "later", not "in the future", not in the past. To place our ability to act somewhere else in time than here and now, is to dis-empower ourselves. Our power is right now, and life is going on right here and now, and nowhere else.

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