Issue 22, 21 October 1997

Here are some more visions that have been submitted. Send in your visions of what a new civilization is going to be, or what it IS.

- Flemming

** Roland N Verrier , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada **

What I see, is our children to seniors of the world, starting and finishing their years in happiness.

The exodus from the asphalt cities, to single, 2,000 person, domed structured, self sustainable, village communities. Generating it's own power and surplus for the surrounding area, with it's glass coated solar cell, hemisphere. Most would be the size of the base of the great pyramid, but rounded not square, 3,000 feet in circumference. Living inside and outside, at the base of it's perimeter wall, the inside center can be designed, to any eden. Seniors would enjoy these homes the most, while sharing the open space, with the same cultural friend. Transportation in the area, would be by small, plug in electric vehicles, to electric transit system and to other same or larger structure and open recreational parks areas. This would give people a large automated environment, from the harsh and uncontrolled outside planetary imbalance. Whether these are situated in the cold climate or hot regions, the extremes are functional, for all human being on our planet today .

But all this is a dream, for the few, if there is no foundation for it's realization to life. We have, condition our selves, that money is the solution and the problem in our lives. Ideas, volunteering, motivation and commitments are the keys, to the result, of this inevitable future, sooner, then later.

The end result, has no money exchange for the basics of life, credit is a form of above average life goals and business. The answer to this realization, is 2By2, a transformation from this old way of conducting our exchanges and affairs, to a base equelazation, through the whole known world.

Starting by forming 2,000 person village communities around local shcools, in ones own exiting city and or country area, all over the world. As a starting projects, with the young and engineers of one's area, calculating on maps, the best groupings, from 1,000 to 3,000 person village. These are for getting back to conscious area living, for taking care of one's surroundings and helping and sharing each others needs. A 10 member commity, with a 2 year revolving term, volunteering for spicific needed project, in ones village.

The 2By2 Base Foundation, is a simple 2$. A computer program would be available to all banks around the world and linked to each other, working in unison and keeping an equalized function. People in their area banks, would put their 2$ or more in their name and village area name, in an already specified, no withdraw floating bank account. The one's who have given more 2$, are floated to neighboring villages, thereby rippling to difference area's of the world. These first 2$ level in your village bank, is put in the longest savings term deposit, interest paying account, waiting for the next level jump, all over the world to 4$. If all people, from your village has given 2$, the total would be 4,000 dollars, interest paying account, for your village. To best utilize these interest, is by separating the 2$ in half. To start the first project Milk, the interest for the 1$ stays in the village area for the purchase of milk only, for the local school, seniors home, food lines etc. The interest for the other 1$ goes to and throw United Nation, again for the purchase of Milk only. When all the people of the world, have their 2$, and functioning villages, by utilizing those moneys for their village area needs and progress, thereby equalizing the world in our basic needs. Seven main projects or in mind.

Thereby you have a shared involvement and commitment by all the People of the World. The people with more to give will give much to feed the pot.

There are more details and function at the 2By2 Web Site: http://www.OneWorldSolution2By2.MB.Ca/verrier/

** Gregory Hansell , Swarthmore, Pennsylvania **

This is just part of my vision, a part which concerns the reformation of relationships, including friendships and romantic endeavors. My vision is the elmination of the labels which ultimately destroy relationships or at least keep them from reaching their utmost potential. In any relationship, it is the implicitly transfered feelings and emotions which create the need, want, and desire to be with someone and share one's self with them. Absent of contricting and conflicting labels, such a relationship can quickly and easily become the ideal described by James Redwood's The Celestine Prophesy, in the chapter entitled "The Interpersonal Ethic." Here Redwood describes a "super-person," or two self-completed people who connect romantically to act not as two halves, but as two combined wholes. The labels that prevent such combinations are those which the status quo metes out to two people as the move through different levels of a pre-defined social relationship structure. More simply put, as two people "get serious" (i.e. Spend most of their time together; get involved romantically or sexually; etc) they obtain the labels of dating, going out, commited, and so on. Each of these labels carries with it pre-set limitations and expectations which in turn cause the conflicts between two people. Such conflicts include fear of "commmitment" and the sudden need to "see other people," simply because they become suddenly aware that given their current situation, they're "not supposed to." Therefore, with the elimination of such labels, people can explore eachother and themselves through other more freely, as they have no limitations or constraints.

** Art Wolfe , USA **

I envision a society having:

Democratic world government -- no nation, nor group of nations, to have super-power -- the U.S.A. needs to remove its military forces from the 100+ nations in which it is currently active.

Earth pilot program -- an organization needs to be formed to detect and monitor asteroids and comets that may be on a collision path with earth, with means to divert such objects (to avoid accidental extermination of earth life forms and of human civilization.)

Economic democracy -- every citizen to have the right to economic as well as political determination.

** Steve Moyer **

My vision of the New Civilization involves the creation of a new kind of intelligence, a symbiotic intelligence between people and computer software.

The Internet is giving us the ability to augment each other's intelligence. Using specially designed software called "collaborative ratings software" we can begin to discern "quality" ideas, values and products. Over time, a collaborative ratings system, used by millions of people all over the world, will let us discern what the best "solutions" are for any given problem. We don't need leaders who are "elected" to serve a term, we need to have quality LEADERSHIP, which is an entirely different matter.

In a collaborative ratings system such as I am suggesting, everyone could rate ANY RESOURCE on the Internet, any product that has a UPC code (bar code), or any individual registered with the system. In such a way, we could identify the ideas, individuals, and products that are "quality" in terms of our purpose.

To a large extent we have the government we deserve. We have a system which profits from the ignorance of the people. That is why the Internet is so signficant a development for humanity; it is the first time we can "pool our intellectual resources" and overcome our collective and individual ignorance. Imagine yourself as an "enlightened consumer" in the global marketplace of ideas. The Internet is making it so.

A collaborative ratings system which lets anyone rate ANY THING will create an enormous amount of data. But computers are good at crunching data into meaningful information. Eventually, we will find the people and the ideas that we should be attending to, and who we should ignore. It may take time, but eventually we will be able to judge by consistent results. Some people will be good evaluators of ideas in a particular area of life. Their judgement can be trusted because it has been shown to be "true and valid" and consistently correct. These are the people who should be leading us, rather than those who have "conned" us into thinking they are good people.

Never mind whether they smoked pot in college or were arrested for bathing in the park fountain at midnight. It's not material to their judgment of how to run the economy. If they have proven their good judgement over a long period of time, then we should listen to them.

Moreover, we will look at "where the consensus is emerging" among the many people who have demonstrated good judgement in the past. It is this "enlightened consensus" which will rule, rather than a few select individuals. Once we know what that consensus is, we can each take personal responsibility to "make it so."

This is what I see in the future for the New Civilization.

For more info, read my document:

NODES: The Intelligent Internet http://gen.com/solutions/nodes/

Peace, love and harmony,

Steve Moyer

** Ajay.A , India **

I am Ajay, a member of NCN. I live in Bangalore, India. I am a graphic designer, artist ,writer & poet.

I am not so pessimistic about the food scene. I beleive we have passed the worst. It is not the scarcity of food that is causing hunger to persist but the lack of opportunity to earn enough to feed oneself, that is causing it now. My beliefs about this are in alignment with those of The Hunger Project (THP)


They have been working towards ending the persistence of hunger for the last 20 years. I know that they have achieved unimaginable results thus far.

This is their vision:

A Future Free from Hunger

The vision of a world free from hunger does not look like our present reality minus the problem of hunger.

Our vision of the future is not based on everyone achieving a Western-style, high-consumption lifestyle, which we know to be environmentally unsustainable even for the 1 billion people who now live it. Nor does it permit one-fifth of the human family to continue to live in abject poverty.

The Hunger Project is committed to transcending this polarity -- to creating a future that rejects the inevitability of hunger and recognizes the limitations of a consumeristic society.

Achieving the sustainable end of hunger means nothing less than creating a new future for all humanity -- a future where:

I end with words of Federico Garcia Lorca: 

The day that hunger is
eradicated from the earth, there
will be the greatest spiritual
explosion the world has ever

Humanity cannot imagine the
joy that will burst into the
world on the day of that great

This letter is complete, but the conversation is not. I am willing to have it continue.


** Evan Brooks , Southern Ontario **

Cities are for bankers and prostitutes Frank said. I see a future of smaller communities with natural architecture. Small power sources. The celestine prophesy is good.

** Carl , Kentucky **

The creator sends the message: LOVE ONE ANOTHER

The messengers have come to many parts of the world, in many ages, in many cultures, in many times. Jesus of Nazareth, Rama, Budda, Mohammed, and others. Those who accept and live the message live through all eternity. The neworld and new age is now, has always been, and will continue forever. All are invited to join the world of love here on earth, and through this... life eternal. The creator and the creation.

** John Antoine Labadie **

Indeed a wide diversity of visions.

I submit mine. As a visual artist in the digital age my work in traditional media continues but painting with light has evolved ...perhaps as it needed to. Some of my current works can be viewed at:


Will share more images, or dialogue, it someone wishes. My work suggests that virtual visions can be our experience ... and can form the works themselves.

** Charles Davis **

... this is sort of a "how to" concept.

The Internet, although it is technology should be used as a tool to enlightened and connect the globe. The next generation will depend upon the Internet as a "source" for the next "world view", so it is important for persons concerned with peace, nature, and the new attitude should put up a Web Page promoting thier new vision. Those less creative could support a World-trans-Web Master webpage construction group, this group would find people (via a vote?) who have good and creative ideas and then offer them free technological help in constructing a Web Page (as many people with good ideas and information lack the computer skills to construct a web page on their own). Each site constructed would be provided with a link-page to all the other sites advocating spiritual and environmental issues. Thus, as they put computers in all the schools the new generations could access MANY WEB PAGES that would promote harmony (etc) and this would expand the on-going interest and activity in transformational ideas. This could be done if sources like Geocities allowed Web Construction companies a "temporary pass word" which would allow enough time to put the site together, once the site is constructed and approved by owner then the source, such as Geocities (just as a example) would void the "temporary work pass" and only the owner with the real pass word could enter to make changes. Also would safeguard the owners pass-word.

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