Issue 25, 20 May 1998

This is a batch of submitted visions of a new civilization from the last few months.
- Flemming

** Glenda Johnson , Lewiston, Idaho **

I have always believed in working to improve one small neighborhood at a time. I have spent 35 years in community service, working with Community Action, and and other grassroots projects. Currently I am are working on turning a small sheep feed lot, and junk yard in the middle of a small residentual area into an improvement disctrict. My husband and I have full title to the property, and recently received zoning approval to build ten housing units on this property. My vision is to build at least five of these units for the specific needs of physically challenged individuals. My husband is a journeyman carpenter, with 40 years of experience in building every thing from custom homes to bridges. A year ago this month he injuried his hand almost cutting off three fingers, while he was working on building bird houses for a church fund raising project. He has recovered nicely with the help of physicial theorpy, many prayers, and our Reiki healing circle. Because, he is sixty years old this month, and has been out of work for over a year, we are unable at this time to finance this building project through convienial means. I would like to find alternative funding. Either by building to meet the specific needs of the buyer, or by forming a non-profit organization where we can receive grants for the project. I would like help with any suggestions or ideas you might have. I am currently looking into HUD programs, and other means of funding housing. I welcome any suggestions or resources.

** Prissy **

the vision of the future as i can see it. People will live in a small village plan. The city will be designed like a wagon wheel. The hub (center, council of understanding) the spokes (streets) the circle or rim (limits to the city) outside the rim, organized farm plots. People will once again learn to love GOD an learn to love one another the way we ought to in humility and concern for one another.all weapons of destruction will at last be destroyed forever.we will establish rapport with both GOD and man. We will all make the right efforts to love one another and concentrate on how to please GOD this time.

** Gene&Svetlana Albinder **

I have a crazy Idea...

Let's call the society - "Pioneers"...
Those people, who aren't afraid...
Who aren't ashamed of occasional tears...
Who don't need artificial aid -

To Understand that Love is The Essense
Of All Creation. And Life's acclaim -
Is the Achievement of Soul's luminescense
- by selecting appropriate Aim...

Fear - is also a part of Creation,
He who creates it - determines its State.
Fear contributes to Annihalation
of Those who're scared to face their Fate.

Those, who chose the way of compliance -
And forgot, what it's like - to Live.
Who turned adultery - into Science,
And Science - in Disbelieve.

But you can count now by the millions,
Those, who still want to make it Great!
Those, who Know, how to share opinions.
Those, who Know, how to Not be Afraid.

And, you know, all Fear notwithstanding,
It is not our Fear, that guides Our Path...
We know how To Love, and to Be Understanding.
We Conquer Reflex, and we're Right In Our Wrath.

We Love you so much, that to Speak -
is To Alter The Very Essense Of Love - that is why...
We Give you Our Souls, consecrated on alter...
Of Heavenly Grace in The Glistening Sky.

Accept and Behold - We Have No Greater Treasure,
To Offer To You - That is Our Sacrifice.
Our Soul is Our Worth... And the ultimate Measure,
Of what We consider - The Ultimate Price.

How about a theater? "The Pioneer Society". Only those who Know
how to Express the Above would get to act...

On Behalf of Hannah-Esther -

** Michael Storms , Brussels, Belgium **

Soon we'll have the Euro for all Europeans.
Soon we must have a language known by all Europeans who want have contact with people of other countries.
The language Esperanto exists for 100 years. These language is spoken all over the world by some people.
We too can learn this language, easy to learn.
Esperanto is a bridge between peoples.
In Brussels, we know very good we need that.
Esperanto is an instrument of peace.
Esperanto is the most performant intercultural instrument.
The world need a instrument of communication which doen't have a bllody history.
Esperanto is neutral. It's acceptable for all goodminded people.

** Ralph Litwin , New Jersey **

see What the World Wants chart at http://www.worldgame.org/~wgi

** Christopher C. Humphrey , Glenpool, Oklahoma **

I have been a utopian dreamer since I read Plato's "Republic" at age 15. Since I was 19, I have been working to find a philosophical basis for utopian dreams. I believe I have succeeded at last (I am now 58). It cannot easily be summarized. It is all in http://members.aol.com/DrHumph/index.html - "The City Beautiful."

** Olusanya SanuNetera'llah Bey **

My vision is simple. When we learn to accept that we are all manifestations of the Universal Divine Being, honor and respect it in ourselves and each other then we can return... to the ONE civilization, that has always been... DIVINE.

In Lak'ech, Namaste, Maakheru Hetep
We are the Light of the World,
Olusanya SanuNetera'llah Bey

** Frazer Kirkman , Australia **

1) My vision is that I see many people who are on a positive life path coming together and forming communities, where life if based on self-development. These communities would be like a new religion which encompasses all religions, and in fact, almost all aspects of life, just at a much higher standard. The people of these communities would use mental technologies that have been developed to enhance their lives, so that they succeeded in every task with flying colours. These communities would network with all other groups that would willing to network with them. Popularity of a focussed life style will spread when the population starts seeing the amazing feats being achieved by people from the communities.

Each community would be like a mini country, making it very easy to create a perfect political system, and governing body run by all members who wish to help run them. Popularity of this lifestyle will spread and eventually (2020) the whole world will be living in this kind of set up. Each community will have its own standards, but all following a decent moral code.

All (or most) of these communities will be part of one huge network, whereby every person in the world is given all they need. People would be free to travel between communities. Everything will be really cheap as it is made by the network. Thus people will want to buy lots more, so their will be more jobs than people in most areas. As physical life becomes so easy people will have time to become more spiritual.

The people will realise that they are in control and they can make life however they want it to be, and as the solid structures of today fall apart they will be free to make reality how they want it to be. Basically it will be heaven on earth for everyone

2) Here is a proposal of what the commune will be like. Subliminal music and video clips playing everywhere Environmental high tech society. (eg. computers surrounded by garden Every person is like a personal trainer for every other person Everyone will be a specialist in personal development technique When an activity is happening, everyone who has knowledge in that subject is a teacher

There are group projects that the whole commune support Time usage will be planned giving maximum fulfilment in lif as people are learning they also produce goods (eg art/software Everyone will work in groups of between 5 and 2 The groups will be dynamic depending on who wants to do what

A typical day

3) I see the mind as a flawless machine, and every belief that it has is what dictates what it will do. Why are we not flawless you may ask - well how many of your beliefs are telling you that you are flawless??? Your beliefs come from all the influences you have ever had in your life, whether they were from the outside world, or the inside world - your mind. You have the power to tell your machine to be however you wish. You have total control of your mind and body.

Some of the things you can change are:

There are many ways of changing your beliefs, these can be grouped together under the term mental technologies. Some of the many types of mental technologies are:

confronting current beliefs and realising that they are only as true as you let them be

Associating with people who are more like you wish to become

Practice - practice - practice

Your life is your creation - make it the heaven you deserve.

** Larry Green , U.S.A. **

The Final Key: Awaken To The Journey Now !...
Enlightenment and Bliss !
'Breaking The Wheel of Karma' !
?Does one need a guide or master to help them when they begin to explore the different 'worlds' that become available? In a sense, we are all 'sleeping' Light Masters in that we have ALL, already experienced The Great Light. So really everyone, you need only 'remember' where you mis-placed this powerful Key for the Doorway To Enlightenment.

The Great Light, revealed for the Very 1st Time in the New Book: 'Follow Me To The Light,' is So Very Precious As To Contain The Only Unwavering Power To: Purify Your Heart, Release Your Mind, Give Wings To Your Spirit, and Break Your Wheel of Karma.

May The Light Be With You Always.
Larry Green, M.A., Master of The Light
(c) Copyrighted Material 1997
Reprint with permission only, thanks.
Blessings and Be Well !

** Linda Willows Hartley , Colorado **

The Wyndom Foundation presents...

The Law of Oneness and The New Millennium

an offering to you for contemplation and sharing...
by Linda Willows Hartley (copyright 1997)

Our Time

"We are...a Soul, dancing in a glimpse of time...forever seeking the manifestation of God through form; heaven and earth united in a rhythm of sacred ecstasy."

We find ourselves in a portal in time which ushers in a shift of great magnitude. We face the excitement and the impact of the passage from one age to another. On March 7, 1998, the time of Transformation, which has also been known as the "new age" or the "age of invocation" gives way to a time of transition which leads us towards the New Heaven and the New Earth. This transitional time, which ends in March of the year 2003, is known as the age of our passage into the New World. It is called my some as the age of the Law of One or the age of the Herald.

The Law of One

During this time we begin to be overshadowed by the Law of One or what is called the Law of Oneness. In many different cultures, religions and spiritual paths, this law is being brought to a new level of comprehension and personal experience. We are, both as individuals, and as a world group, under the influence of the dynamic incoming energies which will impact us in a multiplicity of ways. A profound and powerful presence carries this universal Law of Oneness as a great peacemaker carries the torch of fire to light the way.

The interface between this Presence, the Law, and the Will which compels forward evolution creates the foundation for a new world, a new society, and a new time for humankind.

It is from this foundation that we shall be given the opportunity to participate in the formation of a new heaven and a new earth. In this advance towards personal activation, we are each challenged to pass through "the eye of the needle"...letting go of that which passes not and bringing forward that which leads our souls and quickens our hearts.

The Law of Oneness becomes our new governing law of order, surpassing all others and dominating the sound of an era's passing as the single note of a perfectly tuned violin commands all sound to compliment its sacred beauty.

The "Revolution of the Heart"

We long for the return to oneness which we hold as an inner memory. We see it in our reflection. Our lives begin to participate in the great turning towards the face of the Beloved. This awakening ignites a revolution within which casts our fears and false beliefs into the sea of truth. We journey into a passing storm with courage and clarity of vision. Our direction is set. We master the wheel and steer into our destiny as the caretakers of the Law and pioneer into the time of the new heaven and the new earth.

As we move forward, we must release "that which is not our own" and "all that arises from untruth". The Law of One compels a revolution of the heart as we seek to resolve the belief and experience in apparent separation.

To allow a "revolution of the heart", we must open to the place of inner turning. Inner turning speaks both of the motion of turning into the center of our conscious being as well as the act of surrendering into the inner rhythm of sacred will. we become participants in the dance between heaven and earth as we awaken to the great turning of the body, mind and soul towards the remembrance of purpose and identity.

Deep within our heart of all hearts, we reveal a softness which cannot judge, nor exclude, nor tighten with fear. In this place of softness, we can create deep centered turning...facing each of the four directions through our experiences as well as our knowing. We revolve. We resolve. We ignite the Will. We create re-vo-lu-tion. And in so turning, we follow the spiral of our evolution both inward and outward.

"Turning inward, I greet the One that I seek...a part of me that echoes Thee. Dancing softly outward, I seek the Beloved in embrace with all Life. It is I...it is me...stepping in time with the Soul's Decree."

The Herald of the New World

The Law of One can be described as a tool, or staff of the great One which presides over our evolutionary path. This Herald of Wisdom Heart carries the universal energy which is the caretaker of the law of compassion and inclusively. in all of the world's spiritual pathways, the energy of the Law of One compels actions which bear creative cooperation and an evolution of the heart. The Law of Oneness speaks of our common origins and engages the need for us to remember our source. We awaken to the true meaning of our lives and of our daily pursuits. Our remembrance becomes a deep longing to become our true identity as we manifest this consciousness through and within the human experience.

We are each invited to become a herald of our times. We are challenged to become the stewards of an era which shall raise the Earth consciousness into that of Heaven and call the Heavens into the being and energies of the Earth. The hearts and minds of humankind are quickened, stirred into an awakening...making One our experience, our mission, and our results.

The Song of the Forgotten Self

The Herald of the New Millennium...is a consciousness of inclusively, compassion and the healing of boundaries. This consciousness holds in deep embrace, the sacred traditions of all pathways and religions which journey homeward, Godward, and into the Heart of all hearts. The new time upholds the laws of diversity, sovereignty, and individual responsibility. We are called to a level of accountability which compels a deeper review of personal and collective values and ethics.

We are gently touched, each in our varying degrees of slumber, wakeful observance, and passionate participation. We stir in remembrance of a forgotten self. The gentle touch of the Herald causes a quickening, calling to all with the hush of a forgotten song of self.

We lift our gaze to view our higher, common ground. We turn inward to enter the chamber of the deep Heart. We rise, challenged to step beyond the ashes of our own illusion and disillusion. Standing thus, we are drawn into the portal, our passageway to the new heaven and the new earth. We step though the gateway of the Heart, we run...we leap...we fall softly inward. With all of the abandon of a child returning home after school, we dance into the New Millennium.

Further Teachings and Insights from Linda Willows Hartley are available on the Internet at:
"Hart and Soul" http://members.aol.com/Hartway/homepage.html
and at "The Wyndom Foundation" http://members.aol.com/Hartway/WyndomFoundation.html

** Gene Albinder , San Francisco, California **

Dear Friends,

I would like to contribute to the "visions" page. To begin with - I think that we have transcended a point at which the only thing we can do is dream of the new world as something resting in the future. The new world can and should be built now. All the problems with which this world is replete can and eventually will be alleviated if a critical mass of citizens chooses to act as oppose to just dream. >From any perspective - and I mean ANY perspective we have the ability, the technology and the talent to make it happen. Action on our part needs to be relentless - we have to start speaking, writing, building, healing, communicating through all available to us channels. Exposure needs to be generated by continuous effort and political action. By political action I mean a grass-roots movement propagating the gospel of the New Civilization.

We don't have to be abstract in our quest. Everyone wants to live in a better world, but not every one knows that the better world is literally here - all we have to do is to build public awareness of it. Here are some of the examples that, if given due prominence are bound to stri people into action;

1) Energy Paradigm. We need power to live and the way we get power is fallacions in its principal. Conventional method of power acquisition and distribution are based on either destruction of the environment (nuclear plants, dams) or on burning the fossil fuels - oil, coal. Efficiency of those methods have never exceeded 40% - the most efficient end of spectrum for river power plants to 1% for nuclear stations. Centralized system and tremendous amount of investment in the current power infrastructure are conducive to proliferation of power monopolies, covering every corporate and political corner in the present economic and social system. Moreover, the wars are being waged for the sources of fossil fuels, which, in turn supports the military complex and the government structures that have vested interests in it. On top of that - there is a little-known theory that speculates that delivery methods (wire over long distances) are contributing to a much more serious problem we all experiencing, namely - they interfere with the magnetic field of the Earth and disrupt the planet's weather patterns - hence - things like El Nino, for example. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. We don't have to search for new methods of power production and distribution. It has been shown that the "overunity" principle works. Essentially - this is a scientific way of saying that our understanding of the laws of thermodynamics have never extended beyond our own nose. Power, according to that principle, exists everywhere - we just have to figure out a way to tap into the unlimited source of it - the universe. Overunity works by exciting electrons in the wire via exposure to constant magnets and the energy that drives those electrons to their normal orbits far exceeds the energy that needs to be applied to keep the wire excited. Techincally speaking - the universe itself kicks in and tries to restore the "natural order in things" giving us all the energy that we need - cheap, fast, clean. An engine built on this principal has a conversion ratio exceeding 100% (in some documented instances - 800%). Which makes it a perfect independent generator, kapable of powering up itself, the load and have some power left over for kicks. There have been patents issued in Japan - Takahashi engine, Kawai engine. In Takahashi case - the engine is now being used to power a motor-scooter that has a range of 500 miles on one battery, speed of about 50mph, producing NO emmision. They have sold nearly 100,000 of these things. They are also working on scaling up the motor to power conventional automobiles. Guess what is going to happen to the American car industry when they hit this market. If they do, that is...

American inverntor Joseh Newman has been fighting for a patent on his invention - the overunity machine that he has built, tested, documented and reproduced in substantial numbers - for over twenty years. Twenty years ago an engine was built with the conversion ration of over 400%. Why aren't we using it? Ask United States Patents and Trademarks Office. These are the same people that denied a patent on first germanium-based solid-state device (semiconductor) on the basis that it would not work without a heated cathode. Oh, yeah - that happened guess when... 1927. Theu also denied the patent to Wright Brothers, but we all know that heavier-than-air contraptions can not fly - can they?

There have been a number of developments in the field of energy - most prominent one is a Zero-Point-Field (ZPF), that is basically the same overunity on the universal scale. I suggest that those of you who are not familiar with those developments look up these topics on the internet.

If we could shift the energy paradigm so that the public seriously accepts the fact that energy doesn't have to be centralized, doesn't have to be polluting,doesn't have to be expencive - the repercussions are going to be tremendous. Think about the fact that 90% of cost of any item you see on the shelvs is essentially the cost of energy it took to produce it. If you remove that cost - we would have a surplus of capital in the hands of general population, which would immediately improve the situation of low-income families, single mothers and under-privileged members of this society. This would ease the issues of social unrest and would make a dialog within the society much more productive.

The problem is that current power structures understand that as well and will not release their control very easily. The way to control any nation is to control its energy resources. If the energy is cheap and abundant - the power structures aren't really needed anymore and the machine of suppression and desinformation looses its job.

It also eliminates the need to fight for oil, since then oil will no longer be an energy resource, which would greatly diminish the power of military complex, CIA, NSA and all other agiencies that have built their apparatus for the sole purpose of establishing themselves as a necessary intermediary in international dealings in the oil market, from which they derive their profits, their research funds, operating budgets, strategies, targets.

2) Cancer treatment.

Thirty years ago one out of every thirty Americans was likely to develop cancer in their lifetimes - now this figure stands at one out of every three. That makes at least one person in your immediate family a cancer patient within his or her lifetime. In my instance it has already happened. And it happened to my four-year-old daughter. After dealing with the cancer establishment first hand, I can assure you that if I had cancer, and not her - I would rather die then have to go through what they call a treatment. Again - we don't have to dream about a distant future when they finally decide to get their heads out of their asses and start realizing that if 85% of cancer patients die, if the treatment that they administering makes their patients sicker than the disease itself, if more and more people opt for alternative methods of treatment just to avoid the butchers that think nothing of poisoning a person for the supposed sake of cure (which, to me is such a ponounced violation of Hippocratic Oath, that it is a wonder that nobody sued them yet for it), then maybe they should look into those altenative treatment with a full force of scientific ammunition this civilization is so proud of and actually use it to heal people and make them happy in the process as opposed to poisoning them, while nonchalantly giving them the statistical percentages of the possibility of their survival.

Internet is replete with information concerning the alternative medicine. There is a draft in congress having to do with citizen's right to access to any treatment of choice, but it is beeing ignored and post-poned by all sorts of dirty tricks on the part of cancer establishment - the pharmacueticals that make Billions of dollars on our lives. Do you know the cost of a bone-marrow transplant? How about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars? Do you know the possible side-effects? They are plenty, but the most appealing one is the actual death of a patient. How is that for a treatment? And the main-stream doctors seem to have no qualms about recommending it - even to children. Then they go home with a clear conscience of a job well-done. We don't have to settle for the semblance of life which they are forcing us into. We can change that and we had better change that because every one out of every three of us is likely to deal with this thing sometime in the future. And you would have to make a decision whether you are going to subject yourself to what essentially is an ongoing experiment on the part of the cancer establishment or go to a doctor that is going to heal you by diet, natural remedies, vitamins and generally make you feel better then you did before? It is being done now all over the world and in some places in the United States. Livingston Foundation comes to mind... What would you do if you had to make those decisions for your child? And what would you do if you knew that even if there is an honest doctor who wants to learn and use the alternative methods, he is risking his reputation, license and very freedom by following the call of his consciousness? Where would you go then? Well - we need to work hard to make this situation known to as wide an audience as possible.

These are my issues and I would like to find people who can start with me a group called "The Pamphleteer". We would write a letter-sized messages - pationate, substantiated and distribute them in places where they are likely to produce action - universities, schools, hospitals.

We can't just sit there and wait for an alien civilization to come and solve our problems for us - the test of our maturity is our ability to alter our own reality to the extent that it makes it livable for every single speck of life on this planet. I think that this is a worthy pursuit.

Gene Albinder.

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