Issue 17, 23 March 1997

Thank you for all your submissions! And don't stop here, send in more different visions, let's have more specific visions, let's make it more tangible! Let us see and hear and feel and taste the future, and let's live it. - Flemming

** Flemming Funch , Los Angeles, California **
I think this summer will be the Summer of Love. I've said that for the last couple of years about 97, and the feeling has only gotten stronger.

I think we will see a highly contagious outbreak of spontaneous love across the planet. For no good intellectual reason. Simply because it is time for it, and there is no scarcity of love in the universe.

What exactly does it mean? I don't know. I just think that large numbers of people will suddenly realize that love is a powerful frequency, and that the world will change if we just start operating from an attitude of love towards our fellow human beings, towards our fellow life forms, and towards the planet.

Some people have said that the 90s are to the 80s what the 60s where to the 50s. I think that fits quite well, just that the 90s will bring more pervasive and integrated world change than the 60s did. It will not be a matter of a counter culture, but of a transformation of all of earth's culture. At any rate, the last "Summer of Love" was in 67, so I think it fits quite well to let 97 be the new Summer of Love.

Love is in the air. All we need is love.

** Kabir , Montreal, Canada **
My vision for a short term goal would be a time when people are willing to give you a chance to prove yourself in the workplace. Where you don't have to be told "you don't have enough experience..." every time you apply for a job. Where self-initiative can count for experience too and people allow that to be enough for a start.

How the heck are you supposed to get experience, if nobody gives you a shot somewhere down-the-line ?

** Muriel Chen , Adelaide, Australia **
I see a world where diversity is valued and where the impulse to fixate, ideas and things, in time is left behind. Ego has been superceded by the joy of the present. It is a civilization in which the past no longer exists, as its lessons have been learned. The ability to accept without judgement and to honour differences IS. We use the future in order to create, visualising a creation and then allowing its manifestation. We have developed our personal ethic to easily create in such a way that we do not denigrate the creations of others. We can let go as easily as we create and embrace ideas and relationships with each other. Change is fast and easy. In this civilization we play. We create and change games lightly allowing all other games to exist as long as their creators choose them to be. All life and all beings are honoured without comparison of worth.

** E. Noh-Ra Amrani , Studio City, California **
My personal view for the future includes self-empowerment, self-responsibility, and as my mentor, Dr. Peebles, says, "loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, starting for yourself and increased communication with all life and with respect." If each individual would take responsibility for their own lives living more honestly with who they really are inside that would give others permission and example to do the same. Realizing and being the God that is within each one of us. That would result in all boundaries lifted, mutual respect/honor and compassion for each would realize that we are all here so God can experience itself, we are all facets of the same crystal. And since we are in the same boat it is high time we all start rowing together! In truth, love and light - E. Noh-Ra Amrani, Studio City, CA.

** Gloria Wright , Charlestown, Massachusetts **
I will share with you the vision for First Light 2000 - Boston, MA. "That by Dec. 31, 2000, all humans will have knowledge of their interconnectedness with all life." Can you imagine what this world could be like if each one of us had a sensing of what is beyond the outward images of how we are related -ie, national citizenship, ethnic/racial grouping, families, faith traditions? Could you imagine what it would be like to be in touch with the deep interconnectedness and community all earth life (and cosmic life) shares? Such a transformation of consciousness would lead to radical shifts in how everything works in the outward elements of our lives. Blessings on your day, jwright99@idt.net

** Rgis Dehoux , Quebec, Canada **
I've read some others visions at newciv.org and it seems to me that everybody has an insight into the truth. The themes of care for others, tolerance of diversity, a world in peace, and the perfection of the human nature are all relevant topics that would sure help humanity get better. This is called "good will". And if you talk to people on the street about those ideas, they'll tell you: "Yeah that's a good idea". And you'll get the same answer if you talk to a politician.

This is the principle of Love and everybody will agree that we need more on earth. And everybody seems to be willing to do his part. Why doesn't the world change then? Because there is a counterpart to Love, called the principle of Fear, that eats up our energy when it comes to give and share.

This principle is governed by thoughts like: "I need for myself", "I must be greater then the others", "This is mine", "I know better", "He loves me or he loves me not", and all things of the like. I think we need to look into Fear as much as we do with Love. Cause the principle of Fear is very subtle and is hidden behind most of our day to day activities. And it wil jeopardise any good will project if it is not taken care of.

I can say for myself that the mecanisms of Fear are very hard to detect. It's been almost two years now since life pushed me into actively working on it. And I'm always surprised that when I thought I got rid of a particular fear, it's coming back again. And also, when I look at actions I've taken months earlier, I thought they were Love driven at the time, only to find out that it's the principle of Fear that pushed me to act like that.

In my opinion, the big problem comes from death. We are all afraid of dying as it is a traveling to an unknown destination and we viscerally dislike that. And being told by someone else what life after death is would not help the matter. Cause there is so much diversity of opinion on this subject that we end up more confused about it, leaving the fear problem unsolved. Or we decide to fight for our ideas (and the world is full of these people), just to assure ourselves that this is the truth. But again what is fighting, if it is not an underlying fear that triggers it?

We need to seriously address this problem of fear. If everyone could honestly look into his or herself as to how much we are driven by fear, maybe then we would feel more secure, and be able to love for real.

** Rien Kloos , The Netherlands **
first -very short- contribution.

My view: people can now learn to buy only what they really need. To be satistied by small but valuable things: an animal, flower, beautiful music but also immaterial things: the smile of another man or woman or child. Let the old tradtion and cultures no longer be destroyed by commercials. Every man shlould try to meditate / pray at regular times to the Supreme Being who is deep inside our own true being. I would also like to see more reactions / suggestions from people in Holland, Belgium and Germany, to build to the network in Western Europe too. Please contact me at rkloossw@pi.net.  I wish you all Inner Peace

** Denise Scheyd New York **
In response to the vision....i envision a gentleworld where violence ceases to exist and humans truly understand the appeciation of life and each human realizes the code of honor" above and beyond the call of duty" with the excitement in each breath that we are all here!,alive! rejoice!

namaste denise...lovestar*..........www.j51.com/~stewart

** Sandi , Australia **
As I sit here, and for some six months now, I have contemplated the future of humanity, our earth and our universe. As so many others are also doing, millions to be exact. Everyone wants to see a world where we feel safe, unconditionally loved, excited to be alive and where we have the time to take in the simple pleasures of life. Instead of being enslaved in what ever occupation we have so chosen to be involved in. And ever so frightened to go out at night. I believe that the spiritual conciousness of humanity is now starting to awaken and in the near future very near future we will live in a universe of total oneness. One with God, one with ourselves, all humanity and the universe. It is God's will.

This peaceful world is where we are heading, we can start right now. Don't wait for people to say hello to you, say hello first. Smile at people on the street, don't be angry, be enlightened. These are the simple things that are catchy, if enough people do these things amazing things will start to happen. We need to get back to the basics. What are riches and gold. Do they really bring happiness? No just misery. Being at one with yourself is what brings happiness. Being accepting of who you are brings happiness. Loving yourself spreads happiness. So see really it all comes back to us. We alone are the instruments of peace and happiness and as soon as we all find that inner peace the sooner we can stop and smell the daisies. What a wonderful world.

Love and light to everyone. Sandi.

** J.Jakimas , Northeast USA **
To imagine a vision for a New Civilization requires that we first return to our childhood and remember those innocent times. A vision of the future really requires a return to our past. The first years of our lives were pure and uncomplicated. We loved indiscriminately and our imaginations were boundless. The essence of our true human spirit and potential is here. When we can remain as children, and only then, will we succeed in realizing the next phase of our evolution.

** Ron Angel , New York **
i see many people on the streets of cities, futristic cities... with futuristic looking people. these people are going places. like their workplace and stuff like that. no body talks to anyone else. no communication between people. just people with destinations...

** Maggie Davis , Maine **
When conscious caring is a way of life, all else will follow. Many people respond to the needs of others as easily as they breathe deeply and well--and this certainly and sorely is needed. Others feel surges of compassion that remain unacted upon or are expressed in ways others cannot feel. But when we understand and celebrate an all embracing kinship vision, see the sandwich on our plates and be drawn in our minds to the fields where wheat waves, where the lettuce bursts green into our gardens, to the dew on the tomatoes, to the cows (or soybeans) that gave us cheese we're about to enjoy-- when we feel our connection with even the table where we're seated and give thanks for the tree that made our comfort possible--then how can we not protect the Earth. With this understanding we realize we are divine. We appreciate and use well the power that we are.We join others in the pool of suffering, the pool of joy, and no longer feel alone. We understand that protecting Earth-- protecting each other--is, in essence and in fact, protecting ourselves. For those who truly care, this understanding offers solace and inspires carefully considered action for the good of each and all. For those self-concerned this lifetime, the answer is the same: there is only benefit from conscious caring--we are "safe" only when everyone is. A thread in common. A wisdom in common as well.

Celebrating the interconnectedness of all life, we are conscious in every moment of the miracles that bless us and of the miracles we are, as part of the wholeness and holiness of Life. We are grateful, no matter what our circumstances, no matter what our circumstances--no matter what our circumstances. We rejoice in the good fortune of others because they are us.

A little story: When my beloved dog was missing three years ago and, after searching, I found him dead, I cried out to God, not knowing where I could find relief. Wherever I had gone, he had been with me. There was no place I could escape his shadow. And the people who knew us well--who I looked to for comfort withdrew--most of them, while others graced me with stories of their love for their own animals and stories of their own losses . They embraced me with their arms, as well, and with their kindness. And it was then I learned that love is love, and feels that way when it is true, no matter in what form it appears to us.

And something else I learned. Miraculously I was thrilled to see other people with their dogs. I found that their pleasure comforted me. Every dog I stroked and greeted, I again and again was greeting and stroking my own, who was gone, just as, when my dog was alive and it was he who felt my hand, so in some sense did every dog hungering in the world feel my presence. These two lessons liberated me. W hen love can come from anywhere--anyone--and please me, and when I can rejoice in another's wellbeing, even when suffering lack of what I have, I am free. Envy has no grip on me. And the entire world is a treasure trove of solace and of joy.

These and other bursts of understandings are what I write about in my books. They inspire my grassroots approach to business, writing and publishing, on and off the Web, and make my site as much non-profit as profit seeking. They are the touchstone by which I try to live my life no matter how often I fall from this grace of knowing and practicing what I know. There is a Sufi song I love. It goes something like this: "Come! Come! Whoever you are. This caravan knows no despair. Even though you have broken your vows--perhaps 10,000 times-- Come, come again. Come, come again."

Maggie (Steincrohn Davis)
Heartsong Books website address:http://www.downeast.net/com/heartsong
E-mail address : maggie@downeast.net

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