Issue 20, 27 June 1997

These are visions submitted during the past month. As usual, let me stress that you don't have to agree with all of these, or with any of these, for that matter. It is not about agreement. It is about taking part in the process of visioning together. So, what do YOU want, what do you need, what do you see, what do you feel?

- Flemming

** Sarah Nelson **

"As a man thinketh, so does he perceive.
Therefore, seek not to change the world,
but choose to change your mind about the world.
Perception is a result and not a cause."

"Perception is a mirror , not a fact."

From A Course In Miracles

Having these visions makes a difference, and we can have our vision now.

The world I choose to live in is a world entirely free of guilt and blame, where we each feel safe, innocent and free, secure in the knowledge that our every need is met, without conflict, pain or struggle; without sacrifice.

We each remember our true identity, as God's perfect creation, and recognise everyone we meet as such. Each moment we live in the certain knowledge of God's absolute love for us. We awaken in joy, and sleep in peace.

Our world is everything our hearts ever truly desired as children. We feel loved and cradled in this world.

There is no work, only play. All activity is inspired by love.

And I choose to live here now!

The Leisure Party: http://freespace.virgin.net/sarah.peter.nelson

"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;
they toil not neither do they spin;"
St MATTHEW ch.6 v.28

** Mahrouk Vevaina , Bombay , India **

I have a vision but I don't have the vocabulary to explain it. Anything that can be explained must necessarily be chopped and shaped and sqeezed to fit my limited and narrow understanding of the world.

** Anita Sands , Los Angeles California **

The people have voted US dependency on the IMF/ World bank OUT OF EXISTENCE. All corporate and government debt meaning 5 trillion plus debt which is forcing all of us to pay 4$ for an aspirin, $1.69 for a lb. of stringbeans, 700$ to rent a cubicle, 1,000 forced car insurance a year, etc, so that all of us live marginally...and in full apprehension as any of us are a hair away from having a job, meaning that we could be homeless bagpersons overnight in the increasingly difficult job market...

...well, abrogating debt to the planet bank, no more payments which are mostly INTEREST on the interest, and never principle, so that the debt mounts exponentially in a verticle line on any graph, totally unpayable, a debt that our children will be saddled with. All this is over. Over. We start anew, the USA making its own money supply, not borrowing it. (Where was the logic in that?) all corporations now have money to invest in better products, more workers. Prices can be much lower. Land prices return to normal and salaries and job security go way up. A woman can stay home with the kids while hubby's salary covers a house. As personal anxiety subsides, more conscious children are born. No more hamsters on a treadmill, slopping coffee all day, deadening the tension with alcohol all night, but a serene, joyous family. The body repairs. The energy is there to cook from scratch, grow from scratch, garden, transform the bldgs we have in the city, into garden sections. Oxygen returns. When we have licked the bank, we lick the car manufacturers. We shake free of the oil lobbies and get those non-toxic vehicles. BURNING petroleum is as dumb as shooting off atom bombs in the atmosphere. The two most toxic things on the planet. They're gone. Cancer goes away. Allergies go away. Birth defects go away. The elderly generation is able to teach the young generation all kinds of things, philosophy, wonder, magic, caring. When kids recreate with grannies and grampas, the kids grow in ways they can't with young parents. These super healthy tykes become deep on other levels, deeper than their parents could have, in that Kali Yug that their parents were born into. Banks and their debt, carmakers and their toxins, oil companies--these are the three most DOLLAR based sectors on our entire planet at this time. They have more of the precious green fuel than we do and there is no fighting them from current contexts. Except one. The internet is capable of spreading a thought among the people. That thought cannot be spread by commercial newspapers, magazines as it is heretical and will be spurned by the publications that depend on oil refiners and car manufacturers for advertising revenue. ONLY on the pages of the Internet can the truth burrow, like a seed, spreading deep roots before it blossoms. The internet is conceivably the answer to the world's problems, the only solution. Viva the weblinks, the URL sharing saints who put out URLS for nothing more, no other reason than 'here lives the light, go here. Young person playing with that new machine, before darkness closes in, find the light. Inhale it. Live by it.

** SB, Australia **

Every day, on the way to university, I ride on the bus from the suburbs of Melbourne into the city. I look out the window and see all of these people going about their business. If I am not worried about exams, I usually listen to a CD by Yanni (my favourite composer) and relax. This music opens my mind and I begin to see the real beauty of the world. This is when I think of the future of this planet.

In my opinion, we do not live in any type of democracy at all. The fact is, here in Australia (as in almost all other 'developed (yeah, right)' nations) we only have two feisable parties to vote for. There was a change in government last year, but so far nothing has improved and all has got worse for everybody but the businesses. You see, the common man here wanted change for the better (after 13 years of a LABOR government), but we don't have the choice. Well, that is not true. There is a political party called the "Natural Law" party, which support the same sorts of ideals as you and I. They believe in no military expendature, controlling and limiting environmental damage, and a stress-free and content way of life (as well as some other weird things, which could be why they aren't very popular).

Under a deep-set system, where you are either a LABOR or a LIBERAL supporter (in the USA it is DEMOCRATIC or REPUBLICAN), the people are not ready to accept that there are alternatives. As predicted, the NLP did not pick up one seat (but the GREENS (our environmental party) picked up three or four, which is a good start). The reason is simple, they do not have the PROPAGANDA skills that the wealthy parties have, becuase they do not have MONEY to the same extent. Now, my question is, IS THERE ANYBODY IN THIS WORLD WHO IS A BILLIONAIRE AND IS PREPARED TO USE THEIR MONEY FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MANKIND?

Evidently not, as nothing has been done yet.

Seeing as money is the cause of the problem, money can also be its own worst enemy. We must remember that money does not hurt people, PEOPLE DO. The misuse of money is what has got us into this mess in the first place. These rich people think the more money you have, the better a person you are, the SMARTER a person you are. This is of course a load of nonsense! Somehow, people want more and more money. For me, it is like this : Why own 20 houses if you can only live in one of them? Typical answer : So I can have more houses than YOU! Therefore I am BETTER THAN YOU!

Isn't it true that billionaires die too? How can they possibly be better? Are they more highly evolved than the rest of us? NO! We are all born equal and we all die equal. Everything cancels out in the end. What you do in between effects others a lot more that it effects you.

Okay, I am rambling. You have probably guessed I am not happy with the current state of global affairs. This is my proposal, based on evidence I see as being important:

First of all, some information:

1. The biggest companies in this world are involved with CARS. How can it be that CARS are further up the list than FOOD? We must eat to live, we don't need to drive to live, or do we? Unfortunately, the answer in our socitey (at the current time) is YES. We need to drive to work to do our job, then we need to drive home again. The CAR has become a necessity in our lives, due to immense governenment and corporate manipulation of the good people of this world. Another area which has become essential to live (in our world) is ELECTRICITY. This is a natural resource, which should be available to all for absolutely nothing. Instead, governments and companies have 'bottled' it and sell it to us (using inefficient and archaic ways to manufacture it as cheaply and quickly (and dirtily) as possible). Back to CARS. Being able to travel is good, it is just the fuel that is the problem. Corporations sell these products en masse, with a guaranteed market. Governments put TAXES on FUEL consumption and purchasing, therefore working in partnership with the conglomorates. etc...


This should be done by whatever means are effective. This may involve PHYSICAL METHODS OF COMMUNICATION, but if people can be rallied to the cause, it does not have to. (more later)

2. The most promising innovation in history is the COMMUNICATIONS REVOLUTION. This is enabling the global sharing of information and ideas (as well as lots of other bandwith-wasters). This change is due to the COMPUTER, which I believe is one of the greatest inventions in human history. Unfortunately, computers have become BIG BUSINESS, which means that now, like with ENERGY, INFORMATION is beginning to be bottled and sold at high prices, with IMPORTANT information being CENSORED by the governments of the world. The INTERNET is the last great bastion of FREE SPEECH, and this is changing fast as the commercial applications of the Internet are being exploited (which was never the intended purpose). TELEVISION also is a great tool, but it has already been (and is still being) used as a PACIFIER. It is a way for people to forget their dark reality and relax, and this was never the intended purpose. AS WITH ALL COMMUNICATIONS, IT WAS PRINCIPLY DESIGNED TO HELP HUMANITY IN EMERGENCIES. As with the Internet and Telephone. The Internet was designed to all communication in the case of a nuclear war. The first words spoken on a telephone were asking for help.

COMMUNICATIONS technology needs to be HARNESSED so the world can be exposed to the TRUTH, and given the correct information. Control of MEDIA by billionaires (ie. Murdoch, Turner, etc.) must be relinquished (by force, if necessary) and returned to the PEOPLE WHICH ACTUALLY WATCH IT! As with energy, the billionaries work in partnership with the government again by promoting their cause. THIS CORRUPTION MUST BE DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!

My Plan of ACTION.

Now we get to the good part. As with all change in humanity, (unlike your opinions) there must be a focal point. When millions of people decide that they want change, it usually happens that groups develop and mob rule takes over. Revolutions without direction are dangerous and eventually lead to anarchy and abandonment of the correct cause (meaning the old government is restored and the economy suffers).

Instead of a disorganised rabble of voices, we need a DRUMMER to make sure that the people of the world have a direction to follow, a beat to chant to. Have you ever been to a football game where the crowd are all talking at once? It makes no sense. If the people all say the same thing at the same time, this can be a very emotional and uplifting experience for the crowd and the people (also, look at mexican waves). All good things need a group to initilize them, or an individual.

Also, people like to be given a set of instructions that they are to follow. Then they know that if they meet the guidelines they will succeed in the task. With an organizing body implementing this sort of ORDER, amazing things can happen.

WHAT WE NEED, in the beginning, is a GOOD GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP. We need a leadership that will FORCE companies to abide to the PARAMETERS OF NATURE and HUMAN HAPPINESS. We need an INCORRUPTABLE leadership that does not have any need for MONEY, and has TOTAL POWER.

There are people out in this world who could do this, I am sure. I believe I am one of them. The founder of the SOLUTIONS organization would be able to as well. This POWER that we NEED is not for our own personal satisfaction, it is for the GOOD OF HUMANITY.

Okay, I will wrap it up there. I could write more but it may become even more disjointed. PLEASE send me comments about this, I am eager to learn from others about what they have to say.

I have a good quote for you, from YANNI:

"Everything great that has ever happened to humanity, since the beginning, has begun as a SINGLE THOUGHT is someone's mind. If any one of us is capable of such a great thought, then all of us have the sape capaticy, capability. Becuase we are ALL THE SAME."


** Vim Toutenhoofd , Oregon, USA **


Stephen Hawkin thinks we have no free will. I find myself searching for people who think likewise, or are inclined to believe him, and who are interested in designing a global intentional community.

** Penny McManigal , Newport Beach, California **

Imagine Weaving the Dream!

Herein are the "imaginings" of this "Cultural Creative' with relation to a vision of the possible celebrations for "the Dawning of the Ages, 2000!"

Picture this,it is one minute after midnight on the morning of January 1, 2000. As the clock ticks New Zealand will be among the first countries to "reach over the imaginal line" and touch our "future"! Radios and televisions around the world will simultaneously ALL play John Lennon's "Imagine". People around the world will stop to listen. Wherever they are they will know that "the future" will soon be coming to them as well. Be patient, the hands of the clock are moving the future to us all! What kind of a future do we want?

In the meantime, we the inhabitants of this planet will all be watching the same image, via satellite television, as 2000 A.D. comes to New Zealand (or?). As Jean Hudon has already imagined and shared with us from his "mind's eye" we will now see this unfold in "real time" before our very eyes; natives from every land circling around a giant "eternal flame", each holding a small burning torch. The music comes to a crescendo as each native representative comes forward to add his/her flame to the central eternal flame. The haunting music of "Torchbearers" can be heard now. This "shared air time" is perhaps short in viewed time, but it is also the "early dawn" of more to come on this subject throughout the year!

Now it is July 1, 2000 and we are halfway through the new year and also halfway to the real beginning of the year of the New Millennium, Jan. 1, 2001. Picture either Washington D.C. and the famous Mall of green lawn stretching between the Washington Monument and The Lincoln Memorial. In the center is the eternal flame, whose light has been transferred from New Zealand to Washington D.C. (or substitute The Coliseum in Los Angeles). Making a large circle (hundreds of feet wide) around the Eternal Flame are 187 (or whatever the number of recognized countries on this planet) brightly colored "double pillars" symbolizing all males and females from every land in "co equal interdependence". Between these many brightly colored "country pillars" are many more noncolored pillars. The effect is not unlike Stonhenge or the "standing stones" of old.

Around the circumference of the circle are piles of scarf- like pieces of material which have been donated by people from all over the world and assembled here for The great "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" ceremony. These lengths of cloth might have been either elegantly woven, hand painted, or be as simple as a piece of some one's Tshirt. But the offerings will all have been donated by individuals from around the planet!. (This announcement, the invitation and instructions of how to participate would have been disseminated around the world 2 years before this event. Either the member states of the United Nations or the country chapters of the Red Cross would become the "receiving chapters" for the donated cloth from each country). In addition to donating a length of cloth (4-5 feet long?) the "gifter" would be also invited to add a one page story, if any, about the gift (e.g. who gifted it, where it came from, and anything else pertinent to this person's story). Various camera persons and documentaryists would have followed the process from its implementation several year before, creating a visual, written and verbal history of this planetary unification of heart-fullness. The materials from each country would eventually be shipped to a warehouse near the site for the anticipated ceremony.

Throughout this unfolding ceremony of several days in length (suggested time is June 24-July 4, 2000) there would be a schedule of music and dance performances from every country of the world! All visitors to this site would be invited to actually participate in the "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" ceremony. Each visitor would be invited go to any pile among this "world's cloth", separated by countries initially, select an "offering" and then step up to the " Pillared Ceremony Circle" and actually weave this piece of cloth i nto that structure, (thereby actually helping to create the Whole Cloth "seamless fabric" architectual structure, our shared and unified vision of a healing future)!

When the structure has been completely woven the result will be a very deeply touching symbol for all the world to see (all of this of course being recorded live and played to the television viewers around the world!). WE ARE THE WORLD, and this IS our symbol of Unity which we have made with our own hands, and woven together into something of far greater value than each piece of cloth!

When the ceremony has finally been finished all the remaining piles of pieces of cloth will be mixed together (like a casserole) and divided back up into the equal numbers of the recognized countries in the world. These "Whole Cloth" packages will then be returned to each participating country to "seed" future creative art projects, as will be visioned and determined by each country! Therefore the process will have completed its full circle, having begun its journey in each country, been shared with "the whole world" and finally the resulting "world cloth" package returning to each country of origin! The same camera -documentaries and written materials would be continued through this point as well, symbolically recording the desire of the people of this planet to live in peace with one another.

This, in very brief form, is a re/design of the Proposal of "Weave A Dream Of Whole Cloth" which I submitted to the 1996 Olympic Committee in Atlanta, Georgia. The Advisory Board for this idea included Madam Jehan Sedat of Egypt, Ray Bradbury (Futurist and well known Science Fiction writer), Jean Houston (philosopher,psychologist, futurist and evacateur of "The Possible Human", and Sergei Plekhanov, physicist and member of The Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as myself, Penny McManigal, Transformational Peace Artist. The proposal was withdrawn at the suggestion of Ray Bradbury, who suggested that we wait for a time when this interwoven, integrated world art creation co uld be truly appreciated for the depth of the symbolic vision that it offered to the planet. So be it!

Now, is there anyone who is interested to help these visions become a reality??????? Please send any ideas or comments regarding the "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" project to me at Pennymcm@aol.com . If you have not already done so, please visit my website at http://www.bizmom.com/peace for more information on my background in "the art of peace". This idea of "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" belongs to US ALL, as envisioned and "birthed" here by their creator and visionary artist, Penny McManigal, (c1991). However it will most assuredly need many midwives if it is ever to be "born"!

Now if you will, fast forward to Jan.1, 2001 and witness the further "Dawning of the Ages" with Lennon's "Imagine" once again being played at one minute after midnight! And then the television cameras from around the world will begin to play 24 hours of a "visual feast" from many of the wonderful, unforgettable moments that humankind has created in the past 365 days! "Feast on the Possible!" Just "Imagine!", we will never be the same again.

** Flemming Funch , Los Angeles, California **

I see a world where creativity, excitement, community and love form the currency that makes things work.

I see a lot of the ills of the old civilization simply falling to the ground, because they are boring, unworkable and divisive. It doesn't take a big revolution, a bank full of money, or a lot of new laws to change the world. It simply takes each of us choosing what we prefer to be part of, and what we choose not to. We vote by giving our energy, or by not giving it. If enough people make their choices out of respect for life, out of inspiration and passion, out of boldness and adventure, ignoring all the old "shoulds", the world will just suddenly be found to have become quite a different place.

Fraudulent and greedy schemes don't get very far if nobody bothers to be part of them. There will be no wars if nobody shows up for them. Corporations will have no power if nobody cares to buy their products. Central governments will have no power if nobody pays attention to them. Mass media will have no clout if nobody watches them. Banks have no power if nobody bothers to use their currency and nobody wants their loans.

If enough of us start ticking to a different clock, there's nothing that anybody with different plans can do about it. The secret is in the numbers, in the critical mass, in the hundredth monkey effect. If most people are willing to sleepwalk and be pulled around by the nose, sure, somebody can assume the role of guiding them, and can profit tremendously from it. If most people make their own conscious choices, acting in community with their fellow humans, acting in alignment with nature and with their inner sense of what is right, nothing is going to stop that.

The only thing that can stop a new civilization from forming is the individual fear of connecting with what you really are about, and fear of reaching out and embracing the diversity of others around you. The main secret there is to controlling large masses of people is to keep the majority of people isolated, alone, afraid, feeling that it is them, individually, against all the rest and against invincible institutions of power. When enough of us realize that we are a WE, that we're not alone, that we don't have to give up our power, that there is nothing really to be afraid of, that we are inherently free, and that we can form a self-organizing movement of any size, any little power games will just fall quietly by the wayside.

In the emerging new world people will do what they see needs doing. What else should they be doing but what they think is necessary and that they find exciting and that they feel they are able to accomplish? You will find that there are enough of your friends around, with different skills and different inclinations, to supply all of what is needed to carry on happy, fulfilled lives. The magic that makes it work is that each of us live up to our true capabilities, rather than just trudging along and getting by, and it is that we realize that there is a loving community around us, not just an anonymous mass of hostile strangers.

It all starts right here, right now, with what you choose to feed your energy to, who you choose to associate with, what you choose to pay attention to, with what you choose to INTEND in your life. Nobody but you, yourself, can choose for you.

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