New Civilization

The game of the new civilization is about creating a new civilization that works better. A civilization where people can be free to make their own choices, where few power hungry men no longer control society, where cooperation and harmony replaces suppression and war, where self-sufficiency and independence replaces fragile, centralized monopolies. A civilization where people know and look for themselves, rather than accepting the fear and ignorance they are being fed. A civilization where everybody can get access to abundant resources, rather than being kept in perpetual scarcity and survival mode.

That sounds very big, of course. And maybe overly idealistic. However, it starts with simple day-to-day, grass-roots activity. All you really need to do is to make choices in your daily life and to network with other people who increase your ability to choose and who have other pieces of the puzzle than you might hold.

For one person it is probably overwhelming to try to change society. It seems so big and complicated and impossible to understand, so it seems easier to just go with the system and do what you are expected to do, and just live within the little cubicle of space that has been alloted to you. But there are billions of people here who would like society to work and who have mainly good and constructive intentions. There really are very few people who want anything else.

One way of being able to contribute to a new cilization is to divide up the job, to break it down, and to concentrate on a part of it that you are most interested in, and then to network with others who do other parts. The text New Civilization Game by my friend, the late Bill Robertson, suggests an organizational plan dividing the necessary elements of a civilization into logical sub-divisions. Something like that might make it easier to face the job.

Simply by looking for and connecting up with free alternatives in the different areas of civilization you are thereby creating a NEW Civilization. Instead of choosing the old, limiting, centrally controlled, complex and confusing way, you choose a free, self-controlled alternative that gives you more choice and enjoyment.

It doesn't take a revolution to change the world. All you need to do is to feed energy to the way you want things to be, and not to the way you don't want things to be. In thought and action, put your energy, money, speech and work where they will serve the best purpose. It doesn't take a big fight or struggle, it just takes the day-to-day action of choosing the New Civilization over the Old Civilization.

Remember: there is no rule that says you have to play by the existing rules.

All this is not necessarily a hard, serious effort. It might just as well be fun and enjoyable.

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New Civilizations

New Civilization Network
New Civilization Game - by Bill Robertson.
Beyond Imagination - (10+) foundations for creating a new world.
Planetary Breakthrough - by C.B.Willis.
Infinite Games - A vision of life as play and possibility.
The Need for Transcendence in the Postmodern World - by Vaclav Havel, president of the Czech Republic.
The Millennium Institute
HoloWorld - a working model of a new society, by Flemming Funch.
The Hedonistic Imperative - (1000+) How nanotechnology and genetic engineering might banish aversive experience in all sentient life.

Alternatives in General

Sumeria - Many alternative links.
New Heaven New Earth - organizations, ideas giving birth to a new way of life on the planet.
NCN Creativity Group
Institute for Social Inventions - 1000 Pounds for your best ideas.
Whole Earth Review magazine.


alt.society.futures newsgroup
alt.society.paradigms newsgroup
National Civic League - grassroots stories of change.
Center for Utopian/Dystopian Studies - (10+) Resources on utopian themes.
World Future Society
Libertarian Futurist Society
Institute of Future Technology
School for Designing a Society
Project Mind Foundation - freeing the human spirit from the crushing illusion of materialism.

Idea Gathering Organizations

Institute for Social Inventions - 1000 Pounds for your best idea.
Global Ideas Bank - an encyclopedia of social innovations. Hundreds of ideas.
Global Suggestion Box - submit your good ideas.
IntelNet - Creative thinking, idea bank.
Robin Hanson - alternative institutions.
Bagelhole - developing and gathering grassroots sustainable technologies.
Creativity Pool - a place to pool a browse ideas.
.netculture - digital culture content gathering.
IdeaConsultants - commercial idea and vision development.

Complex Systems

Whole Systems home page
The World Game Institute
The Networking Institute
Systems - Understanding the Way
Whole Systems Design Institute
Cybernetics and Systems Theory
General Semantics
Complex Systems
Memetics - understanding the spreading of useful ideas.
Game Theory - experimental economics


Artists for Social Responsibility
Synergy - OTIS Art Collaboration Projects.
Musical Web Connections - practically every WWW link available for music lovers.
Art on the Net
Gerardus Tros - spiritual poetry.

Business, Trade

Mondragon Co-Operative
SRB Forum - Socially Responsible Business and Investing.
Free Resources - by Flemming Funch
Global Business Network


New Civilization Network - cooperative networking of teams.
Institute of Noetic Sciences - education and research in consciousness, based on rigorous science.
The Dialogue Group
The Progressive Directory - PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet, LaborNet.
Speakeasy - electronic cafe in Seattle.
Internet Conferencing Tools
Wayz to Communicate over the Net
World Wide Commercial Telepathy Mind Networks - (10+) Applications of telepathy.
Telepathy Seminar - by Bill Robertson.
AeroAstro Corp - buy your own satelite for only $100,000.
Apple's NII Proposal - free wireless broadband networking for all.
Institute for Mass Communications - communication amongst grass roots and community activists.
Esperanto - a neutral language


Intentional Communities home page
Findhorn - spiritual community in Scotland.
Auroville - (10+) an international experimental township.
The Dancing Rabbit Project
Permaculture resources
Arcosanti - (10+) arcology project. Paolo Soleri.
World Government of World Citizens
Design Earth Synergy - Sustainable Communities Vision Center.
The Farm - cooperative community.
New Civilization Encino - Model One.
Space Commune!
Oceania - a floating country.
The Venus Project The redesign of a culture. More here
Doctress Neutopia
Ananda - spiritual community in Nevada City.
Federation of Damanhur - community in Italy.


Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension - Topics like Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Shamanism, John Lilly, Psychological Heresy, Political Corrections, Omega Point, Philosophy, Thought Crime, an entheogenic Garden, Hyperspace and more
Internationale Stadt, Berlin - The "Internationale Stadt" is a combination of a local community network and a virtual community.
Project McLuhan - Marshall McLuhan, the interface between culture and technology in the 90s. "The medium is the message".
Who rules cyberspace? - zon-power, objectivism.
Howard Rheingold's resources for virtual communities - (50)
The Island Group - inspired by the psychedelic novel "Island" by Aldous Huxley.


Natural Death Centre - green and do-it-yourself burials.
The Natural Death Handbook (10) More natural and gentle approaches to dying.
Before and After - (45) The best new ideas for improving the quality of dying and for inexpensive, green, family-organised funerals.


PlanetKeepers - for the health and well-being of planet Earth.
Environment and Nature - lots of links.
ECO Net - Ecology.
EnviroWeb - Environment.
Centre for Alternative Technology - Educational Charity. U.K.
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Earth Pledge Foundation - (20+) promoting sustainable development.
The Sierra Club - environmental.
Resource Ethics - principles for dealing with resources.
Yahoo Ecology listing
Arcosanti - (10+) architecture integrated with ecology.
Project NatureConnect - ecopsychology.


Monetary System for the New Millenium - by Roger Langrick.
LETS Systems Home Page - local money systems.
Debt Money - an ancient meme
DigiCash - (6) electronic money over the Internet Free client software.
NCN Alternative Money System Team
Proactive Money - by Flemming Funch
Free Resources - by Flemming Funch
Sovereignty - how to partially get out of the money system.
Global Resource Bank - proposal to U.N. conference.
Ithaca Hours local currencies, by Paul Glover.
Bringing the Economy Home - book on bartering.
Game Theory - economics of bartering.

Education, Schools

The Creativity Cafe - (20) a new school for the next millenium.
The 7-Lesson Schoolteacher - by John Taylor Gatto. A satirical look at the failure of the educational system.
New Generation Education Project - and various essays on knowledge by Onar Am.
Internet VR - large listing of MOO sites (Multi-user Object-Oriented environments), some of which are educational experiments.
The CoVis Project - Collaborative learning venture, focused on science education.
On the Horizon - Future of education.
Memetics - understanding the spreading of useful ideas.
School of Wisdom - the knowledge behind the knowledge.

Energy Production and Distribution

Alternative Energy
American Hydrogen Association
Global Energy Network - a plan for linking together all the electrical networks on the planet.
Shared Energy Grid? - a thread of messages.
Institute for New Energy
Another free energy cover-up - The Dennis Lee story, by Alison David.
Biofuels Information Network - National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
CREST's Guide to Alternative Energy
Energy and the Environment
Renewable Energy Educational Kiosk
THERMIE - European Commission for Energy
Energy - Virtual Library
Yahoo Usenet listing

The magazine "Home Power" covers home-made power systems, mostly solar, off-the-grid living, and more. $15 per year 2nd class US subscription. Home Power Magazine, POB 520, Ashland, OR 97520, (916)475-0830.

Engineering & Science

Centre for Alternative Technology - (5+)
KeelyNet - Alternative science
Science - alternative and otherwise, from Sno-Space.
Light Technologies - free energy, etc.
Summum - (15+) Beyond the boundaries of science

Magazine: Midnight Engineering, 1700 Washington Ave, Rocky Ford, CO 81067, 719/254-4558. $24/year/6 issues.

Food Production / Farming

Noah's Ark - organic farming.
The Small Farm Resource
Hydroponic Society of America
Global Hydroponics

Health Care

Alternative Medicine Home Page
Healing, alternative methods
Herbs and Healing
Aesclepian Chronicles - synergistic medicine journal.
NY Open Center - (20+) holistic learning, health, consciousness.
Quantum Medicine
Worldwide Wellness
International Society for the Enhancement of Eyesight (40+)
Patrick Flanagan's Neurophone

Housing, Building

Sustainable Building Technology Institute - offers an introduction to low-cost, sustainable building techniques, such as rammed-earth tire, straw-bale, and cordwood construction, and to a variety of alternative energy systems.
The Venus Project
Buckminster Fuller.
EarthShips - houses built of old tires and dirt.
bit.listserv.geodesic - Fuller newsgroup.

Information, Libraries, Publishing

World Knowledge Network
Books on-line
The Gutenberg Project - more books on-line.
Spunk Press anarchist and alternative publications on-line.
Loompanics - weird and unusual books.
National Public Radio - live.

Kids, Parenting

Family World - parenting.
Parent's Place - parenting resources.
KidCast for Peace - Creativity Cafe.


Nolo Press' Self-Help Law Center
Sovereignty - state citizenship, common law.


Earth Rainbow Network
World Peace 2000 - The Peace on Earth movement has awakened!
People for Peace Network - Peace through compassion and tolerance.
Kids 4 Peace - Kids can make a difference!
Angels for Peace
CountUP 2000
World Peace Club
Peace Party 2000
Peace Plan - Rohrich's Banner of Peace
The One World Flag - Honoring the talents, abilities, and uniqueness in each of us, as strengths that can benefit all of us."

Earth Day - John McConnell

Milenio Foundation - A New Year 2000 Party for a Better World

Personal Development

Transformational Processing
DreamMosaic - group dreaming.
Acceptance Services
Myers-Briggs personality test - online scoring.
Horoscope - online astrological charts.
Spirit WWW - New age, aliens, alternative health, etc.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
talk.religion.newage - newsgroup.
alt.consciousness - newsgroup.

Political Activity

Green Parties
Political connections and info
Libertarians at MIT
Society and Culture links from Yahoo.
Politics links from Yahoo.

Preparedness, Self-Reliance

Preparedness Expo, Preparedness Journal
American Individual Magazine
The Survivalist - preparing for emergencies.

Privacy, Security

Privacy Resources
Social Security Number FAQ - how to protect yourself against misuse.
Sovereignty - in the U.S. you can legally cancel you contract with the government and leave the system.
Cypherpunks at Berkeley pgp and more
PGP encryption information
A Basic Citizen's Electronic Freedom Guide

Professional Associations

Non-Profit Organizations
Computer Professonals for Social Responsibility


Foresight Institute - nanotechnology
Fractal shape changing robots
Biological and Bioactive Holoforms - Pollution clearing coils and other technologies from Bob Dratch
Frontier Research Seminars
Transformation Network
Waving Away Pollution - Solutions from Drunvalo Melchizedek
World Pollution Clearing - Personal and Environmental Stress Reduction
Nanocomputer Dream Team
NASA-JSC Area Nanotechnology Study Group
Leading Edge Research Group


The Safer Sex Page
Society for Human Sexuality - devoted to acceptance and understanding of all sexual orientations and all consensual and safe sexual practices.
Prostitutes' Education Network - (15+) rights for sex workers.
Glass Wings: Sensual Celebrations
Gender and Sexuality - This workspace provides a space for discussions about sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultural practices.
Polyamory - non-monogamous relationships.
Breaking the Barriers to Desire - new approaches to multiple relationships.
Sex, Censorship, and the Internet
Sex Sources on the Net
World Sex Guide - (500+) Prostitution FAQ.


Intelligent Transportation Systems


Peace Traveler's Network - Part cultural and community centers, part international rest stops PEACE TRAVELERS CENTERS will form a network of self-supported, linked hubs dedicated to affirming the Earth Charter and a culture of peace.
EarthWise Journeys - an independent travel resource with emphasis on environmental, cultural, and spiritual journeys.

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Other sites with somewhat similar indexes

Millennium Matters - Vision of Sanctuary
Findhorn Foundation
One Earth Gallery (50+) cultivating respect and responsibility towards ourselves, each other and our natural world.

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