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 News from the Grove: Debunking a non-urban legend today4 comments
picture2 May 2016 @ 20:05
It is quiet in the Sandorian Grove, at least here on this Blog. But when one becomes even more quiet than just quiet, one can here hear the Mariri whisper within the divine vine Banisteriopsis caapi which some simply call Ayahuasca. This magick plant murmurs loudly as she stretches herself out to the light far beyond the imagination of even Pilates himself.
One is suddenly reminded of a legend from the jungles of the Amazon, far from urban dwellings, truly a non-urban legend that is, namely that the lianas of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine are secretly but openly the TALLEST plants of the jungle as they grow from the roots of trees until on top of their tops, thus surpassing even the tallest tree.

But wait, did you hear this subtle crackle? What is this? Holy Jolly! As you follow the sound of leaves and flowers growing, what do you find? A spectacle, not only for the ears but for the eyes: there is a purple bougainvillea spectabilis, so purple that it could have grown right out of the Purple Notebook On How to Escape From this Universe (short: Pnohteftu)!
And, lo and behold, it seems to top out even the divine Ayahuasca vine. Wow, yes, yes, by a small margin, OK, but yes, it is HIGHER in the sky.
So now we have LIVING PROOF of the utter falsehood of the not-so-urban legend of the Mariri topping all other beasts of the jungle!

Make no mistake, though, thorns will prick you and lianas can strangle so strong that even an anaconda could get envious. Stay far therefore and listen them growing carefully. Or join with me and drink their wine!  More >

 Multiviewpoint Answers to Structural Problems19 comments
picture14 Oct 2015 @ 15:43
Multiviewpoint Answers to Structural Problems
Reflections on my recent ULab Case Clinic experience as a 'case giver'
by Max Sandor, 14.Oct.2015

Firstly, I have to admit that I went into the experience as a 'case giver' in a Case Clinic setting with somewhat mixed feelings. After working with various forms of multi-viewpoint and mirroring processes, individually and with groups, for more than 15 years, I did not expect any new insights or results from the Case Clinic approach. To my surprise, I found a solution to the problem I presented as a 'case giver' within 30 hours after the coaching process.

The inputs for this new insight were traceable to the various inputs I received from the Case Clinic coaches; but not as a whole and at the time of the session but as parts of a puzzle of isolated pieces of informations from different persons. Reflecting on the 'how did it work?', I remembered a simple but intriguing model: "Imagine a person who is used to think only in two dimensions (2D) and is now looking at a three-dimensional object (3D) without quite understanding it yet. The person asks some other people to mirror back their impressions after talking about the vision of this strange image in its mind. The first person says: "it's a regular triangle", the second "it's a circle', and the third "it's an irregular triangle'. Under usual circumstances we would see an argument unfolding. "Who is right?" Any search for a usual, linear solution would lead only to more discordance. However, the 'case giver', if he accepts the answers of the different coaches as valid, and without further interpretations, may arrive at the insight "Aah. It's a three-dimensional object that I see in my mind, let's call it a cone'.

In the hindsight, the conclusion is obvious. The answer was always present but it was not seen or acknowledged as such before. The key lies in allowing the person to synthesize an answer from the pieces of a puzzle without any prior interpretation by anyone, let alone suggesting a solution to a problem that until now was only partially seen. The urge to find an immediate solution is often so strong that the holistic process of the natural synthesis of an answer to a structural problem is capped, or, in other words, that the premature 'solution finding' is killing the natural, sound process of solution finding. Like in the Brazilian saying: "When you arrive with the corn flour, I'm already returning with the cake!", we want a solution before even putting its ingredients together and let it bake until it is ready.

The Case Clinic for me was a great experience and put various things into a much clearer perspective. Thank you!

Max @  More >

 Sierpinksi in the jungle29 comments
picture8 Oct 2015 @ 14:44
OK, I used the template I posted in the last post to help myself getting finally going with the fix of the deck railings.

As I got out hammer and saw, I had a better idea..

With a lot of Korzybski I got Anthony off Minecraft to do a Sierpinski - one line without crossing to construct a fractal triangle, that is. Or what should have been it. It seems we need some more prototyping ;)

Anyway, now we have a dynamic railing puzzle on the jungle deck. Drop by, be my guest, and solve some eternal problems (such as the quadrature of the circle and the like)!  More >

 Self-assessment: Archetypal Stakeholder Analysis60 comments
picture8 Oct 2015 @ 13:46
In the previous post I outlined the archetypal problem of any kind of transformation. It is valid for any kind of project whether starting a company or remodeling the deck.
It even serves to help you to find out why you feel down today (if you ever do).

Or just to explore yourself in respect at any given issue you can think of.

Here is a little template you can use for self-assessment:

 Dreamer Vs Doer - the archetypal conflict within transformation11 comments
picture7 Oct 2015 @ 21:53
Dreamer Vs Doer - the archetypal conflict within transformation
by Max Sandor 5.10.15
(Reflections inspired by the first sessions of ULab's Case Clinic of Coaching Circle 1262.)

Transformation in nature evolves without anyone thinking about it. Nobody seems to have a doubt about it, nobody seems afflicted by fears of failures, worried by uncertainties of the outcome, or by concerns about what someone else may think about it. Nobody is complaining, nobody criticizes anything, the absence of judgment is obvious. The transformation simply happens, subtle, from a first beginning, sometimes accelerating, even erupting, developing into new shapes and qualities, until the process settles and a new form, a new Gestalt, has been born and remains true to its archetype in the chain of its metamorphosis, only to initiate yet another transformation.

Not so for human endeavors. We, me included, are commonly wondering before we even begin to engage in a transformation, whether in us, in others, in organizations, or in whole societies. Sometimes the biggest hurdle seems to be just that: not being able to start the process of transformation even when the path lies clear before us. We try hard to know the unknowable, predicting the final results of the metamorphosis of complex systems like our life, our, surroundings, our culture. It seems wrong to initiate a transformation before its results are completely 'known'. But can there ever be truly a final result? Are we not just entering another stage of a larger process of which we cannot know its future shape?  More >

 A Sunday night (solstice) shuffle12 comments
picture22 Jun 2015 @ 02:11
by Max Sandor

(Die, die, baby, don't die, die die, die, honey, don't die...)

Come, walk with me into the night
let's go, don't wait, it's gonna be alright
then dance with me into the light
you've been blind, I know, you shine so bright

Don't worry
just hurry
it's scary
don't be weary
there ain't no luck
so what the (heck)

Die, die, baby, don't die, die die, die, honey, don't die...

You are still so small but you shall grow
you are afraid to fall but you shall know
the stars above, the earth below
it's just for fun, it's just a show

Don't worry
just hurry
it's scary
don't be weary
don't be a schmuck
I give a (hoot)

Die, die, baby, don't die, die die, die, honey, don't die...

You could be soaring instead of snorin'
if you don't look for y'rself you'll go on mournin'
whatever you've got you have been wantin'
you don't change that, you'll keep on fallin'

Don't worry
just hurry
it's scary
don't be weary
who's afraid to die
is dead already, alright!

Die, die, baby, don't die, die die, die, honey, don't die...
Instruments: vocals, tantan, berimbau, cello, violin, agogo  More >

 Quantum Fá 1016 comments
picture6 Jun 2015 @ 16:10

Quantum Fá 101

Version 0.9

as compiled by Max Sandor with contributions by Chris Melchior and Ed Dawson


A1: A singularity cannot witness itself

A2: Everything consists of polarities

A3: Everything is a composite

Basic Laws and Inferences

ad A1:

L1-1: a single singularity (Monad) cannot exist

L1-2: if two singularities should witness each other, they merge together and one appears to vanish

L1-3: perception depends on a detection of a differential

ad A2: basic patterns of the behavior of polarities include:

L2-1: opposites attract - likes repel

L2-2: likes, aligned and polarized, stick together

L2-3: no two identical things can occupy the same location

L2-4: staying on one side of a polarity too strong or for too long, it will flip to the other side

L2-5: polarities in an activated state orbit around each other and create a super-force

L2-6: poles coming close enter a 'ground effect'

L2-7: polarities polarize in four ways: ++. +-, -+, --

ad A3: composites and their general structures:

L3-1: a composite structure mandates 'fractality' (self-similarity)

L3-2: inversely, a fractal structure results in a composite

L3-3: the factorial structure within the sequence of natural numbers (number tree) mirrors the qualities of the polarities using base2 and its conditions using base3

L3-4: the minimal representation of ANY pole of a terminal is a binary graph with four leaves, in numbers, the hexadecimal base, base16

L3-5: the minimal representation of ANY polarity is a juxtaposition of two poles, in numbers, a 16x16 matrix with 256 distinct nodes

L3-6: the first 16 numbers define all other numbers

L3-7: the flows of a basic action cycle ('conditions') are pointed to by the numbers 1 through 9

L3-8: prime numbers above 13 point to structural nodes that are void of archetypes and archetypal conditions or energies

L3-9: sequences of natural numbers in between prime numbers point to archetypal 'scripts'

L3-10: non-prime numbers below 256 point to archetypes

 More >

 Modeling a number: the beauty, power, and danger of 9032 comments
picture5 Apr 2014 @ 20:55
Today in the Grove we modeled a rather innocent looking number: 90 (ninety).

Lo and behold, a factor analysis reveals a planetarium containing no less than 7 of the 16 Olodus of Quantum Fá plus some of the hottest Odu of Ifá in general.

As we all remember from school, haha, 90 is a unitary perfect number as well as a semiperfect and a pronic number. Alas, it is also a nontotient and the atomic number of thorium.

As an atomic weight it identifies an isotope of strontium. However, I would really advise to NOT call a Stronzo number, you could get yourself into deep trouble. In any case, it commences one of the largest known non-primes intervals (8, from 89 to 97) and is the countdown to either CHAOS or a new CAUSE.

Over the next days we will study the progression of the planetariums of non-prime numbers. Don't worry, I won't bother you with details until we discover its circularity and why the total sum of ALL numbers is -1/12, yes MINUS one-twelfth.

Have a nice weekend :)

Max on facebook [link] and on the web [link]  More >

 Review of Game #617 and... let's up the gaming level!14 comments
picture16 Mar 2014 @ 00:33
As quite a few of you already know, this game was called off on 2/14/2014 - winner: NONE. If we'll see yet another repitition, we'll see. Or not, that's the paradox of the RESET. The regular memory banks (dubbed Akashic Records) are RESET at the same time. Who then will be able to tell we had a RESET?

There are some good news:
- with the first players leaving, the most suppressive player left the game too. Who knows the story, knows his name. His remaining clones will not last for very long.
- The Interim-Boss of the Game is Oshumaré who, in secret traditions, is reportedly also the one throwing the switch of the hologram generator.
- in the meantime, rules are 'loose', which means we can play for a while a bit more relaxed and we may even get to enjoy some features of this Universe which have been forgotten a long time: multi-track (***) and multi-body, an extra set of fascinating colors, some new sound effects, better 3D perceptions, and so forth.
- as a sidenote, the trailer used to sell entrance to this show is still being shown. Check it out to get some nice ideas even if you may not understand all of it as our preceptions got pretty limited in this game!
- if that's too complicated, or better: in any case, zoom into the time span at the beginning of this Universe/Game before the Obatala-challenge!

Getting back to use the pre-challenge game features, could rightfully be called a 'higher gaming level'.

Happy gaming, everyone!

PS: check out [link] as a reference.

*** 'multi-track': experience multiple event tracks based on different choices at a decision-point until the next decision-point (node) in the hologram event scripting.  More >

 2014: What's in a number?17 comments
picture30 Jan 2014 @ 13:15
(not for the superstitious!?!)

Whenever people congregate, a geometric constellation is being created. Some of these are more stable than others. Some tend to split up in smaller groups.

Another example are geometric objects. 2 points make a line, everybody knows that, and, of course, you're all too familiar with an Enneadecagon which is sometimes called Enneakaidecagon, meaning it has 19 sides.

For the factors that make up the magic of the number 2014, which, for the coming eleven months, is being steadily invoked by billions of people everyday, yes, every minute, we still need a fancy name for 53, hmmm, how about Tripentacontagon, that was easy...

Still easier is to point the fingers using Fleming's Left Hand Rule. But can you chant that number (53) times without breathing?

Added bonus info, free of charge: people invoke just 14 as well, as in Jan-29-14. That means that Oturupon (14) is the ruling energy together with 2 and 20, Oyeku and Oyeku-fua. Expect that the power structures in the world (and in your family) are finally becoming so obvious that they can't be longer ignored with lots of crashes and confusion in the process.

And, along the same line, everybody born in 1953 will be entering their 61st year. 61, as we all know, is a prime number (actually a twin prime), and its an 'all-or-nothing' energy. But did you know that, since 8! + 1 is divisible by 61 but 61 is not one more than a multiple of 8, and therefore that 61 is a Pillai prime? And that it's in the list of Fortunate numbers? See [link] if you don't believe me. Your chemical element, in case you didn't know yet, is Promethium. As you might expect by now, it's symbol is PM.

Best of luck! You will need it.  More >

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