Issue 19, 27 May 1997

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- Flemming

** Mahrouk Vevaina , Bombay, India **

I believe there is a huge movement towards finding ones spirituality. Not just a belief but the actual experience of a Higher reality. A reality beyond this changeable material world. A power, a oneness, that is not subject to the law of opposites. No birth or death. Joy or sorrow. No evolution or devolution,....if you know what I mean :)

This is a powerful but silent force which will very soon spread like wild fire. It cannot be stopped. Those who choose to join in will add to its power those who choose to focus their energy on trying to change OTHERS with not be able to detract from the growing feeling of oneness and love that will eventually wash over everyone.

About the coming great destruction and polar shift....): yes perhaps there will be all that but I feel that is not really relevant. The point is to connect with the HIGHER SELF, which is the only preparation one can have for the coming changes in this life or the next.

I cannot begin to imagine what the world will be like after the changes. Full of light and peace and wisdom whatever that might mean in real terms.

** Tom Roark , Minneapolis, Minnesota **

I like Fuller's idea of reforming the environment instead of people. Bucky came up with artifacts that filled some human need more efficiently. He figured that when we had our backs against the wall, we'd start using them. If I remember, he died with 28 patents to his name, including several geodesic domes, an automobile, a rowboat, and a prefab bathroom. That's a peacemaker.

Paolo Soleri qualifies, too, building a "city in the image of man" in the Arizona desert.

I think that we need to have more artifacts and experiments like this. I'd like to see communities of techno-peacemakers living their visions in every county in the US (I think it's up to us rich folks).

For me that means a permaculture landscape around a Pattern-Language village. Sort of a futuristic hunter-gatherer landscape. I like sustainable building materials, too: recycled lumber, straw-bale construction, conservation-and-renewable-energy-powered.

The technology for this kind of a trip is fairly accessible (capital may be another story), making it possible for groups like churches, clubs, circles of friends--any tight affinity group--to put up an example of how humans ought to live. Access to these communities by the larger, surrounding communities would be open and free, so that people at large can see what works and what doesn't.

** Sheena Morgan , Virginia **

well.. my vision is not too futuristic and doesn't affect the world as a whole.. but more so my life and my surroundings..

I invested in music because thats what i relate through and love to do.. i also participate in occasional recreational drug use.. now if you've ever drank a glass of wine or a beer with friends or smoked in the company of others or even for those of you who use sex as a drug and do so recationally with your friends you have too.. now during a trying yet incredibly inspirational moment i came to the conclusion that no matter how fucked up you are or your life is if u have something such as music that u love to do that dosent harm anyone and does nothing except generate mass amounts of so called karma then its a wonderful thing because.. the only thing that can ever happen to you by playing your instrument or game or whatever.. is that you get better at it.. and this betters yourself and your suroundings.. now i think its great to take time out to think about how the world should be and what not.. but personally i think its more important to take the time to acutually do something.. and all your expected to do is start with yourself.. no one person can change the world.. no one person is going to do it for you.. if u really care that much about making a difference then find something positive that u can do to contribute.. email is fine for transfering files.. but there is life outside your computer.. although u are expected to create it yourself.

** Dreamer , Northeast U.S. **

2027AD After the TRANSFORMATION I see a New Earth. Where the quest for Knowledge is the only governing body. No hunger, Proverty, Disease, Moral Corruption, or Political Infestions.

The Populations is fixed at One hundred Million on The New Earth, but we have charted over 400 million habitable Planets, that number will triple in ten years. The problem of the time space continum was resolved with the transformation.

** Ben Broska , San Diego, California **


450 acre 'Community Heart Center'(EPCOT/STAR Center) gifted?
John McNab, mailto:jmcnab@fia.net (619)531-0773
Bob Broska, mailto:vsynthesis@aol.com (619)474-7630


Please consider:
The world(???) community has been gifted in April 1997 with a 450 acre 'San Diego Naval Training Center' property/facility with over 225 buildings to immortalize our greatest ideals and visions - just like a prior generation of San Diegans did in the creation of Balboa Park.

Can you visualize the realization of a future 'Community Heart Center' (EPCOT/STAR Center) serving as a public San Diego based world display/repository of futuristic harmonious 'Possibilities' for all areas of life?.....

Including possible development and display of examples of


.&q=%28+%22Testatika%22+and+watts+%29%0D%0Aor+%28+%22Methernitha%22+and+%2210KW%22++%29&r=&d0=&d1= ...

A 'gifted' navy facility example? 'Fort Mason Foundation' related reference:

Any possibilities for a 'gifted' 450 acre 'San Diego Naval Training Center' property/facility with over 225 buildings, before it's to late for some reason ???????? See http://www.trufax.org/alert.html


A closing thought...
... on the subject of 'time' and 'timelines'. And, if there is a message in my work, I would only WISH and WILL it to be this:

We are constantly reminded daily of what the future holds for us, and it seems that the future holds only events to be of a catastrophic or doomsday nature. Most of us have a fear of the unknown, thus, most of us fear the future, because, it is an unknown. Your future, like mine, is NOT set in STONE, nor, do we have to experience any of the catastrophic events that have been prophesied. All prophesied catastrophic and doomsday events are truly events that are cataloged and can happen, but are not necessarily events to be experienced by all. By understanding the true perception of 'time' and 'timelines', you will also come to the realization that you do not have to get caught up with all of these predictions that are "Fear" based. Do NOT allow your limited perceptions through the five physical sensories, gloomy fear based predictions of the future, nor the incorrect perception of 'time' to become your shackle. Time is NOT linear (past, present and future), but is parallel and is only an event. All events are happening simultaneously --- NOW! Therefore, we have at our access the "Free Will" to choose what events we want to experience, which are located on different timelines. Our "Free Will" is SUPREME in this universe, but we have the tendency to allow others to make decisions for us, and by doing so, they will make decisions for their own welfare and not ours. Then, when events do not come out like we would want them, we consider ourselves a victim. Is not making a decision, a decision? Fear is an emotion, and emotions are an outwardly projection of our frequency, but also a means by which we can determine our own frequencies. We all have a range of frequencies that we vibrate at, and it's the daily reminders of these predictions, no matter how large or small, that place us in a fear based frequency. Thus, what you fear the most --- you WILL experience! You made decisions using this frequency and its the frequencies along with your decisions that draws you to the different timelines and its events. Some would callthis,a SELF-FULFILLEDPROPHECY!... http://www.execpc.com/~vjentpr/drueintv.html

** Penny McManigal , Newport Beach, California **

as seen by an artist and visionary
Penny McManigal

I see a new civilization. I see it in my mind's eye as if it exists in "real time". It is both nurturing and well nurtured.

Everywhere I look I can see and feel the delight in nature's bounty. The towns and cities are all well planned, with ample open spaces surrounding them. It is obvious that the fields and orchards are well tended and cared for. There is no litter because people have learned to care about aesthetic pleasure and to be responsible for their own actions.

The lines of architecture, vehicles and clothing are graceful and undulating. Materials are soft, rich in variety and a sense of interesting textures. Lighting creates an inviting ambiance. Colors help to form neighborhoods or defined areas. Different sounds of water can be heard coming from many streams and fountains. Lakes and ponds are in abundance. The general architecture reveals a vast variety of trees, shrubbery and flowers. Communities are interesting to behold, with surprising touches here and there.

In this atmosphere it is no wonder that the lives of the people are both varied and interesting to the majority. There has been a co-mingling of people of all ages, races and occupations. There is a very real sense of pride and respect for one another. Citizens honor their opportunity to be of service to their greater community. In turn, they are honored for the services that they render!

The reason that this sense of well-being pervades this new civilization is that central to their lives is the town's, city's, county's region's and nation's "Centers for Creative Resolutions" building which acts as the hub for all significant innovations and interactions. These centers are round in shape. In the center of each is a courtyard, or amphitheater with ample seating and a raised platform. On the perimeter of this circle is a building which surrounds it. The building is divided into sections and represents the main functions of its community, or society; for example areas for governance, the arts, media, education, health-care, etc. Each section has a number of representatives who will represent its sections at meetings of the whole. There is an eternal flame at the very center of the courtyard, which is the symbol of generations in endless continuity and exists as a reminder to protect the health and well-being of all children. The flame is named "The Children's Fire".

Four times a year, at the beginning of each season, a celebration is held throughout the land in all the "Centers for Creative Resolution". It is held to bring all of the people together in a collective group in such a way that all citizens can speak about that which they do best, and that these thoughts and facts can be heard in relation to all the others. This is a time to look, hear, taste, touch and smell what has been produced in the previous four months. It is the time to bring critical problems of the community to these "Centers for Creative Resolution" for healing. There is great anticipation for this occasion, which lasts for several days.

These festivals always begin with an important Question for the entire community. Then, in turn, the citizens speak and represent their sectors of the whole. All present listen as the thoughts, feelings and ideas are expressed around the center. Every answer considers the effect on the children and future children. The last group to speak are those who are called The Pattern Keepers. It is their expressed purpose to take all the suggestions and responses made for the initial Question by the different sectors of the community into consideration. Furthermore it is their responsibility to observe the various patterns of thought developing as the Question moves around the circle. If the development is thought to be good for the community and for the children, a Resolution will be reached and all will then move on to the next important question. If, however, The Pattern Keepers sense that poor judgment has developed, it is then their responsibility to stop any further action because "The Children's Fire" has been endangered. At this point the question is once again listened to and the different sectors offer their best effort to answer that question. This will continue until there has been a consensus reached which is good for the people, their children and future generations.

Following the days which had been set aside for these creative resolutions is a day of High Celebration! Complete with festive attire, delicious food and musical fanfare, the entire community gathers in the center, all eyes giving attention to the raised central platform. For it is here that all citizens will receive the stimulus for the community's (region's or nation's) forum for the entire next four months!

Understanding that some people's strengths come as visions or images for the future of all people, the community waits with intense anticipation to see what of significance will be revealed to them on this new horizon? This is the day when the creative visual artists present their essential new images and symbols, revealing a new creative energy waiting to be tapped by the entire community! This is the day when the musicians present their new, essential sounds, when the wordsmiths share their significant and essential phrases to be pondered and the dancers reveal their movements, suggestive of the new energies to be unveiled. The purpose of this day is NOT to entertain, but to REVEAL!

The entire community will be stimulated to continue the primal work of creation through their own sectors of governance, education, health, etc., as they use these newly presented symbols and sounds in their focus for the next season. In effect they will together create a collective force which will move the society to greater heights than would otherwise have been possible.

In this way the artists and visionaries will be able to lead the way, and the community as a whole will develop new thoughts and social actions in each of the sectors. The resulting effect will be seen in new materials, new clothing design, interesting cuisine, and in all ways possible, as the ideas weave throughout their community; in the schools, homes and offices.

What I like best about this idea is that once again the artists and visionaries will be fulfilling their purpose, which as the new "shamans" and "priests" of their culture, is to respond to the "heartbeats" of civilization and to find creative ways to keep it in balance and to preserve a sense of wholeness and also wholesomeness!

"If the people lead, the leaders will follow..." (author unknown to me)

(C) 1995
Penny McManigal
16 Inverness Lane
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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