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category picture1 Dec 2008 @ 17:59
Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I logged on. I'm limited in my Novel edits by nerve damage in my right arm, but I'm almost trough book three and into book four.

As soon as book one is published, I'll visit with information for those who might be interested. Otherwise, I hope if you read this you find your day filled with blessings.

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category picture1 Apr 2008 @ 15:00
Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I'm focusing much time on the edits for Books Two and Three. Hopefully there will be a movie deal, depending on book sales. Book one is tentatively called, "Beasts in the Shadows". Book two hasn't been seen by the publisher yet, but it's working title is "Road to Methulas".

I'm jumping the gun, as Book One's release is somewhat delayed due to circumstances out of my control. Eventually there will be an author's website, and I'll share some illustrations and information.

Writing novels is what I call a "Hurry up and wait" profession.

The story is an Epic Fantasy- very Lord of the Rings-ish, but it's a different world with different characters and creatures. It's taken "Too Long" to write and edit. So I was relieved to find an interested Publisher.

For the uninitiated, there is quite a process to get from having your novel accepted, to seeing it in print. Right now, I'm hoping it will be released before the end of the year.


 Hi everyone. Updates2 comments
category picture1 Dec 2007 @ 18:22
Yee and Ha! I'm going to be published, hopefully by this summer. I'll begin to post more on this later.

Here's my editor at work- smiles

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category picture1 May 2007 @ 16:21
Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been in touch in awhile. I forgot my password. And then I got so busy life.

I'll pass on telling you the negative and report some of the really positive things that have happened in my life in order of importance.

I've written an Epic Fantasy, and have been fortunate to have a Movie Producer ask to see it to see if it could be turned into a movie.

I now have the title of "Features Editor" for a newstand magazine.

I've had the chance to interview great artists for magazines/journals. One you might find particularly interesting is the prodigy Akiane. Check out www.artakiane.com. And check out my article here: [link] Go to page 21-25

I hope you enjoy.

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 The beauty of Middle Earth4 comments
category picture31 Oct 2006 @ 13:19
Hi, I'm going to try to share some pictures. I hope they come through. As a perspective, I look to capture the beauty of Middle Earth, unspoiled nature or ancient things that make a person feel they could be walking on this world thousands of years before.

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True love is more than a feeling, it's an act of the will. Feelings can be fleeting, and should be the tail in our decision making process, and never the head. In other words, if I don't feel like loving today, I should not avoid doing what love requires on that basis. If someone needs me, I must look at our relationship, and make an informed choice to sometimes show love when I least feel like it.

We understand that parents must be there for children, even when they anger us, or disappoint us. This same principle is true for all relationships.

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    If I waited to do the right thing until I was "moved" to do the right thing, most times, the right thing wouldn't get done. For this reason, we need a hierarchy of values and principles. For me, love is the highest value. If I pass someone in need, I may not feel particularly loving on that day. In fact, helping them may be an inconvenience, or worse. It may cost me. It's not what we do that we 'feel like doing', that often defines us, but what we do when we don't feel much like doing it. I can hug someone who makes me feel squishy with delight. It's hugging those I don't feel like hugging, because in my will, I do care, that defines me. If I care, but my feelings are disconnected, this doesn't make me insincere. It makes me realize that sometimes my feelings lag behind what I know to be right. Often, I have reached out to people that I didn't really feel warm feelings for. In fact, some were difficult and cold. However, I often was rewarded by seeing the light of life sparked in their eyes. Sometimes we are like a match that kindles a warm flame in a cold fireplace. They have the fuel, but need someone to light it. I have never regreted the risks of love, but have often regreted not taking the risk. Love the unlovely. Love the seemingly unloveable. I don't mean you should risk putting yourself before hostility. In that case, you might want to get a second or third opinion. But in most cases, we pass cold and distant people, and they seem as walking dead. Sometimes its simply because of fear and inner loneliness, and they are beaten down and afraid to open up. The risks of love pale in comparrison to the rewards.