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 Healing Facilitation Workshops0 comments
category picture9 Mar 2008 @ 20:06
If you have an interest in transformative healing facilitation work, please visit my website for inforation on upcoming Accelerated Alignment workshops.

There are some criteria for attending, so please visit the Accelerated Alignment Information Page for more info. Note that this is not a Reiki class or workshop, though I do also periodically conduct Reiki workshops as well as offering individual transformation retreats for women, non-smoking only.

 Oprah looking for mom's day stories0 comments
category picture6 Mar 2008 @ 20:04
Want to celebrate and honor your mom this mother's day?

Well, could there be a better way than appearing with her on the Oprah Show?

Oprah is looking for your Mom Stories. Tell why your mom is great, share your mom's favorite recipes, tell what powerful spiritual lessons your mom taught you or just share how you spend time with mom.

Here's the link Mom on
mom on oprah submission

Speaking of Mom's, here's my mom's art and poetry blog. I'm so proud of her:
Poems and Art by Mary

 Looking for personal recommendations by state and country0 comments
category picture1 Jan 2008 @ 22:17
Establishing referral network for therapists

I'm looking for personal recommendations for all types of healing facilitators and therapist, by state and by country.

If you know a particularly superior therapist, and are willing to share why you feel this therapist is so good at what they do, I'm looking for your recommendation for my blog at [link]

I want to be able to list therapists that people believe in, because of the personal results they themselves have experienced.

If you are a therapist, you may not recommend yourself. The recommendation can only come from one of your clients who is willing to share their story and their experience of your support in their lives.

I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone who might like to commend someone who has been instrumental in their healing process. Help spread the word about healers that are good at their job!

Here is a really good example of what I'm looking for:
client feedback on colonics therapist

Thanks, Neva
Post your stories at [link]
All comments are monitored before being added so as soon as I read the story and get back to you to confirm what you have submitted, I'll add your therapist to the list.

 Announcing the Well Blog0 comments
category picture28 Oct 2007 @ 14:09
I've recently installed a wellness blog on my site and hope you will visit if you have questions about your health or spiritual path. Also great place to post your own spiritual awareness sharings and your own health tips. You can subscribe to receive notice whenever new content is posted in your area of interest too. visit the healthy choices wellblog today!

 Spiritual Acceleration Article2 comments
category picture16 Sep 2007 @ 14:46
Just updated a spiritual acceleration article on my site. It will be of interest to those who may have made dramatic vibrational shifts in their own lives and then discovered that the people closest to them aren't too happy about it.

The article addresses why those we love most and those closest to us often resist our spiritual growth.

spiritual acceleration challenges  More >

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What an empowering moment when one realizes that there truly are no mistakes; that every experience one has brought into their reality has been blessed and perfect. Gone is the guilt, shame, bitterness, and regret; Gone is the fear of the future.

We are always doing the absolute best we can do, as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Does this mean we just wander through life with no sense of integrity, impeccability or karma. No. It means that we embrace our humanity as part of our Godness, and know that we can do nothing else but Be at our highest level.

We live life as well as we can in the flow even as we know our human awareness may struggle with that letting go.

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    What is gifted? To me, it is learning to allow the universe to flow through your life instead of trying to make something of yourself. The gifts come out of self-acceptance and surrender.

    I love what award-winning actress Frances McDormand had to say about self-acceptance and surrender. She said, and I'm paraphrasing, that Hollywood power-mongers kept telling her what she wasn't. She wasn't this and she wasn't that. Then, suddenly, Hollywood needed The Wasn't. She believed in herself, accepted herself and stayed with her gifts, and it paid off. Authenticity eventually always does.