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 Welcome to the 14th Baktun: Western Super-Heroes Vs the Chinese Art-of-War5 comments
picture25 Dec 2012 @ 07:02
Chess mate in three moves!

"No problem," says Anthony, 5 1/2 years old and counting, "for this, we have transformers, you know?" I didn't.

Patiently, he's teaching me, that "even though transformers are from the Powers of Evil, they can be used to fight for the Good!" And with this, he has the transformer break the black bishop into two pieces. End of game, and I'm going to look for some glue to fix up the poor, broken bishop.

The super-heroes, after taking over Hollywood some decades ago, have found their firm place on the shelfs of toy stores and in the minds of our kids. Joseph Campbell should be content, or not? Isn't dreaming of heroes what makes life worthwhile living? Won't they safe us from certain disaster?

The ancient Chinese thinkers had quite a different vision. Sun Tzu 'Art of War' paints a picture of calculated success over irrational heroism. A world in which the welfare and growth of the population depends on unseen generals using secret strategies and not on lone heroes like in the ideals of Greek mythology which infused and confused the modern Western mind.

Can we have both? Strategy is a systemic approach and Heroism is linear. Do they really mix? Or, in reality, have we become victoms of a sharade of televised shows of super heroes to divert our vision from seeing ourselves become enslaved within a global net of economic and political dependencies?

As Anthony is starting to learn that there are pieces and there are players. he's realizing that what we are made to see are just the PIECES within the game, the images of heroes; but never the hidden PLAYERS. And, as in reality, that what we don't see will win over us, in the end.

If we don't begin to look who's BEHIND the scenes, whose interests are being served, who's stake is being raked in by whom, mankind will continue to degenerate and cultural and intellectual values, no matter how much new technology will be created.

In the end, the super heroes win their battles only in our fantasies and on the TV screens. In life, there aren't any, and, if there were, they rarely would win. Or not?

Welcome to the 14th Baktun!  More >

 The Weird Credo of the Church of CEU (Constructivistic Epistemologists United)1 comment
picture2 Nov 2012 @ 01:54
1. Don't believe anyone, especially not yourself! (*****)
2. Whatever the appearance may be, the truth is usually the opposite. (******)
3. In the beginning was the Word. The word is not the thing. That's it, folks! (****)
4. Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet you can't win.(*)
5. No matter where you go, there you are. (**)
6. If you have not by nature a critical mind, your staying here is useless. (***)
7. The only way out is the way through. (******)
8. The only intelligent dogma is the dogma to not accept any dogmas. (*****)
9. Love is the law, love under will.
10. Never say never, and you shouldn't "should" on yourself today! (*********)
11. Go to (1.), repeat and repent, or else you shall burn forever in hell because God loves you, you know, and he is mercifuk, eh. merciful that is, of course! (**********)

(*) Stolen from Robert Heinlein. Thank you!
(**) Shamelessly copied from Confucious. Isn't the guy dead already anyway?
(***) G.I. Gurdjieff. equally dead, dead, dead.
(****), Holy Johnny, Count Korzybski, & The Warner Brothers
(*****) Sandor, Max
(******) see (*****)
(*******) Elron Hubbard
(********) Krowley, (fu**ing) A!
(*********) traditional
(**********) as everybody knows...  More >

 Why is there day&nite? (or: the Failure-to-control Scale)2 comments
picture31 Oct 2012 @ 00:47
from my notebook.. (or more precisely, from Ropnohteftu, the "Rest Of the Purple Notebook On How To Escape From This Universe", meaning: the never 2b-published-stuff)

It all began with the innocent question of why we sleep and wake alternatively:

Step 1: Remember a time you want to sleep/wake up!
Step 2: What was your urge at that time?

The intent of this approach is the tentative to do a depolarization QLFP-Style (see "Polar Dynamics 1" by Sandor/Dawson), Purple Notebook, and this Blog for more details on these paradigms and for how to do deṕolarizations SAFELY).

What the above approach yields may come as a surprise: instead of an urge or desire, we see the response to an overwhelm, shutting down all systems, or an underwhelm, turning on the light in the darkness (for more gossip on 'whelms', see the 'Purple Notebook' under 'Whelms happen..').

So we start back-tracking: the whelm was caused by excessive GROWTH (or, respectively, SHRINKAGE). This in turn arose from through much inner ENERGY (resṕectively, FROZEN POTENTIAL).

But wait!!! What we see here are the first 6 prime polarity poles (or 'cosmic principles) in the sequence of traditional Ifá (see 'Polar Dynamics 1' for both traditional and 'revised/logic' sequence), and Quantum Fá for the cross wheel arrangement and the Toth Diagram).

Keep in mind that we found this sequence EMPIRICALLY based on observable individual charge patterns by using the above noted steps, and NOT by logical thought or meditative contemplation!

We can process this chain to its apparent end, which is lo-and-behold, 'pure cause' (Ofun in Ifá) and we indeed see a passage of all 16 Principles ('Odu Ifá') in its traditional sequence.

What we see here is a chain of solutions to 'failed control', going step by step from CAUSE (Ofun) to SOLID MANIFESTATION (Ogbe).

Well, well, well, let's forget sleeping and waking!

Have Fun!  More >

 Geometry of the Toth Diagram and the Kalachakra Mandala3 comments
picture20 Aug 2012 @ 01:55
for whoever wants to know what energies are in what corner of the Kalachakra's model of Shambala (in other words the Universe), here is a superposition. Note that the Inner Odu circles are on the second floor of the 3D model..


don't get lost in the castle!  More >

 Prides, Aesthetics, & the Power of Symbols2 comments
category picture28 Jul 2012 @ 16:09
We know that Memes (or 'spirits') have their powers by linking to particular 'aesthetics' but what makes morphic fields 'tick'?

We can find an analogy to the 'aesthetics' in 'vibrations' that are 'shared' by all members of a group (a 'morphic' field). In contrast to aesthetics, this 'vibration' is linking to a sense of 'togetherness', a common 'identity'.

We call this in daily life 'pride' and it can be seen as positive or negative, depending on where YOU stand on the issue.

The 'resonance', or shared vibration, within a group, causes 'passing' qualifying entities ('morphic field particles') to 'join in the frenzy' and attach themselves to the group.

This phenomenon has been misinterpreted as the 'law of attraction'. a concept which is COMPLETELY FALSE. (It suffices to realize that in nature the only things that seem to attract each other, are OPPOSITES and NOT alikes). A more correct formulation has been provided by Gurdjieff with his 'law of accumulation of similars' (see more on this in earlier on this Blog).

What is LINKING Memes and Morphic Fields, the aesthetics behind thoughtforms and clusters of entities?

They are linked by SYMBOLS.

It comes as no surprise then, that creation and destruction of symbols are the main business of group activities but also that of manipulation. Control of the symbols links or de-links morphic fields.

In the last centuries, the use of SYMBOLS in various forms, secretly and openly, has become a 'sacred science', semi-occult in its roots but practiced in the open.

Unfortunately for our civilization, however, the manipulators of symbols THEMSELVES have become victims of the principal tool of their control mechanisms, they have become themselves unwittingly SLAVES of SYMBOLS who have become convinced that the symbols in themselves would hold power. Nothing could be further to the truth!

Again, the symbol itself has NO power: it is LINKING Memes and Morphic Fields. It this, its FUNCTION, that gives it importance, the power itself comes from the flow of power from the Morphic Fields to the Memes, the latter, from this viewpoint, also being VOID OF INTRINSIC POWERS.

Any SYMBOL and any Meme can therefore be DE-CONSTRUCTED by simply viewing and de-linking the Morphic Field(s) they are associated with.

A big cheer to the Morphic Fields, then :)

Sidebar: "What is a symbol? Anything that links manifestations to abstractions, morphic fields to Memes, OK; that is quite redundant, so let's give a neat example: The word "God" is linking a non-observable entity (an abstraction) to 'real' living entities (morphic fields). Therefore, all names of 'Gods' serve as SYMBOLS, and, in this case, a SYMBOL OF A SYMBOL, hence it's supreme power of manipulation. The very SAME is true for the word&concept of SATAN, of course. Thereis NO SATAN, there is NO GOD in itself, these are SYMBOLS of SYMBOLS, linking artificial abstractions to 'reality'. Both concepts, God and Satan alike are illusions and can be-constructed by viewing abstractiveness and the symbols that links them to morphic field ('reality').
(end of sidebar)

(another sidebar)
"The Symbol is Not the Thing."
Max Sandor, 2012
(end of another sidebar)  More >

 Degeneration of polypole-Universes via viewpoint substitutions 2 comments
picture11 Jul 2012 @ 13:43
When insisted upon, poles tend to 'freeze' in a position that provides a relative balance to other poles of a polypole configuration.

In our dualistic Universe, we can witness this phenomenon as 'polarization'. The observer identifies itself with one of the poles of a prior Universe.

For example, in the Gunas model, the observer identifies itself with the 'sattva' pole and typically polarizes 'rajas' as 'spirit from above' and 'tamas' as 'soul from below'.

This is currently degenerating to a 'Monad', a single-pole. Gnostics blamed Sophia, the mother of our current Universe, and his primogenetic Yaltabaoth offspring, the archetype of the single-deity and the basis of monotheism, the latter thus becoming a symbol for the final degeneration of the Universe.

Be it as it may, earlier structures can be tracked still today to 5-pole structures (pentapoles) of all kinds, not just the infamous symbol known as the 'pentagram'. Its deteriozation creates the quadpole structures which are still has aberrating force as semantic structures, cp. the combinations listed in the 'Thunder-Perfect Mind' text from the Nag Hammadi collection.

The early polypoles are still living on in 'magic seals', 'pontos riscados', and other 'instruments' in attempts to defeat (or 'cheat'?) the dualistic Universe.

Vital hint for dealing with those structures, as with 'case' in general: ALWAYS look from a time closer to 'present' towards a time 'further in the past'.  More >

 QLFP-X1 comment
picture1 Jun 2012 @ 00:03
QLFP-X is a reformulation and extension of the QLFP method (Sandor, 2002).
It's aim is the liberation from misidentifications with ALL types of
archetypal behavior patterns in existence.

1. Spot an internal identity via an undesired or compulsive emotion.

2. Find the internal counter-identity.

3. View all internal games and conditions between the identity and its counter-identity.

4. For both, find the 'vibration' (its 'aesthetics') which makes it 'tick and track it to its source location.

5. (Conditional) If the identity found is an entity composed of a 'spirit' and a 'morphic field', separate both before proceeding.

6. Indulge into the vibrational source until it is certain one has as much of it as one likes and that one can access it in the future.

7. Scan life backwards to view all major occurrences.

8. Trace and view the tree of connections it had to other identities
or persons.

9. Identify its principal functions (the major purposes it had been serving).

9. Sever the connection between source and identity (and likewise its previous counter-energies)

10. Spot the location to which the identity withdraws in case of its deliberate use in the future.

11. Fill the inner space that was occupied by identity and counter-identity with your own positive energy.  More >

 The Emotional Scale of a Player1 comment
picture24 Apr 2012 @ 22:06
The few attempts to draw a chart of the range of human emotions have one thing in common: they map the sequence of emotional states of a SPECTATOR.

The map of emotions a PLAYER is passing through is showing a MULTI-SCALE chart where the sequence of emotions depends on the goal to be achieved, on the current condition within the game, and on the remaining time to be played.

To adequately map the PLAYER's emotions. we need a structural charts like a mindmap [link] or charts we use for Finite State Automata, [link] .

Today's soccer match between FC Barcelona and Chelsea was a fine example. It was decided not so much by the heroic efforts of his players and the whims of luck but in the hearts of Barça's players: leading 2:1, they went into despair and lost their heads because their prior loss of 1:0 in Chelsea. If they would have continued their play of the first 80% of the game, they would have had a much higher chance to advance to the final than their opponent.

Looking at human life as a GAME, or better, a network of concurrent games, decide for yourself, for each aspect of your life:

- are you a SPECTATOR or do you dare to PLAY?
- if you are a PLAYER, do you:
- play solely to survive? (this one being 'sold' in some famous reli$ion as an ultimate 'truth')
- play simply to have fun without worrying about the world around you?
- play to really win or do you play to LOSE (don't laugh before you think about it carefully!)
- play defense to wait out the end of the game?
- stopped playing because the game seems to be decided already?
- continue to fight even though your team mates have given up?
- have more interest in inflicting pain on one or more opponents than in winning?
- put up a smile to a bad game in order to not lose your contract?
- think already of the NEXT game?
- think about the beer you're going to have once the game is over?
- remember the last time you were fighting to win?
- remember you celebrated after you've won?
and, and, and...

The analysis of our games in life would not complete without considering the archetype that we are assuming. From the analogy of the soccer game, it becomes clear that a 'clean' play of archetypes is vital for the victory of the entire team, which means OUR victory in the end. Better find out what game you are REALLY playing!

'nuff zed: Let the games begin!

Note: For TOP-Player Life Coaching contact Max at [link]  More >

 Differentiating levels of abstractions2 comments
picture4 Feb 2012 @ 23:24
Here is an example from the oral tradition (Itàn).

The meaning goes at least 4 layers deep while the official translation is practically void of any meaning.

The text points out the 'fractal' self-similarity of hierarchies, with a side-blow to the cargo-cult of Islam.

- I mentioned the cargo cult concept a few times recently. Here is a fairly good description of it [link]
- if you have a problem reading the text in the image above, here it is below: [link] ).
Originally published in "Ifá - A complete divination" by Ayó Salamí. Lagos. Nigeria, 2002  More >

 Confusing a model with its instantiation(s)3 comments
picture4 Feb 2012 @ 17:00
A common problem in understanding the functionality and universal practicality of Quantum Fá as an abstraction of 'classical/traditional' Ifá, is the tendency of the mind to confuse a 'model' with its 'incarnations' or its physical-universe manifestations (for the Platonic interpretation, see [link] ).

For example the observation within the Fá system of the existence of 600 archetypes in 3 levels of density, can easily be confused with the correspondence of the 'anunnaki' and interpreted as yet another 'cargo-cult', similar to the abrahamic religions of today.

To make the difference clear: the archetypes recognized in traditional Ifá and in Quantum Fá alike, are UNIVERSAL patterns, they are abstract models, which may or may not be 'filled with physical substance', or 'materialize' if you will. But as such, they are IDENTICAL to any 'filled form' in the Universe. As a consequence, the Anunnaki FOLLOW the archetypal patterns of the Universe just like humans, animals, or any other life form.

In practical terms, the Anunnaki are under the spell of universal models and, looking at the Sumerian stories, HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE to overcome its limitations, on neither side of the two major life streams (ajé & orishá).

For hybrid lifeforms which want to overcome these gross limitations, this poses a double challenge: they must neutralize not only the epigenetic influence of their human ancestors but also those of their alien ancestors up to the moments of the merging of DNAs (there can be several such points on the ancestor line).

To summarize once again, the 600 known archetypes in Quantum Fá are distinctly DIFFERENT prototypes, each with its specific attitudes, behavioral patterns (SCRIPTS), etc, which can be INVOKED to manifest under certain conditions by the 600 'toques', 3-fold asynchronous rhythms, of Ifá, and should not be confused with 'angels', 'jinns', or the like (which WILL FOLLOW one of the 600 patterns!). In especially, all of the latter are POLARIZED and execute the ageless 'War of the 2 Principles', either unknowingly or unable to cease their (own inner) conflict in respects to this 'war'.

Some words in regards to the oral traditions of the Yoruba. Wikipedia recently added the speculation that 'yoruba' would denote "arabic" but is still ignoring the circumstance that spoken Yoruba of today is still 28% ARAMAIC, according to a French linguist, and the oral tradition may be as much as 80%, and consequently discrediting (tongue-in-cheek) the Muslim/Yoruba account of Queen Sheba (Sungbo) as a ruler of theirs, and is treating the oral tradition of Oduduwa leading the early Yoruba from Mecca to West-Africa (in the Yoruba's First Exodus) as an unsubstantiated legend.

In any case, the oral tradition has TWO DIFFERENT SETS of creation stories: one that is mirroring the Sumerian version and one that is a more abstract version, a bit like the japanese Shinto version, with the latter explaining the two main streams of life, those of the Ajé (Jinn, reptilians, electronic), and one of the Orisha forces.

The oral tradition is multi-layered in their meaning, according to the degree of initiation&understanding of the listener, translation based on today's usage of the Yoruba language is impossible, yielding literal translations like those from Hungarian to English, in other words, senseless babbling. Adding to this the requirement for syncretism in order to survive the missionaries, the meanings of Yoruba sayings are further muddied.

In a nutshell, the differentiation between MODEL and INSTANTIATION is very subtle and hidden in the oral tradition of Ifa but clearly recognizable.

(note: picture taken from the Quantum Fá Online Experience: the first wheel of Fá)  More >

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