Issue 16, 1 March 1997

Here are some more visions that have been sent in. And let's see even more different kinds of visions. Those of you who don't find something you resonate with here, tell us what YOU have in mind. - Flemming

** Paul L. Woodworth , Atlanta, Georgia **
Past the human interpretation of the second millenium, I envision a new world, free from secular and ethnic boundaries. Growing from the beginnings here on the Internet, the world will be one, guided by moral and human principles.

Regardless of how one views the Truth, we can no longer ignore the commonality of our human spirit. Peace will come from this evolutionary revelation. We will always have different languages, cultural boundaries and religions, but acrimony must disappear.

Peace to the World, from the One who leads.

** Rafael Ferro , Australasia **
I envision a world where the basic ideals of all religions are lived out on a day to day basis.

If every inhabitant of the planet could live the message of love they neighbour, be truthful to God, themselves and others,and be pure in mind, body and spirit. Then surely, everything else would fall in to place. After we have the basis for a clean and healthy life impressed onto our souls, all our other pursuits would work out fine. Our buildings would be built with the care of nature and others at the forefront of the design, so naturally we would build a good and beneficial structure.

The same goes for other aspects of a civilisation. Our food could be shared out with the care and wellbeing of others in mind, so in order to see this done we would make sure everyone had enough and that they were treated equally.

Living these basic ideals would lead to a more harmonious, ever advancing (in the right direction!) society. We would be at one with the natural order and would most likeley find ourselves in an ever ascending spiral of learning and development towards our Creator. We would also take our place in the cosmic community and become more aware of the vastness of Creation.

I believe that an age such as this is dawning, though in order to have a world such is this, the balances on Planet Earth need to be set straight and the forces which oppose peace, harmony and love need to be removed. How this will happen I do not know, but one can only surmise that it will involve great suffering and disturbance. After the dust has settled however, the space will be there for truth and love to reign.

The meek will indeed inherit the earth... GodBless.

** Jahweh , Gaia **
"Now Is The Time--Peace, a healthy environment, safety and prosperity for everyone, a rich culture and sustainability of life, are goals that are dear to all of us. At the same time, we know in more or less detail about the state our world is in. Many concerned and courageous people work for nature, peace and human rights. We invest money, time and skill to improve things. But all these sincere attempts can only relieve symptoms for a while."

With Delight I received your Vision of What Needs to be Done. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is not a point-of-entry into your Vision that I can see for John Q. Public. ... Ideas in the Abstract are elegant; however, ideas which cannot be immediately applied in the first person don't GO anywhere. ... My web-site is different: the ideas that one gets and exchanges here can be put to use immediately, in your personal life, your family life, and in the life of your church or community. ... Topics include group problem-solving, non-judgmental conflict analysis, public health, personal nutrition, infant nutrition, and an alternative form of economics which minimizes the use of the present monetary system. There are also forty [yes, 40] bulletin boards for people to leave their experiences, comments, and questions.... There are also scores of *links* which supplement and corroborate judgments which are articulated in the text. ... We are confident you will find *abidemiracles* to be an informative and challenging place to take your mental walks.

** Volmarr the Wizard Wyrd , Cranston, Rhode Island **
My vision is that we will all some day come to realize that this is not ONE reality but MANY realitys that are all thinly connected by bridges and that each of us gets to chose what bridges we cross and what realitys we experience. That means that All, religions, ideas, theorys, ways of living, are true. They all happen at the same time and it's just a matter of going to that reality. Then our whole way of looking at things would change and we wouldn't find a reason for war. WE ALL CHOOSE HOW WE EXPERIENCE OUR "GAME OF LIFE"! Enjoy yourself!

** Doug Reeves , Kansas **
I would like to start with a world where people don't avoid each other's eyes when they walk down a street. Where people aren't afraid to share a table with someone they don't know.

I've noticed these things, and I would like to do something about them. I just don't know what. Does anyone have any ideas?

** Todd H. Roberts **
The bible states that "we are gods children"

(I state this simply to argue a point and this statement doesn't reflect my religious devotions.)

Is not the goal of two people who decide to raise children, to teach their children from their mistakes and see their children surpass them in life? With the ultimate goal, to see each generation evolve more than the previous generations.

Going back to my original statement; whether or not you believe in a god, higher power, omni potent being, or any other for of religious power, if you believe that we were created form this power then you need to ask your self, for what purpose. Could we not say that the power that created us created us for the same reason we decided to create a child. I certainly would hold more respect for a "god" who created me for that purpose. I can't believe that a omni-potent being would created life for the sole purpose of having a race of being to bow down in reverence to. How shallow.

My vision of the future is one in which we all come to this conclusion and stop blindly following our religious beliefs and start questioning them, so that we can start learning from our creator instead of serving it, so that we can evolve to what we are destined to become.

It is my belief that the biggest obstacle in our way in achieving this goal is prejudice. Prejudice is the main reason for wars and conflicts. Without prejudice the word would be a more peaceful place.

I can't say as to what the future holds, I can only state what obstacles we need to over come to achieve our goals. I will say this however, if we overcome prejudice and realize that religion was created for us to learn by and not meant to be interpreted literally then the future will hold wonderful things, and anything will be possible.

** Flemming Funch , Los Angeles, California **
I envision a world without uniform morals. That is, I would like to see a world where different groups of people aren't trying to enforce their own norms on everybody else. Rather, I'd like to see that people are adhering to their own norms, following their own inner sense of what's right and wrong, treating others like they themselves would like to be treated. But also that we will learn to allow others to be different and to live by different norms.

There is no monopoly on what is right and wrong, no monopoly on what are the right ideas. There needs to be room for all of us here, and we don't all have the exact same ideas.

Personal choices are just that: personal choices. In living healthy lives we all have to make choices on what is right or wrong for us, what we like and what we don't like, who we want to hang out with and who we don't, where we want to live and where we don't, what actions we should take and which we shouldn't. That is great, that implies that we have personal values, that we have a sense of what is ethical behavior for ourselves.

The problem is when somebody decides that their personal choices are the only RIGHT choices and everybody else must follow them too, all the time, under all circumstances, or they are bad people.

I don't see a whole civilization as having uniform morals. I see it based on the fundamental tenet that there is no such thing. The purpose of the civilization is to allow space for everybody, with minimum friction, and with maximum synergy. This requires a pervasive tolerance of diversity, an allowance of great variety in expressions of life.

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