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 Never mind Indigos&Crystals - here come the 'New Amazons'8 comments
picture22 May 2013 @ 15:51
For moms and dads of this world, their kids are the cutest of all times. No matter how ugly or fat they are, no matter how distorted their behaviour may be, their own brats are just simply gorgeous, cute, incredible, and, more than anything else really really LOVELY.

This lies in the nature of (wo)man, one may think, but this attitude is becoming really challenged these days as we see a new wave of Beings arrive on this planet. A breed which doesn't have a fancy name yet and for which it will be quite difficult to find one.

After all, what name would you call your little blue-eyed, blond baby girl if she would agressively and violently attack anyone male, no matter what age or body size? So far, I've seen only parents with helpless smiles and round eyes which can't believe what they just witnessed.

Elegantly and discretely spoken, let's call them the 'New Amazons' for now. Let someone else find a cute metaphor for an unexplicable form of social interaction, or, more precisely, anti-social action. What's worse, on first glance, they seem justified raising their finger or pointing it straight at their target. They point to the insanity in our society which we came to accept even though we should never accept it, not even in the name of tolerance. They poke their baby finger into the shocking facts which we do not admit but which we should in order to be able to change them.

This new wave of humans, it seems, is even more prematurely 'adult' than the Indigo and Crystal waves, with grown-up attitudes, looks, and appearances already at an infant age. And, as I said, prone to viciously attack any male person around. This spells serious trouble for the future, we may think, unless these attitudes mellow out with a more advanced age.

It makes me think how well the concerted efforts of global social suppression and the robotizing of humankind will hold up in the years to come. Even with a population reduced by over 90% to only 500 Millions (the official target of the global forces, UN etc), a future enslaved society would still depend on some form of 'cooperation' and on a minimal level of 'obedience'. But these are exactly the attributes that the 'New Amazons' are lacking completely.

Well, chaos, slave society, or a lovely new age, the new wave of kids arriving these past couple of years will determine the future of humanity, no matter how much love we send to our kids, how many prayers some people pray, and no matter how sophisticated the slavery machine will end up to be.

Time only will tell, you have been warned ;)  More >

 The Nearly Forgotten, Strange&Eternal Tango of Will and Consciousty 3 comments
picture27 Apr 2013 @ 20:45

The Nearly Forgotten, Strange&Eternal Tango of Will and Consciousty
- A poem to Our Lady Vanity, the multiverse -

Round and around we go,
never pausing, never resting.
Our Will seems blind,
yet thrusting forward,
chasing like a dog its tail.
What does it want? Why does it yearn?
Where will it go? Will it arrive?

Strange is this dance, eternally.
The lovers never see each other.
Is it a Tango, is it Square?
And who calls out the shots, in any case?
Is it a lonely God or is it Lady Vanity?

For our lovers of this Multiverse.
as much as they are one, they're also two.
And, worse than that, they seem to go
straight into opposite directions.

They never feel each other nor ever touch another.
If so, the dance would end, or wouldn't it?
We call her Consciousty, or Yin, or Shakti,
We call him Will, or Yang, or Shiva.
Words do mean nothing here,
it's only movement, mind you!

You, you behold this dance because of Her,
He is your Will or is He really You?
Who could tell down here if you can't see them
be it Him or be it Her, inseparably around they go.

High up in Heaven we adore them twins,
deep down in Earth we fear and chain 'em.
They fight in our chests and heads;
only who can see them is free of bondage.

Strange is this dance, eternally.
Is it a Tango or is it Square?
The lovers never see each other.
So, who calls out its steps, in any case?
Perhaps it's YOU if you'd fulfill your destiny!

Find Max on Facebook:
or visit his site at [link]  More >

 Patent Application: New Method for How to Always be Happy3 comments
picture27 Apr 2013 @ 16:11
Reluctantly I joined recently, reluctantly because I never liked those spammy invitations that they send out on your behalf. Every one I ever sent e-mail to in the last 10 years, be warned, shall receive notifications to join linkedin, and some of you shall receive them forever more EVEN IF YOU SHOULD JOIN!

This is fate in the 21st century, oh well. But in the process of filling out all those pesky forms in , I found out to my surprise that my cherished pet patent (US PATENT Nr. ) has EXPIRED!

How can a man live without having a patent on file?
And after my only one expired, how can I live again?

No problem, I realized while reading further on Just think positive, OK... (or not?)

Obviously enough people on there think that it's enough to think something 'positive' and life will turn well even though nobody was able to do that so far except perhaps for those who are selling books and seminars on how to do what isn't working. At least they're getting some money out of it. I had good intentions to start writing something positive there WITHOUT lieing through my teeth after finally publishing the gruesomely truthful 'Letters from Rome' on Kindle this month, anyway, these, my good intentions shattered when I ran once again into the fake and false 'law of attraction'. "Positive attracts negative", "Male attracts Female", this is the LAW, and 'like attracts alike' is bad science.

But how would you show how to BE happy in a chaotic world? If you would know it, of course... how would you sell THAT? (For your info, I can't even sell a bunch of flowers to my mother-in-law on mother's day).

Well, I am a bad salesman but I know how to be happy. Nobody will listen to me, but maybe a public disclosure would help. Bingo! Filing a patent does it!

Curiosly, the inventor of the invention of the 'patent' seems to be unknown. He should have filed it right there in 1790 after Washington signed it into law. His heirs are still broke to this day. Let's not do the same mistake here..

So, excuse me, I have some work to do, filing out the patent application, drawing pictures, and so forth...

Stay tuned!!!  More >

 Anima Mundi - Her Vanity and Her Glory3 comments
picture22 Apr 2013 @ 03:38
"The great community of Beings is deeply rooted in the soul of the world, the 'Anima Mundi', as some say fancifully, And as she, our great. mystic Anima Mundi, indulges in sheer vanity, she did not rest ever since she began to move around painting her invisible body, and sculpturing herself out of her own substance.

This is not done with one stroke. mind you, or with one cisel, nor could it be simply finished with a single touch. And, until now, she seems far from satisfied with the result. Lest we would not have passed through sixhundred-and-twenty-six time after this world's initial creation.

If we would model this, our physical world, as a myriad of still images, separated by small gaps, we, the Human Beings, all children of the Anima Mundi, are selecting a sequence of choices from these still images; We are passing through this world in a decisive flurry and through our acts we are expressing ourselves, showing ourselves to ourselves and to others through exactly these, the choices that we made. They thus become a statement of our intimate preferences, a mirror of our wants and needs, a picture of ourselves as a part of the Anima Mundi.

Together, we the Beings, have been creating the grand sculpture of the Anima Mundi. And every time we pass by again this time, this place, we are living in, we look at it as it would it be the very first time. We laugh at those who say they remember their past strokes of the brush which we proudly call our very own 'choices'. So let's not even talk of those who do remember the times last time around, let alone all the 626 pass-throughs that we did together.

Now, is the world we live in today a true portrait of this glorious Anima Mundi? we may ask In other words, is the irrational greed of the politicians and bankers her very own craving? Their absurde vanity a mirror of herself? Would their cruelty and disrespect of other lives be a reflection of Her Majesty's own masochism and narcissism? And the fraud of global bankers and the lies of politicians just simply be the execution of her very own deceitfulness?

And, amongst all the planets bearing life to witness her, this great Anima Mundi, are we molding thus the cynical beauty of her face, her cruel heart, or are we, humankind, destined to represent her anus?

Be it as it may, dear fellow sculptor, how many times will we repeat this show? Until She may be satisfied with the result of the great work? Or until She gives up to have her own image drawn from the strokes of our choices?"  More >

 The Power of Myth, its Pledge and its Symbol, corporate & incorporated7 comments
picture20 Apr 2013 @ 03:12
"The power of a myth, its force and influence, seems paramount to human life. One could say, it wouldn't be worth living without it, and, in fact, no human existence seems thinkable without it, be it a tragic or a heroic one, its only challenge being it to become forgotten, buried under randomities or the multitude of myth deemed to be of major importances.

Not knowing one's myth is like sailing in unknown waters and without a flag, drifting along and running in circles. But even a rolling stone has its myth, and not a small one, threfore - can a human truly live without it, isn't a myth that what makes us different from the inanimate, if there is such a thing at all, but, hey, could it even the inanimate EXIST without a myth?

Therefore, modern man, having forgotten its own myth, hurries to swim with others who appear to live mythfully - buying, borrowing, or stealing their symbols and tokens, their brands and their markings. He and She are sacrificing their own myth - partaking in the glory of others yield and wield more powers than He or She could ever imagine for themselves.

Purpose and motivation of myth, once forgotten, become substituted by its symbols, by their colors and shapes, from a simple cross, or an arc, to intricate patterns of geometry deemed sacred, as if one particular structure would be more sacred than any other.

Deeply hidden underneath the blinding brilliance, within the fog of myth, rests that what makes a myth a myth, what gives it its power, without it it would be nothing, void, as if it never had existed: a pledge, a solemn promise, a declaration, an agreement - but with whom? With the Universe, its powers, its God or Gods, its archons and devils and angels.

And, for isn't yet bathing in the glory of other people's symbol, and paying for it, the more the better, there is still the match at night, watching young men, in the absence of anything other useful to do, running after a ball in the floodlight of a stadium, modern gladiators, televised, its heroic movements analyzed in slow motion, over and over, creating mini-myths, whether good or bad, that's not the point.

Modern man and woman finds itself embedded in the myths created by others. For their sake, or so they say. Humanity's elite, or what is visible thereof, has lost itself in symbolism, secret and ancient, never emancipated itself beyond the world of symbols, deeply confused yet confident that they, and only they, would understand them.

Yet, again, what are the pledges that the symbols are shielding, what are its final destinations, its ultimate purposes? Is it here where humanity has lost its vision? Or is it coming to transcend its course of history, merging into a vision greater than its parts?

Corporations, in this world of inversions, confusions, and illusions, do not have a body as such. When they seemingly incorporate into human bodies, they do so with the raw power of myth and its unstoppable force, as an idea, burning their corṕorate symbal as mark into the minds of the willing cattle that is galloping to sacrifice itself for something it doesn't have neither time nor incentive to ever understand. Created by acts of sheer magic, out of thin air, vested by the power of symbols, and cloaked by them, the corporations of our times have substituted the vast array of ancient local Gods in a culture touting monotheism every day more. They have created their followers, they make them bow and pay.

At the same time, the human being, in its individual existence, finds itself EXACTLY In the situation it created by itself and for itself. Saying anything else is delusion, denial of responsibilty, forfeiting its own cause and source. Whether it has lost its own meaning or not, the human being is bound by its own pledges of the past and recent present.

Without recovering one's own pledge, one cannot be but be but fodder for another one, whether this other one is a real person, or just an idea, a brand, a club, or a nation. Without finding one's own agreements with oneself, with others, and with the universe and its architects and engineers, the triad of myth, pledge, and symbol remains unbreakable, one's own life degraded to insignificance like a drop of oil burning in a lamp that shines its light on someone else."

(excerpt from 'Letters from Rome', by Frater Otto Propertius, recovered, compiled, and translated by Maximilian J. Sandor.)  More >

 The Power Wheel (in various paradigms)6 comments
picture10 Apr 2013 @ 15:21
It's chic to talk about 'in the flow', but how to get there? And where am I now?

The shown diagram shows the relation to existing paradigms (see the color legend). It also shows a new way to interpret the power cycle itself, namely via one's relation to time: 'from out of time', to 'always too late', to 'too fast', one can determine one's position on the 'power wheel' much more rapidly in many cases.

Indicated also is the phenomenon of 'entropy': one needs to have a 'bit more' in order to 'stay put' in order to compensate for the inherent and constant loss of energies in all processes in this Universe. It relates to time in the way that 'once it is time, time already passed on'. One needs to always stay a tiny bit ahead to keep up with things.

Some people nowadays call the magic zone 'Being in the flow', or the 'golden zone'.
Colors have a specific meaning for the conditions of anything existing. They are observable as energy states of the so-called 'Eshu force'. If we look at the colors of the energy fields from which manifestations 'grow', 'gold' (yellow) is in the affluence zone, true 'magic' occurs in the 'emerald' zone.

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or on the web: [link]
download image at 1180x760px: [link]  More >

 The Transtemporeality in and of the 'Logs of JD Flora'1 comment
picture28 Feb 2013 @ 14:35
One of the particular features of the 'Logs of JD Flora' books [link] is the transtemporality of the main character, a hacker hanging out initially in the Hollyhood Hills, and the transtemporality of the book itself: a collection from scenes from past, present, and future, situated in this and in some parallel Universes, not too unlike to ours.

The collection is organized by a transtemporal computer program called SFYNX in various spellings. This program appears sporadically on the Internet via its various 'Sfynx Agents', Artificial Intelligence 'demons', which send mysterious messages unexpectedly but always timely to the hero in need.

JD Flora was a hacker. Nobody knows if he is still around us or will pop up in your future. Needless to say that he attempts to break into the transtemporal computer called Sfynx, he is 'WITHIN THE SFYNX'. To his surprise, however, he BECOMES HIMSELF the consciousness of this computer. With this, he is suddenly thrown into the urge of securing its/his own survival by ensuring the one common thread that binds together the fragments of its existence: the very 'Logs'. He founds himself with the deep desire to incarnate in flesh and blood with the mission to ensure the survival of the transtemporal computer program Sfynx. But what would happen if you would repeatedly incarnate as the father of your mother and then the son of your daughter? This secret, the 'Genetic Resonance Effect', is the secret of the 'DAUGHTER OF TIME', enough said.

How can such a story end? Can it end? There are floating around Logs on the Internet with numbers like #343, for example, way beyond the 144 Logs of the original timeline, now available as books.

In the latter, his surprising end in a penthouse in Venice, should not be told in public. The grim truth of the 'LOST SHADOWS', of how to body-swap and fail deliberately, is too gruesome to behold. Unless you read all of the Logs, of course.

As a final note to the genesis of the 'Logs': they were written around 1995 in the initial spirit of the precursors of today's BLOGS, mixed with TWITTER, years before their emergence in modern life: that is, reports of what was happening wherever JD Flora popped up in the history and prehistory of mankind, from Ancient India to futuristic societies of free-love and -wealth sharing civilizations.

As a result, the 'Logs of JD Flora' depict credible and incredible scenarios, Machiavellian and Orwellian worlds as well as factual history. Every 'story' contains at least one paradox of Life, Universe, and Everything. The author called them therefore examples of 'Philosophical Fiction', or short 'Philo-Fi'.

The 'Logs' on Kindle and as softcover: [link]
New: 'Logs' on Facebook: [link]
Max Sandor on Facebook: [link]  More >

 Discussion Groups for Self-Development4 comments
picture24 Feb 2013 @ 20:38
Discussion Groups for Self-Development are a tool for finding informations, advice, and inspiration. The problem is, there are so many, it is difficult to sort out which ones are most suited for oneself.

In 2012 Yahoo Groups, the world's largest collection of discussion groups, had reportedly 115 Million Users in 10 Million groups (!_Groups ).

Many groups are merely platforms for propaganda, cult stuff, or idle talk.

Here are the lists I post on and which I can recommend:

independentcoach · Forum for Independent Life Coaches

This is a list for independent coaches who work with communication processes to help to unblock the energy body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body of their clients.

This list does endorse the use of a wide range of very different processes (protocols) as long as they are effective and do attempt to heal the roots of a problem.

We do not endorse processes like hypnotism (overwhelm), NLP (bypass) or CBT (control).

We do not evaluate for our clients.

This list wants to help the independent coaches to be successful and to find clients.

We also would like to work on the mainstream perception of what is indeed possible to achieve today with very simple processing methods where no believes, no dedication to any philosophy or group think is necessary to get stunning results.

Mark (Ruedi)

self-development-discussion · Self-development Discussion Group
My Groups

Welcome to the Self-development Discussion Group, directed by MasterChris (

To apply for membership you must tell me what relevant subjects you're interested in (generic applications will be rejected).

Topics include self-development, spirituality, personal development, reality, metaphysics, practical spirituality, practical metaphysics, energy-bodies, spirituality, life coach, life coaching, personal development, self development, life coaches, life coaching, self improvement, personal growth, spiritual healing, spiritual forums, self-development forum, spiritual growth, spiritual awakening, spiritual laws, spiritual health, spiritual journey, spiritual being, personal development program, spiritual energy, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual wellness, spiritual intelligence, success coaching, define spirituality, spiritual counseling, spiritual path, spiritual practices, spiritual training, spiritual counseling, spiritual path, spiritual practices, spiritual training, spiritual advisor, spiritual help etc.

This group will function in alignment with win/win (infinite game) principles (as far as is practically possible). This means no oppositional actions on this list. See the Files section for more info on the principles of win/win games and how that pertains to behavior on this list.

IMPORTANT! Please note that anyone posting to this group is hereby defined as explicitly agreeing to be a co-author of any data-collections (such as WHOAT, AdvancedSelfdevelopmentData etc.) derived from posts to this group. Any and all documents intending to be derived from the data from this group must obtain explicit written permission from the group owner first. Anyone who does not agree to this must delete all of their posts and leave this group immediately. For more details, see "Self-develoment discussion co-authoring agreement" in the files section.



PolarDynamics group is for the discussion of the contents of the book Polar Dynamics. In addition it is for the general discussion of the non-fiction work of Max Sandor and Ed Dawson in general. This includes subjects such as Ifa, Santeria, Candomble, Buddhism, Raja Yoga, Traumatic Incident Reduction processing, meditation, and the general discussion of applied philosophy and metaphysics.



Techs4reality · This list is about research into realities.

This list is provides a forum for discussion of different realities, meta-realities, and technologies for increasing ones ability to handle reality effectively. This can include self-development, practical philosophies, science, and spiritual approaches to reality, and anything else that anyone feels could be relevant.

This list facilitates exchange of ideas, data and methods between different practical ways of handling reality and research into anything that might help with this area.

NB. To be accepted as a member, your reason for membership must include a description of which topics discussed here you are interested in.

Please note that URL's for techs and definitions discussed in this group is available in the Files section, and also a "T4R Guide for beginners" (which details ways into this subject and material). The WHOAT (post a request for access) provides well-organised reference for some of the data relevant to T4R and the pre-HSD (included in the WHOAT) presents an organised collection of some data from T4R. The T4R Search Engine is a good way to find all relevant T4R data on a topic, see post 49157 for details. Post number 44202 also provides an introduction to what T4R is all about and 60818 and is valuable data on what the Bridge, self-development, universes etc. really are. Post 78028 is on a general approach to processing.

IMPORTANT! Please note that anyone posting to this group is hereby defined as explicitly agreeing to be a co-author of any data-collections (such as WHOAT, HSD etc.) derived from posts to this group. Any and all documents intending to be derived from the data from this group must obtain explicit written permission from the group owner first. Anyone who does not agree to this must delete all of their posts and leave this group immediately. For more details, see "T4R co-authoring agreement" in the files section

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 Where in your space is your future?3 comments
picture12 Jan 2013 @ 14:41
The modern, civilized man seems baffled when encountering ways of life different from our times. The most obvious example is that of cultures whose members seem to happily live WITHOUT making inferences like the Pirahã of Brazil (see [link] ) . Do they have a 'Grammar of Happiness' or are they non-human by inference from the viewpoint of today's linguists/philosophers? The opinions seem to oscillate between blind reverence and outright racism.

Meanwhile another native language raised some eyebrows, a language also 'suspected' to be non-inferential, and a language which treats the perspective of past & future seemingly opposite to 'our' perspective.

Linguists looked at one of the main languages of the descendents of the Maya people, Aymara, spoken by about 3 million people, and found that their speakers put their future seemingly BEHIND them and in the past BEFORE them ([link] ).

We could arrogantly smile and go on with life... BUT... what if we look for a moment at the sanity of OUR culture that puts the future 'in front'?

First, however, a small detail that usually escapes attention of professional linguists: modern western languages collapse spatial and temporal prepositions into the SAME words, as if time and space would be the same stuff. Strictly seen, it does not make sense to treat both the same.

Secondly, our own languages treats the temporal prepositions in a way that opens up the speculation that perhaps OUR OWN LINGUISTIC ANCESTORS may have had the past in 'front' and the future 'behind'. At the very least, we can construct some hair-raising combinations of spatial and temporal prepositions, as did Maynard de Aymar in the German language [link] .

So, let's have a new, fresh look at what we're looking at when we're looking at the most inferential element of our mind, our idea of our future!

Putting our vision of the future directly in front of us, as it seems the habit for most Western people, is probably the WORST of all possibilities. It collides directly and brutally with our perception of 'what is there in front of us', namely the PRESENT SITUATION. Experience shows that this way of seeing the future creates uncertainty, self-invalidation, extreme tensions and nervousness, and a general lack of persistence which is necessary to reach a goal.

In Power+Life Coaching we offer therefore the client to work with a vision of his/her projects OUTSIDE the space of 'current reality', typical at the right side of the body and UP. This works very well for most and is far superior to the 'common' view of a future dead-ahead.

What about the past? What we don't see CAN hurt us! If you don't watch the traffic around you while driving a car, your chance of having accidents rises dramatically. And to have a sense of developing trends, whether in traffic or in life, one needs to TRACK movements that extend from the past into the future.

Therefore, putting the past BEHIND oneself is the WORST option.

In our Coaching sessions, we invite the client(s) to perceive the past on the LEFT side and BELOW. We observe then our projects unfolding on a stream of time, a 'time-track', which extends from the lower left to the upper right, both slightly in front.

So far so good, but this is still not the way the Aymara-speaking Indios seem to indicate their vision of future and past.

Now, if we move our 'future vision space' on top of our head, slightly to the back, we may speculate that the researchers of the non-inferential Aymara language may have overlooked and important detail: 'back' may non necessarily indicate the PHYSICAL space behind the speaker's body but may point to the INNER space of vision of the person.

Which means, holding the vision of future in your inner (necessarily inferential or 'postulative') space, meaning slightly BEHIND and UP your head, and your past laterally visible, enables us to witness PRESENT TIME to the fullest, with a minimum of inferences & interferences.

Try it out!

(visit (&like!) Max's page on Facebook: [link] )

This article may also be discussed ob the "Self-development-Discussion" list which you can join at YahooGroups!  More >

 The Emergence of Transtemporal Consciousness 6 comments
picture4 Jan 2013 @ 04:35
The end of (Mayan) times has passed by, seemingly nothing changed that was not supposed to change, but the first phenomenon we can witness is the emergence of a "transtemporal consciousness". Fittingly, even Hollywood jumps in, right in time, with the release of "Cloud Atlas" (here in Brazil in the cinemas only next week).

There are two aspects to contemplate: first, the individual experience which produces an elating impression of transtemporal existence, and secondly the amazing possibility to quantum leap one's own existential condition altogether and, as a consequence, the condition of the human consciousness as a whole as a transpersonal, transtemporal process.

Of course, if we look at it, don't we already have a transtemporal consciousness? The observation of 'time' itself is a transtemporal awareness, or not? The ability to 'go back in time' and see pictures from the past, isn't that 'transtemporal'?

It certainly is, and it has been used to argue that consciousness would be invariant over time. But it's not exactly true if you consider that in watching time you notice the 'difference' of impressions rather than concurrent imagery and in viewing memories you see 'pictures of the past' in present time.

The key to a more 'encompassing' transtemporal awareness is to have MULTIPLE CONCURRENT AWARENESSES of times of your life.

Can we send inspiration back in time to ourselves when we needed it? Is YOUR future self sending you new ideas while you are reading these lines right now?

Let's suppose we could. Would we notice it? Here we enter another paradox, one already explored in films like the 'Butterfly Effect' and 'Planet of the Apes': we
wouldn't notice it as long as we are part of the 'system'. The entire timeline changes the very moment you change a part of it. Everything would be as 'normal', as before, and nobody would notice the difference.

Let's leave the speculations behind!

Here's how to do it:
for the first aspect, by observing part of one's respiration process, for example 'inhaling', and by remembering it during subsequent respiration cycles. For example, after 5 respiration cycles, the next inspiration you would remember the past 5 moments of inhalation while observing the 6th, and so forth. (hint: it helps to limit the number of past inhalation-moments!)

For the second aspect, select a time in the past that you remember well and 'witness' it while you witness the current moment. Add on several such times for your current lifetimes and take it from there...

Good luck!

Life will never be the same again...

ah, don't forget to go back to a future you like and send yourself some hints on how you got here :)

(visit Max on Facebook: [link] )

This article is also discussed ob the "Self-development-Discussion" list which you can join at YahooGroups!  More >

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