NCN Members - V

Sarah van Gelder: YES! magazine - Hopeful News for a Just, Compassionate and Sustainable Future
Barbara Velazquez: Spiritual Unity Network - Serving evolving humanity. Inspiring human and planetary uplift for a more evolved, harmoneous and compassionate world.
Steven Vrancken: Inspire yourself with sound and mysic - Minimalistic piano music, classical contemporary, introspective, meditative, ambient, piano music
Ariel-Claude Veziau: Troubadour d'Espoir - (In French Only) Music, bio, texts and more on the theme of Universal Harmony
Lisa Skye Vansciver
Maria van Bruggen: Elfies - fantasy art by Maria van Bruggen - Fairies, elfs, gnomes and other fantasy art by Maria van Bruggen. Free ecards, online shop with natural products, greeting cards, t-shirts and much more.
Rodrigo Valades: Save something today - A simple action that anyone can perform to achieve what we all want: a better world.
Juan Valdes: Proyecto Aguila Dorada - Extraterrestrial Contact
Olga Volozova: Mad Cricket Productions - Children's books, fantasy illustration, cartoons, web design
Leon Vickman: New Civilization Encino
John Vance: Access Building Association - Co-operative and community development
Gerald Vest: 15-Minute StressOut Program & Forum - This Program introduces and demonstrates safe, skillful and appropriate touch as
Ferre van Beveren: THC Ministry Amsterdam - The THC Ministry is based on ancient wisdom, modern science & the enlightening &
Che Virtual: get connetted - internet-wide consciousness
Tony Viet: that lung - that lung
Shikhar Verma - my youtube channel :)
Unre Visagie: Career and business builders - Solutions workbooks for career and business growth
Berenice Valenzuela
Venasa Venasa: christianloubout
Alfonso Vidales: first be conscious about yourself then co exist
Paul J. von Hartmann: Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious - To help heal fundamental imbalances being induced by prohibition of the world's
Marco Velasco - Media Productions Company arising awareness
Augustine Veliath
Nish Vel: RedSoulja - Revolutionary science, tech, politik, history and literature
Sandy V: The Nest - Poems, Prayers, Promises with a bit of Commentary and some Tributes
Wade Vernon - solar energy and energy efficent building material
Peter Verboven
David Vercauteren: DefineFuture - DefineFuture, for a better world...
Jelke VAN BEEKVELD: Artist Strange Work.Com paintings S - twenty century oilpaintings show by Jelke van Beekveld also know as DutchArtistJ
Arun Varanasi
Ephrius Version: if six was nine, everything would b - a place for extracting the subtle, hidden beauty of the world
Lesley Vejar: Sananda Spiritual Center - Provides everything you need to walk a spiritual path whether it be by our writt
Michel Van Mellaerts: New Zealand Wasabi Limited - Growing wasabi in New Zealand
Kaan Volkan: Knee High Boots Turkey - Adult
Petar Augustin Vrdoljak: P.A.V.'s Paranormal Cafe
Karen Voght
Athena Valassa: Soul Light - personal,spiritual
Vaxen Var
JP van Niekerk
Roy VillaAgustin
Tina Vaughn
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