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Dumitru & Aurica Lazia: R-OM-SERV srl - Active Stress Management Courses through The Radiance Technique® for Performance
Stuart Landis: STUART'S WORLD - A website for the new millennium,new ideas,inspirational ideals, links.
Shawna Lovejoy: Hand-made by SpiritSilver - A merchant site dedicated to acknowleging the excellence of the human spirit.
Edwin Lesperance: Abandon all but hope.... - General, information about me and my family
Sergio Lub: Friendly Favors - Web tool to Connect with good people, to Access their resources and to meaningfully Acknowledge their generosity.
Oneness Loves
Robert Longley: The Atlantis Project - Atlantis Research
Joe LaValley: Community Works - Spiritual events and a new online alternative news and information paper called rEvolution ( in the Sacramento Ca. USA Area.
James Landrith: Taking The Gloves Off - Website/Blog of activist/journalist James Landrith.
Mark Love: Media Capital Group - Media Relations, Investment Relations, Publishing
Eric Lim
Maria Lee: Whole Self Institute - training, coaching, Conscious Personal Transformation, seminars,
Cynthia Larson: RealityShifters | Your Best Life - Explore the way your thoughts and feelings change the physical world.
Charles Lightwalker: The Family of Light Healing Centre - An International Mobile Healing Centre
Ante Lauc: Freedom - how to combine human, organizational, economic and social development
Scott Lockman: Scottlo Radio Blog - Digital storytelling and audio experimentations
Davey Lee: A Humanist's Perspective on Life/Existence - Philosophy of an independent thinker/muser
Anna Lombardini
Todd Levi: OneSoul - Ninpo - Collective Warriorship - For an Ellumintaed Planet
Tim Lewis: return2being - Writings and workshops of author Tim Lewis, who writes novels, histories, poetry and books of philosophy aimed towards a new society and new spiritual awareness.
Emmanuel Lobo: ebaiphils - Entrepreneurs Business Alliance Incorporated in the Philippines
Benedetto Lanfranco
Rusty Leaf: The Alternative Revolution - A online place to create an alternative system that will revolutionise humanities current power structure...
Gerry Lawrence: Leanox Software Engineering
Joan Lockwood: tantrayogi - Kundalini tantra explored
jorge Lazaro
Colin Lawrence: French Community Forums - A web portal for French Community Forums
Fisher Liaonovo: Amitabha Business-to-belief Crafts - The online hall for monastery supplies, equipments and handicrafts, continually
Daniela Lombard: visionary art and photography - visionary art and photography
Anthony Lee: Alpha Omega ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act non-profit advocate
Zona Levy: My MySpace Profile, lol - has links to my other sites
Jacob Lunders: Yahoo! Profile - Nothing special, but it's some sort of personal representation.
Christine Lafontaine: CrystalClearPathways - Support group for PTSD/Anxiety/Panic/Trauma/Abus/Phobias/Grieving/Depression/Anger. Alternative healing. Strong focus on Crystals/Rocks/Stones.
Picolo Lepere
Rex Lightfoot
Andrei Lagounov: Noosfera Konkordo
Light Lizard: YinChuanDao ~the way of the gentle fist~ - a site dedicated to the sharing of qigong and taiji healing
Andrew Lipinski: Andy's Links and Original Art
Inspector Lohmann: Inspector Lohmann - Though answers are elusive the Investigations continue...
Joe Light: zeMondo deSign - graphic and website design
illicit light: solitarytemple - traveling the path with in when searching for God
francisco Loran: Data-1. Recuperacion de Datos - Especialistas en recuperación de datos informáticos bajo cualquier soporte.
Steven Lumiere: Energy Reality - Miraculous Spiritual Healing, Adv. Meditation Instruction, Visual & Informational Tour of Your Energy Bodies
Edward Lyons: W.A.I.T.T. - Were All In This Together
Krzysztof Lewandowski: CMN Swieto Radosci - monetary dynamics research programme
Garsett Larosse: Ecotopia foundation
Mary Leonard: LionFire at Hovenweep Canyon - Artists Retreat
Teri Livengood: LivenGood-LifeStyles - Health and Well-Being site, with current events.
Carma Chinyere Love
Craig Lang: Craig R.Lang: Hypnotherapy for Spirit, Mind & Body - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Healing, Growth and Exploration
Daniel Lexington: REALM OF ALL POSSIBILITIES - We are founding USC to have a clean economic system that includes everyone
Marino Leonardo: Creating Jobs - Creating networked and independent job opportunities for a crescently excluded p
Stefan Leeuwenstijn: nemesyz - band site of the band nemesyz
Dale Lawrence: Spiritual Light Journey - Services, books, ezine - Spiritual Journey: spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars,and informational ezine relating to spirituality, new thought, and metaphysics
ei la - eila docs + presentations
Yale Landsberg: Familycology 101 - How to save our posterities by making the idea of
Joseph Logan: LoganLearn - Home for my consulting practice
Luis J. Levedtan: Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary - not-for-profit ecumenical organization, elf lore, woodlands, family, children, nature, gardens, faeries, camping, singles, kindness, majik, anarchy, circles, heathens, pagans, christians, etc., etc.
David Lincoln: NLP in India - NLP
Amanda Lee-Plaisance: Amanda Lee-Plaisance - links to things you might need
Anthony Lojac
Mikael Lund: World Living Water Systems - The Vortex Water Revitalizer for homes/New Cities/ New Earth/offices/hospitals/mining/greenhouses/agriculture/indusries
Douglass Leavy: Rainbow Roommates
Phillip Lewis
Bill Lee
Alexis LeGendre-Johnson
Alexis LeGendre-Johnson: Lady Crystall's Wicca World
Christoph Loeffler
Carl Edwin Lindgren: IAPSR - Conducting various scientific forms of research
Stephen Lange: Plains Images
Bernd Luebeck: Vision of a New Civilization
John Lynch: The Cosmogonicon - A Postmodern Cosmography
Michael Legge - healing music
Martin Ling
Roy Lee
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