Issue 18, 26 April 1997
A nice collection of visions here, submitted in the past month. And, by all means, send me more. - Flemming

** Elena Ross , Costa Rica **


Joyful greetings from Beautiful, Peaceful Costa Rica.

I just had a most wonderful experience which I wish to share with all the beautiful people with NCN. Vision: a world of love, living in harmony with Mothr Earth and the Universal Spirit. Most of you have probably never heard of Pan-Eu- Rhythmy dance. It originated in Bulgaria in 1914. It is known as "The Circle of Sacred Dance" and there is a book (same name) in English, edited by David Lorimer.

If all the churches and schools were to dance this dance then there could be no more wars. The dance "is intended for all those who wish to experience harmony in their lives". It really is a wonderful way to "create a still center so we can turn our spirit back to its divine source".

Ardella Nathanael came all the way from San Francisco to teach this beautiful dance here in Costa Rica. (ardella@worldnet.att.net) I highly recommend it. It is so peacefully, and the best form of meditation/exercise I have discovered.

Namaste, Elena

** Thomas(san)Danielsen , Norway **

After world war III things will change for the better. The use of money will gradualy end, instead people will pay with hours-minnutes and seconds of performed work (The amount paid will be equal to the amount of effort put into making whatever,from retrieving the raw materials to the finnished product)

Because of this there will be no un-employment and people will generaly have the jobs they want.

Pollutive forms of obtaining energy will no longer be in use, electromagnetic systems will have replaced them.

Gradualy man will start to respect all life and no longer murder animals for human consumption because they taste good,man will know that animals love their life just as much as he loves his. There will be no leaders and the the people of planet earth will live in an free anarchy(Anarchy means directly translated "no goverment")in other words earth will have social structure just no "BIG BROTHER" government that desides what is "legal and illegal" man will truly be free.

ps: The Tribe definiton of freedom:

To do what you want
To own what you want
To go where you want
To live where you want

This freedom exists on the premise that it is only freedom as long as your freedom does not hinder others freedom.

All this will happen after the third world

** Grant Day , South Africa **

"Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.. someday I hope you'll join us and the world can live as one" John Lennon

** Dawn Feather , Florida **

The grandmother brings me visions of sanctuary from the destruction that will result from the planitary alignment. Who has started the project? I am looking for the sioux holy man i am to work with to create the refuge in the black hills.

** Tony McGettigan **

My vision for the future includes a new view of what is valuable. Our old way of viewing value is most often to judge the worth of anything only according to superficial characteristics, such as trendiness and flashiness of appearance. The biggest problem with this kind of view of value is that it is mostly based upon external considerations, like what everyone else feels is most important, and the perceived rarity or novelty of the thing under consideration.

Value in the New Civilization would not be based mainly upon external considerations, rather, value would be based upon the intrinsic nature of things. Our awareness of the essence of things is becoming clearer all the time. As we all become capable of appreciating not just the most superficial qualities of things but can also feel and know what is most deeply true of ourselves and our circumstances we will naturally begin to treat one another and all our resources as the real treasures that we are.


Tony McGettigan

** Chief Little Summer , Florida **

Time moves rapidly, change is iminate. The three pillers of our culture, Governments, Commerce, and Religions, grow ever shambly and are fit to collapse. This will occure soon. How do we pick up the pieces? Commerce shall be replaced with the "Credit System" which provides Economic Equality for all citizens. With money non-existant, crime is reduced by 95%. There are no debts and no bills. Drug trafficking stops immediately. Governments need to exist will be reduced to the point where their service hardly exist.

Religions shall face an exposure which invalidates their usefullness. How is all this accomplished? It is all found in THE PLAN at site: http://www.piquapress.com This outline is the core of our new civilization. It is highly practical and readily workable.

To understand how THE PLAN may be applied, read SURVIVING THE FUTURE by the gifted Prophet and Visionary: TEKONSHA! This System is completely new to planet earth. It is NOT a trumped up version of something you are already familiar with. There are no loosers here! Are you ready to accept equality?? THE PLAN is the vehicle which shall change the course of history as it provides a comfortable place for postarity to evolve and thrive! Here lies the path to our future!!

** SB, Australia **

(nb. If you want to 'hear' my vision, please purchase the CD 'Yanni Live at the Acropolis'. This is an amazing CD, the music is my vision in sound. You must get this CD!!! It is BRILLIANT!)

** Carl Oerther , USA **

Harmony is achieved when competition is eliminated and cooperation toward the common good becomes the universal goal.

Western Civilization is founded upon the principles of personal greed and economic competition. Therefore, we hate to pay taxes and want maximum goods and services.

When "the common good" becomes the focus of the society and each member is valued as a contributor, with all things necessary for life being provided to contributors, regardless of significance of contribution, harmony is achieved. The street sweeper, police officer, mayor, sales representative, manufacturer, shop keeper, truck driver, postal employee, all work toward the common good and are compensated equally.

"The meat from the hunt" is shared by all the band. The children get the best parts.

We came from 50 million years of development in small bands around the campfire. Greed and technology has created a disturbance in the social force of origin.

** Carl Oerther , USA **


My world vision is complete when the United Nations General Assembly and every National leader and assembly throughout the world asks this question as a test for decisions made by them!

** France , Quebec, Canada **

Feel Mind-community mature in the planetary field of Terra... In prehistory Gylan(1) humans artisans explored planet-space. Then Andro(2) warriors learn to manipulate time-resources in history. So in post-history the Sentient(3) humans, in this newciv, foster the Infinity Link; limitless mindfrontier. Knowing their immortality some start co-creating projects with Nature Intelligences (Air, fire, water, earth) gardens of beauty with children and friendly animals. More become travelers on the cosmic road of infinite knowledge and wisdom. And when Terra completes her cycle of experiences, new wondrous adventures awaits, multidimensional, ad infinitum...

** Charles Davis , California **

I vision all things as circles. The "o" represents no-thing which is the space found in the stillness of meditation. And the circle is also seen in all manifested things. Everything is in the shape of the circle or is moving in a circular pattern. That is the untold "name" of indwelling understanding. Your own ican (3 circles) suggests that circles should link together in united harmony, nearly every religion has a circle icon, these circles can loop together in a chain of circles. Nature is full of circles and circular shapes to remind us of this potential. We can comprehend our own "self" by being aware of the circular motions of our behavior. For more information about the "O" cult please contact my web page at - Paranormal Perspectives - web.dreamsoft.com/technoso (java script) or add /home if you do not have java. Thanks, charles.

** James Knowles , Kansas **

SURE EVERYONE SAYS THAT WAR IS OBSELETE AND WANTS TO BE RID OF STOCK PILING AT THE CITIZENS EXPENSE but no one has realized that there is a way and it was discovered in the early 1900's. an inventor by the name of nikola tesla who proved the energy to power lights etc. could be transmitted through the air but he also invented a tower that all a country had to do was line there borders with and planes subs etc. could not enter your country. all battles would have to be fought far at sea. but this is the first step towards ending war so people get used to the idea of peace, correct me if i'm wrong but i believe it was called the wardenclyffe tower, but all you need do is study the inventions of nikola tesla (many of which were surpressed by the u.s. gov) to find solutions to ending war and providing the entire world with the power to live for almost free (there are fees for the technicians), who would need to fight for oil or land if the had all the energy they needed and couldn't invade the other countries anymore. after awhile these towers would be shut down and become tourist attractions. i feel that , that could potentially be the first step towards freedom.

any better ideas?

** Melvin D. Saunders **


Peace is a quality like love, it must be practiced and experienced to be fully understood. If you practice hate, prejudice, anger and fear, you get good at it like any behavior that is practiced, but in doing so, you have little understanding of peace and love. There are 2 extremely disparate polarities expressed in the world today. To someone with their behavior rooted in violence, power, greed and sensory indulgences - MORE is better and forceful power over one's neighbors is a logical course to obtain MORE of everything involving the transitory "things" and sensory experiences of the world. Kill or smote thy neighbor and you quiet thy neighbor's dissenting differences. Steal from thy neighbor and you get thy neighbor's goods. That's the simple short term logic that is pursued and practiced by most people in the world to a greater or lesser degree. It's the same logic of most U.S. big businessmen as well. Destroy and waste the world's environmental resources and you get MORE of everything in the short run at the expense of the long run!

Where such absurd logic breaks down is in the long run of course. Kill thy many neighbors and civilization on the whole suffers. Steal thy neighbors goods and your like-minded neighbor does it to you too, and if extended to its ultimate end, killing and stealing leaves little productivity left for anyone to enjoy in PEACE! It's the "dog eat dog" process in the business world. Gratification of the moment is the frustrating continual process of partial brain users who have not "reasoned" their life would be far more productive and happy if they chose a long run alternative! It's the difference between the marauder and the farmer, the corporate raider and the corporate investor, U.S. business vs Japanese business, insolvency vs solvency, household head over heels indebtedness vs ready abundance in the household, 10% brain usage vs 100% brain usage, etc.

When you attempt to "explain" the benefits of the long run method to someone accustomed to short run or immediacy-of-the-moment thinking -- it's like trying to explain the difference between lust and love! The words are understood, but the meaning is NOT grasped until the difference is actually experienced! Partial brain users need to experience what it is like to use the unused portions of their brain. Then they can see the longer-lasting benefits of pursuing the development of one's self and one's community over wallowing in greedy, sensory indulgences. It's NOT a rocket scientist equation! Use more of your innate potential and you get more long term inner benefits. Do NOT do so and you suffer in the world of fractional brain use and all the continual frustration of short term "rewards" of the moment!

"Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?... A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit." Look shrewdly at whatever organizations you align yourself with. Do they have corrupt, infected branches of greedy, political or big business affiliation? Gandhi is one man that moved millions, but then so did Hitler! They were both men that amassed a great following of millions, but did Hitler's following shrewdly look at his direction before it became an ominous black cloud over the world? If you want to align yourself with an organization, do so wisely.

"Change yourself and change the world" happens with each one of us every day to a greater or lesser degree with our own small or large following of people. It's always our choice as to the degree WE wish to change the world by way of our individual actions! But NEVER underestimate your own personal power and freedom to act and change the world!!

Otherwise, it's like standing around watching Kitty Genovese get stabbed multiple times in the mid-afternoon on a NY street while she cried for someone to help her? The earth's environment and the population on the earth are both crying for HELP!! Are you passively watching and thinking about it OR are you actively doing something about it every day? Are you passively standing stark naked in a line waiting for a Nazi to blow your brains out OR are you actively doing something to take the gun out of his hand? 1 + 1 does NOT equal 2 when men and women of similar-mindedness act in concert, instead the effect is multiplied exponentially!

How can "explaining" peace and love to the violent, greedy and lustful ever work, especially when the violent, greedy and the lustful are doing the explaining?? Peace and love are just words to such people! The portions of their brain that understand the concepts of peace and love are barely functioning! Even when Jesus ministered to such people 2000 years ago, only a small fraction followed him - and primarily only because he represented an EXAMPLE of what he espoused. Knowledge is NOT power, but knowledge IN ACTION IS power, both to one's self and one's community. Change yourself and change the world! Stop talking and act the way you think others should act. Strive to use your complete potential. Don't be content with a fractional usage of what God gave you in 100% abundance! Use it all, like all the other species on the planet do every day! Be in harmony as they are in harmony with their universe! It's NOT a giant equation, but it does require an action-first step in that direction to initiate the process! Musing about it won't work! Waiting until "something or other" manifests in your life won't work!

Jesus and other masters have always set good examples wherever they ministered, so why do only a fraction of those that hear a master's words act on those words?? Are the messages bad ones, or are most of the recipients missing something? Dah!! Maybe the complete deck of cards they were endowed with has not been fully explored upstairs enough for them to understand and embrace what the masters have to offer!? Of course, only each individual can determine that. Explore inside yourself. It's not such a bad place and who knows, a whole new worthwhile world could open up for you?! Krishnamurti once asked, "Why don't people change?" Could the simple answer be that they persist in using only part of the deck they were born with? Since they were given "free will," what advantage is there in doing that? Can't they always choose at any time to use the complete deck? What's holding them back? Only themselves, of course!

100% Brain Course
Creative Alternatives For A Changing World

Stay well,
Mel Saunders

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